Nowadays, hundreds of apps have appeared making traveling easier than ever before. From travel inspiration apps to audio guides, these guide with the 10 travel apps has everything you need for your 2019 adventures.

In case you are looking for more travel apps, check this article! The more, the better!

Travel apps #1

iTranslate is the first app you should download to your mobile if you’re traveling to a country that speaks a language you’re not familiar with. Translating text, websites, and recorded messages in over 100 languages, iTranslate will come in handy in various occasions. Say something in your language and the app will convert it in a text in the language you want to translate it to.

You can even take a photo of the menu and the award-winning app will instantly help you fill your hunger by explaining what all these unknown to your words mean.

Travel apps #2

Featuring over 36,000 hostels, hotels and B&Bs in more than 170 countries around the world, Hostelworld is the most useful app for travelers. Well, it’s not just us saying it but the 10 million users that have rated the app with an average of 4.9. Hostelworld is particularly popular among millennials and young backpackers not only because it makes it easy to book a room but most importantly because it connects like-minded travelers.

The app’s service Hostel Noticeboard informs its users for events and meetups while its blog offers useful travel tips.

Travel apps #3

If you’ve traveled at least once in your life you probably know Skyscanner as it is one of the best fare aggregator websites worldwide. But did you know that the Skyscanner app offers much more than the best deals for cheap flights? Well, 60 million travelers do and they’ve made sure to add it to their mobile app list.

With the award-winning travel app, you can book hotels, rent cars and draw travel inspiration for your next trip. It also keeps you updated about any change in flight prices with the Price Alert service. If you can’t choose your next destination select “explore anywhere” and let Skyscanner help you pick a suitable for your budget and taste travel.

Travel apps #4
Elk Travel Currency Converter

Elk is one of the easiest currency converter apps. It automatically recognizes your location and picks the country’s currency for you. Then it displays a list of ten values starting from example from 10, 1000 or 10.000 and converts them to your currency. If you tap on a value it will display another list with more precise values. What makes this app stand out is that you don’t have to type every amount you want to convert. You just have to tap or switch to the right or to the left.

Elk is only available for iPhones and on the Apple Watch. It was the winner of the Apple Design Awards 2017.

Travel apps #5
App in the Air

“Never too Early, Never too Late” is the motto of App in the Air and that’s what exactly this app is useful for. Once you’ve downloaded it to your mobile phone you can keep track of your flight itinerary. Not only it provides information about the boarding and landing times but it also informs you about the required time to the gate and the security wait times.

They do really mean it when they say “Never too Early, Never too Late”.

Travel apps #6

You’re having the trip of your life, everything seems perfect! But how will you let your loved ones know? It’s pretty easy: with MyPostcard! You create postcards with your own pictures, add your personal text & the address and the postcard is on the way to your friends and family. An easy and personal way to keep in touch with the ones who had to stay home.

Let’s be honest: When on vacation you don’t always feel like leaving the beach or the pool, only to search for the perfect postcard and some stamps. But in order to send a MyPostcard, all you need is your phone and a wifi connection: open the app, upload your photo from your gallery and write your personal greetings. Not even five minutes and you’re done.. all of it while you’re still relaxing in the sun.

MyPostcard Banner Blog Englisch

Travel apps #7
Trail Wallet Travel Budget App

Tracking daily expenses is one of the most annoying yet necessary things most people have to do while traveling. Especially, during long trips calculating daily expenses and stay on budget can become a real challenge.

Trail Wallet App comes to give the solution to this problem travelers have been facing for ages. All you have to do is set your daily budget and then start adding expenses. You can even add bills and receipts by simply using the Quick Add screen. Then at the end of the day just check out the overall amount and you’ll know if you’re underspending or going over budget.

Travel apps #8

Since we’re talking about tracking expenses if you’re traveling with your friends or your significant other make sure to have downloaded Splittr beforehand. It will save you time and you won’t have to worry who paid what. Add your expenses and invite your friends to do the same on their mobile. Splittr will do or the hard work and calculate the daily, weekly or monthly spent amount. The life-saving app supports all currencies and it works offline.

