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Everyone is moving to Berlin – The British singer-songwriter Lail Arad already used this phrase in her lyrics in 2010. This is also the song that Cheryl Howard from cherylhoward.com connects to Berlin. She knows all about the appeal of the vibrant city, the best spots in hidden corners and she is THE expert on expat life in Berlin. Coming from Canada, where people are actually really friendly 😉 she tells Berlin-newcomers how to deal with the sometimes harsh German attitude, language barriers, bureaucracy, but also the more fun stuff (soaking up arts, culture, nightlife!). Her blog cherylhoward.com is an excellent how-to guide for everyone coming from abroad (not necessarily though) who wants to know all about Berlin and the German lifestyle.

We had the honor to enjoy a little talk with Cheryl in our studio and she answered us even the hardest questions, giving us a little insight into her life. From working in a stable job and owning a house to traveling and falling in love with Europe and ending up in Berlin – her life has definitely been one crazy adventure. This is also what Cheryl’s autobiography would be called if she had one. Cheryl definitely has experienced a lot and that is why we love her and her blog.

Since we couldn’t get enough, we also asked Cheryl to write a blog post for us, which you can find here: She tells us even more detailed information about moving to Berlin & the struggles that come with it,  what this crazy adventure taught here and a little how-to guide for wannabe-Berliners. You should definitely check it out! Read the article here.

Check out the full video interview below and obviously her blog cherylhoward.com.

Cheryl, what’s your favorite weird word in German?

I don’t remember the exact word but there was something that one of the German accounts posted (they do like a word a day or something) and I forgot the exact word but it was a translation for a lower back tattoo and that it literally translates into like “ass-antlers” or something. So I thought that was really funny!

(That’s true, by the way – the word is “Arschgeweih” ;).

Have you ever experienced a culture shock?

Yeah, in lots of places. But probably because I’ve been in Germany the longest, Germany was the biggest culture shock so doing things like going to the German sauna for the first time and I grew up in a pretty conservative household so going to the sauna as like a North American person and having to be naked in front of other people was definitely a really interesting experience but a very freeing and positive one.

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This month Adam Groffman from Travels of Adam visited our office in Berlin. Adam is one of the biggest and most successful travel bloggers all over the world. He has been almost everywhere! Currently, he is on his next trip and we’re super happy to be able to join his travels on social media and his blog. His community especially appreciates the LGBT tips and travel stories, which he posts on a regular basis. He is also a professional at finding the coolest corners around the world, the best nightlife and he chose to live in Berlin – for him one of the most beautiful places in the world!

We are super excited and proud to have led an interview with Adam about his life before the wanderlust, his personal travel Must-Haves and his love for postcards.

We were wondering… what was your life like before traveling?

As soon as I graduated, I had to work… Pretty soon it was three years later and I hadn’t left America. I had barely left Boston. I had taken just a handful of trips. I was working all the time, saving my money, trying to figure out how to be an adult.

Hey Adam, you chose Berlin as your home. Describe your favorite place to live in three words!

Berlin is free, social and exciting.

Adam, you fell in love with connecting with your followers from all over the world via postcards. Why is it your favorite communication tool?

For me, sending this to friends and family and my fans, it just feels so cool to connect with people all over the world. It’s just cool that’s there is all these lines where I happen to be and where all the other people happen to be and you get this real connection.

You would like to see the whole interview with Adam from Travels of Adam and want to know some of his tips and tricks for traveling and Berlin? See the full video here:

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