Imagine having the power to send postcards in any (I mean absolutely any) design, to any destination on earth, literally at your fingertips! Guess what, it can happen! In fact, in a matter of hours. How? By simply marrying the right apps to do the job for you. After a lot of legwork, we have found the perfect match; Postcrossing and our very own, MyPostcard app. Sit back, relax and let us show you how to touch a  life anywhere in the world, by just a few mouse clicks.

What Is Postcrossing? is a postcard swapping project that allows anyone to send and also receive postcards from different places in the world. You have the chance of sending postcards to different postcrossers (members) all around the world. Speaking of, it has a very large membership. In fact, by June 2015 Postcrossing had members in two hundred and thirteen countries with more than 554,570 members who had registered and have even exchanged over thirty million postcards that have traveled over 151 billion kilometers!

Why Postcrossing?

If you are an active member, you will experience the joy of receiving and sending mail to any part of the world at a really affordable cost. This will turn your mailbox into a box of daily surprises! You should definitely check out if you love exchanging photo-postcards. You can actually be doing it as a hobby.

How Does Postcrossing Work?

The idea behind Postcrossing is very simple: for each postcard you send, you will receive one back from a random postcrosser from somewhere in the world. Interestingly, where the postcards come from is always a surprise.

The project is completely transparent and free. If you are interested, you can simply create an account provided you have an email address. It is, however, the responsibility of each user to pay the postage fees to mail the postcards.

The first thing that you have to do is to make a request to enable you to send a postcard. The website then will email you the address of a random member and a Postcard ID(e.g.: US-967). The Postcard ID is made to uniquely identify that specific postcard in the system. Now pick the postcard you want to send, write a lovely short message along with the Postcard ID and the address given. Don’t forget to get the stamp. Now go to your nearest post box or post office and mail the postcard to that postcrosser. Ensure that you write the Postcard ID on it.

The Postcrossing will then receive the postcard you send. He then registers it using the postcard ID that is on the postcard. This will make you the sender eligible to receive a postcard from another member. The postcard you will receive will surprisingly come from anywhere! Check your mailbox after some days and you get your new postcard.

It is also possible to have direct swaps of postcards between the same two members. However, this can only occur once. These kinds of exchanges are not part of the officially recognized happenings on the website. You can also decide to exchange postcards with other postcrossers in your own country.You can as well untick the “send to repeated countries” option that is provided in your profile. This, however, does not actually guarantee that repetitions will not occur.

The most interesting part is that the more postcards you send, the more you will receive! Each member can have up to five postcards traveling at any single time. Every time one of the sent postcards is registered, that postcrosser can request another address. The number of postcards allowable to travel at any single time goes up the more postcards you send. It stops at one hundred.


With MyPostcard app, designing anything from postcards to greeting cards has never been easier. It has features that give you the freedom to design postcards in any style! There are usually four different design models with unique frames to choose from at your disposal. Therefore your postcards will always be looking great.

If you are just interested in sending a greeting card to someone for a special occasion, you can choose one out of more than one thousand lovely ready-made greeting cards available in MyPostcard. The choice is vast. Try it and see what design interests you the most.

For you to add your pictures for designing, just select the pictures you want to use from your computer or smartphone and simply add them to your postcard layout. After placing the intended pictures in your layout, you may turn and cut your pictures for the perfect fit. Furthermore, there’s an option for you to add refined photomasks to your pictures.

There are few things that are as fulfilling as sending your best pictures as postcards to family and friends. If you want your cards to appear more personal you can choose and apply a font and font size that best suits the moment captured by your picture. There are four different fonts and font sizes provided in MyPostcard. You can use up to 450 characters to describe your moment in words and also write some kind regards.

Photo Developing

You can simply get your great photos developed on quality photo paper. Whether they’re holiday photos or family portraits, many digital photos merit to be printed on paper, and the MyPostcard app is the right site for printing your digital photos. The prints are always top quality, with radiant,  natural looking colors. Your postcard is then printed, stamped and sent anywhere in the world, at a very affordable rate.

Send Your Postcards By Postcrossing

Then the only thing you have to do now is send your real greeting card or postcard with a personal note to your family and friends around the world using Postcrossing! MyPostcard enables you to design many postcards within a short period of time. Therefore you can concurrently send not only many postcards but also well designed and unique postcards with a personal feel to other postcrossers. This ensures that you will be receiving many postcards as well!

It Works Both Ways!

Since MyPostcard allows you to design and send postcards all around the world, you can save yourself a trip to the post office! After designing your postcard, get the address of your Postcrosser buddy and use it to send your card using the MyPostcard app. Less work, same amazing results!

Now that you have this knowledge, take a few minutes to surprise your loved ones across the globe. Maybe just make a new friend using both these apps. Whatever you do, don’t keep this information to yourself, share to allow others a chance in receiving and sending postcards!


Hey, I’m Lisa! My motto? Try everything once! Traveling, taking pictures, working on DIY projects - I’m always up to something. In between I write down my tips and tricks on this blog - and capture all my crazy adventures on postcards of course!

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