Travel apps #9
Google Maps

You probably already have this one on your mobile phone but it is so useful that it couldn’t be missing from our guide with the best travel apps 2019. With over 220 countries and territories mapped, Google Maps will help you find your way no matter which place of the earth you’re visiting.

It also offers information about traffic and public transport timetables and routes. Find restaurants, cafés and shops close to your location and create lists of your favorite places.

Travel apps #10

Type your destination, the date you’re traveling and how many days you’re planning to stay and PackPoint will help you pack your suitcase. Yes, you heard that right, there is an app for packing. Once you’ve selected your trip, the app will show you some activities and will expect you to choose the ones you’re planning on doing. When you’ve finished selecting whether you’re going hiking or swimming, your packaging list will pop up. You can then remove or add extra things and you’re ready to go.

How much is a stamp in … Australia? In France? Morocco? We’re guessing your probably don’t actually know many international postage rates for postcards or letters by heart.

Most of us have absolutely no clue what the individual postcard stamp costs are when we’re abroad – especially where the rates for inland, your home continent and other countries worldwide vary so widely.

Whether you’re looking for the domestic or the international postcard stamp cost in 2020, you’ll find all the relevant postage information about every country from A to Z, divided by continent in the tables below.

Or find out below how MyPostcard can make your international and domestic stamp prices even cheaper with an all inclusive price of $2.29 for a high quality postcard and free delivery.

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Top 5 cheapest stamp rates for international postcard postage

  1. Swaziland $0.15 – 0.24 (2.80 – 4.60 SZL)
  2. Sri Lanka $0.19 (35 LKR)
  3. Taiwan: $0.20 – $0.40 (6 – 12 TWD)
  4. South Korea $0.25 – 0.35 (310 – 430 KRW)
  5. Burundi $0.26 (485 FBU)

(Postage costs converted into USD; updated: 21.04.2020)

The cheapest postcard postage cost you’ll find anywhere worldwide starts in Swaziland at the equivalent of $0.15.

This is followed closely by Sri Lanka at an equivalent of $0.19 and Taiwan at $0.20 for certain destinations.

While South Korea and Burundi finish up the list of the top 5 cheapest international postage rates, in terms of domestic delivery costs for a postcard, Pakistan beats all five here. With a fee of just 1.00 MDL or $0.03 US dollars, it’s here that you’ll find the cheapest rate in the world for domestic postcard delivery.

Top 5 most expensive stamp costs for international delivery

  1. Denmark $4.44 (30 DKK)
  2. Argentina $3.94 (235 ARS)
  3. Italy $1.27 – 3.44 (1.15 – 3.11 EUR)
  4. Norway $2.74 – 3.40 (25 – 31 NOK)
  5. Peru $3.33 (11.20 PEN)

(Postage costs converted into USD; updated: 21.04.2020)

At the most expensive end of the scale is the price to mail a postcard abroad from Denmark. Here, you’ll pay the equivalent of $4.44 US dollars to send a postcard!

Argentina follows pretty closely at $3.94 while Italy and Norway offer some high international postage rates for shipping to particular continents. Peru finishes up the list at $3.33.

Rates for international postcard postage at a glance

Map highlighting international postage rates worldwide showing postcard stamp costs as expensive or cheap by color.
Find the Postcard Postage Prices for all countries on this World Map (2018)

International standard airmail postal rates have been used (where available).

Worldwide (domestic and international) postage rates in Europe

Discover the current postcard stamp cost in 2020 of every country in Europe, whether your card is being sent domestically, or to a different continent.

So how expensive are postcards in Europe?:

CountryTypeInternational postage cost (local currency)Domestic postage cost (local currency)International postage cost (€)Domestic postage cost (€)International postage cost ($USD)Domestic postage cost ($USD)
AlbaniaPostcard90 - 150 ALL40 ALL0.74 - 1.240.330.81 - 1.350.36
ArmeniaPostcard240 AMD35 AMD0.450.070.500.07
AzerbaijanPostcard0.50- 0.60 AZN0.20 AZN0.310.110.29 - 0.350.12
BelgiumLetter1.68 EURN/A1.68N/A1.86N/A
Bosnia-HerzegovinaPostcard2.70 BAM0.60 BAM1.380.311.530.34
BulgariaPostcard1.50 - 1.80 BGN0.40 BGN0.920.200.85 - 1.020.23
DenmarkPostcard30 DKK10 DKK4.021.344.441.48
GermanyPostcard0.95 EUR0.60 EUR0.950.601.050.66
EstoniaLetter1.40 - 1.50 EUR0.65 EUR1.40 - 1.500.561.55 - 1.660.72
FinnlandPostcard1.60 EUR1.60 EUR1.601.601.771.77
FranceLetter1.30 EUR0.88 - 1.05 EUR1.300.88 - 1.051.440.97 - 1.16
GeorgiaPostcard2.40 GEL1.20 GEL0.740.370.810.40
GreeceLetter0.85 EUR0.65 EUR0.850.650.940.72
Great BritainPostcard1.20 GBP0.61 GBP1.290.711.550.79
IrelandPostcard1.70 EUR1 EUR1.701.001.881.11
IcelandLetter275 ISK195 ISK2.001.432.231.58
ItalyPostcard1.15 - 3.11 EUR0.85 EUR1.15 - 3.110.851.27 - 3.440.94
KosovoLetter2.80 EURN/A2.80N/A3.10N/A
CroatiaPostcard8.60 HRK3.10 HRK1.160.421.280.46
LatviaPostcard0.71 EUR0.47 EUR0.710.470.790.52
LiechtensteinLetter1.40 - 2 CHF0.47 CHF1.28 - 1.830.431.42 - 2.020.48
LithuaniaLetter0.75 EURN/A0.75N/A0.83N/A
LuxemburgLetter1.05 - 1.40 EUR0.80 EUR1.05 - 1.400.801.16 - 1.550.89
MacedoniaPostcard72 MKDN/A1.17N/A1.29N/A
MoldovaPostcard9.50 - 11.50 MDL1 - 1.30 MDL0.49 - 0.590.05 -0.070.55 - 0.660.06 - 0.08
MontenegroPostcard0.80 EURN/A0.80N/A0.89N/A
The NetherlandsPostcard1.45 EUR0.83 EUR1.450.831.610.92
NorwayLetter25 - 31 NOK16 NOK2.48 - 3.111.592.74 - 3.401.76
Austria Letter0.9 - 1.80 EUR0.70 - 0.80 EUR1.800.70 - 0.801 - 1.990.77 - 0.89
PolandLetter5 PLN3.3 PLN1.160.771.290.85
PortugalLetter0.62-0.83 EUR0.53 EUR0.62-0.830.530.69 - 0.920.59
SwedenLetter21 SEK9 SEK1.960.842.180.94
SwitzerlandLetter1.40 - 1.70 CHF0.85 CHF1.28- 1.560.781.42 -1.720.86
SerbiaPostcard60 RSD22 RSD0.510.190.57 0.21
SloveniaPostcard1.17 EUR0.58 EUR1.170.581.300.64
SlovakiaPostcard1 - 1.30 EUR0.65 EUR1.300.651.11 - 1.440.72
SpainPostcard1.70 EUR0.60 EUR1.700.601.880.66
Czech RepublicLetter39 CZK19 CZK1.510.741.690.82
The UkrainePostcard1.00 EURN/A1.00N/A1.11N/A
HungaryPostcard470 - 540 HUF120 HUF1.40 - 1.660.361.55 - 1.780.40
The Vaticaan CityPostcard2.80 EURN/A2.80N/A3.10N/A
CyprusLetter0.64 - 0.75 EUR0.34 - 0.41 EUR0.750.34 - 0.410.71 - 0.830.38 - 0.45

International postcard postage rates in Africa

The price of a postcard stamp in African countries varies significantly depending on whether you want to send within the country or abroad. The cost to mail a postcard or in some cases a letter are below:

CountryTypeInternational postage cost (local currency)Domestic postage cost (local currency)International postage cost (€)Domestic postage cost (€)International postage cost ($USD)Domestic postage cost ($USD)
EgyptPostcard12 EGP2.50 EGP0.620.140.74 0.16
AlgeriaPostcard60 DZDN/A0,40N/A0.50N/A
AngolaPostcardN/AN/A3.42 (Status 27.06.2018)N/AN/AN/A
BotswanaLetter12 BWP5 BWP0.970,42 1.100.46
BurundiPostcard485 FBUN/A0.23N/A0.26N/A
DjiboutiLetterN/AN/A0.89 (Status 27.06.2018)N/AN/AN/A
GambiaPostcardN/AN/A0.27 (Status 27.06.2018)N/AN/AN/A
KeniaPostcard16.560 KSHN/A0.14N/A0.16N/A
MalawiPostcard1130 MWK520 MWK1.380.641.540.71
MaroccoPostcardN/AN/A0.61 (Status 27.06.2018)N/AN/AN/A
NamibiaPostcard9 NAD4.9 NAD0.490.300.610.33
South AfricaPostcard9.2 ZAR4.55 ZAR0.560.280.620.31
SwasilandPostcard3.30-3.50 SZL2.30 SZL0.20-
TanzaniaPostcard1500 - 2300 TZSN/A0.58-0.89N/A0.65 - 1.0N/A
TunesiaPostcard1.20 - 1.50 TND0.75 TND0.38 - 0.470.240.42 - 0.530.26
ZimbabwePostcard2 - 3 USDN/A1.79 - 2.68N/A2 - 3N/A

International postage rates in North, Middle and South America

North, Middle and South American international and domestic postage costs vary significantly for a postcard stamp. Find out below!

CountryTypeInternational portage cost (local currency)Domestic portage cost (local currency)International portage cost (€)Domestic portage cost (€)International portage cost ($USD)Domestic portage cost ($USD)
AlaskaPostcard1.15 USD0.35-0.55 USD1.030.32-0.501.150.35-0.55
ArgentinaPostcard235 ARS50 ARS3.530.763.940.84
BrasilLetterN/AN/A0.89 (Status 27.06.2018)N/AN/AN/A
Costa RicaLetter545 CRC445 CRC0.850.690.940.77
Dominican Rep. Letter70 DOP10-15 DOP1.220.17-0.261.330.19 - 0.28
French GuianaPostcardN/AN/A0.46 (Status 27.06.2018)N/AN/AN/A
GreenlandLetter17 DKK15 DKK2.282.012.522.22
GuianaPostcard80-120 GYD80 GYD0.35 - 0.520.350.38 - 0.580.38
HondurasPostcard10-30 HNLN/A0.36 - 1.09N/A0.41 - 1.22N/A
JamaicaPostcard100 JMD50 JMD0.670.320.710.36
CanadaPostcard2.78 CAD1.19 CAD1.880.822.100.90
ColumbiaPostcard2200-3300 COP1200-1700 COP1.830.33-0,460.64 - 0.970.35 - 0.50
CubaPostcard0.65 CUC0.15 CUC0.590.13 CUC0.650.15
MexicoLetter11.50 MXNN/A0.53 (Status 2011)N/A0.60N/A
ParaguayPostcardN/AN/A3.42 (Status 2018.)N/AN/AN/A
PeruLetter11.20 PEN7.6 PEN2.742.063.332.26
SurinameLetter8.45 SRD3.7 SRD1.010.451.130.50
UruguayPostcard70 UYU25 UYU1.640.611.860.66
USAPostcard1.15 USD0.35 USD1.030.321.150.35

International postage rates in Asia and the Pacific

What kind of value do postcard stamps in Asia and the Pacific offer you?

CountyTypeInternational Postage cost (local currency)Domestic postage cost (local currency) International postage cost (€)Domestic postage cost (€)International postage cost ($USD)Domestic postage cost ($USD)
AustraliaPostcard2 - 3 AUD1 AUD1.23 - 1.850.621.36 - 2.040.68
BangladeshLetterN/AN/A0.37 (Status 27.06.2018)N/AN/AN/A
BhutanPostcard25 - 30 BTN15 BTN0.31- 0.380.190.35 - 0.420.21
ChinaPostcard4.50 CNYN/A0.57N/A0.64N/A
Fiji Islands PostcardN/AN/A0.16 (Status 27.06.2018)N/AN/AN/A
IndiaPostcard25 INRN/A0.32N/A0.35N/A
IndonesiaPostcard88,003 IDRN/A5.54N/A6.27N/A
JapanPostcard70 JPY63 JPY0.590.520.640.58
CambodiaLetterN/AN/A2.35 (Status 27.06.2018)N/AN/AN/A
KazakhstanPostcard800 KZTN/A1.84 (Status 27.06.2018)N/A2.06 (Status 27.06.2018)N/A
MalaysiaPostcardN/AN/A0.43 (Status 27.06.2018)N/AN/AN/A
MongoliaLetter1430 MNT440-880 MNT0.480.15 - 0.290.530.16 - 0.33
MyanmarPostcard1000 MMK200 MMK0.590.120.660.13
NepalPostcard35 NPR5 NPR0.280.040.300.04
New ZealandPostcard2.60 NZD1.3 NZD1.510.751.660.83
PakistanPostcard45 PKR5 PKR0.
Philippines LetterN/AN/A2.07 (Status 27.06.2018)N/AN/AN/A
RussiaPostcard45 RUB25 RUB0.630.350.710.39
SingaporePostcard0.40 - 0.60 SGD0.30 SGD0.27 - 0.390.200.29 - 0.440.33
Sri LankaPostcard35 LKR10 LKR0.
TaiwanPostcard6 - 12 TWD5 TWD0.340.150.12 - 0.390.16
ThailandPostcard9 THBN/A0,29N/A0.30N/A
TurkeyPostcard5.50 TRY2.40 TRY0,860.380.960.42
UzbekistanPostcard3200 - 3500 UZS1300 UZS0.30 - 0.330.120.34 -0.370.14
VietnamLetter7500 VND30000.290.120.320.13

International postage rates in the Middle East

Check out the costs of stamps from each country in the Middle East, domestically or internationally.

CountryTypeInternational postage cost (local currency)Domestic postage cost (local currency)International postage cost (€)Domestic postage cost (€)International postage cost (USD)Domestic postage cost (USD)
IsraelPostcard6.50 NIS2.50 NIS1.670.431.860.71
LibanonLetter2500 LBP600 LBP1.480.361.660.40
QuatarLetter8.50 QAR3.50 QAR2.080.872.340.96
Saudi ArabiaPostcard8 SARN/A1.90N/A2.13N/A
United Arab. EmiratesLetter7 AEDN/A1.70N/A1.91N/A

Note: Where the stamp costs varied depending on the recipient country, we show either the highest and lowest costs or simply the highest international postage cost. Where no specific rate was given for a postcard, we used a 100 gram letter for comparison. Where no costs could be found at all, you’ll see the abbreviation N/A meaning not applicable. Please note, figures are quoted from the respective country’s own postal systems website and therefore may vary in the country. Last updated 21.04.2020.

Fast, free and convenient: How to send a postcard internationally with MyPostcard

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Why make the switch to MyPostcard?

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Mailing postcards internationally is simply easier with a postcard app. It’s…

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  • Easier
  • Cheaper
  • Speedy

MyPostcard delivery times are also incredibly short. Your cards are printed at a printing house closest to your recipient destination, daily from Monday to Friday by midday – within 24 hours of your order. They’re then stamped and handed over to the local post office.

So delivery times look like this:

  • UK: 1-3 working days
  • Germany: 1-2 working days
  • Rest of Europe: 3-5 working days.
  • The USA & Canada: 4-7 days
  • Australia: 4-7 days
  • Rest of the world: up to 14 working days

Want to know how your favorite shot of the vacation, family get-together or your selfie can become a real postcard, that can be sent anywhere in the whole world? Read exactly how MyPostcard works here and how it will make it easier to order a postcard overseas. Find out how your postcard is created from ordering to delivery.

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Learned how to mail postcards internationally? But what about writing them?

If you’re like us, sometimes you get stuck finding the right words for your postcards. So here’s a great guide on how to write postcards. (Or simply use one of the free quotes available to add to your postcard for any occasion in the MyPostcard app!)

We like adding a fun fact about the destination you’re sending from if you’re stuck for ideas. So here’s one to end on:

Did you know that the postcard celebrated it’s 150th anniversary in 2019. Discover more postal fun facts here.