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Can you imagine there being any other states in the USA, than the 50 that already exist? No, not really, right? But actually, there are 7 US states, that could well have come into existence! Think Jefferson, Texlahoma or Absaroka. How about a little US history throwback and a look at these awesome postcard designs of the 7 US states – that might have been.

Discover these postcard designs: We’ve got them all and with us, you can send a little bit of (almost) American history to your friends and family to confuse and amaze them. Check out our holiday greetings too.

US states that might have been #1

US States that might have been - Franklin

The first US state which you definitely haven’t heard of is Franklin, which would have been situated in today’s eastern Tennessee.

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US states that might have been #2
South California

US States that might have been - South California

This second state proposal didn’t take place all that long ago… In 2011 actually, if you can believe it. The suggestion came from a supervisor of the Riverside Country, who proposed a 51st state. This new state would have contained parts of California – with the goal of pushing the economy and local services. The proposal found few supporters, however.

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US states that might have been #3

US States that might have been - Absaroka

It was the year 1939 – and a proposal was made to Congress which proposed bringing Wyoming, Montana and South Dakota together to establish Absaroka.

With the country understandably pretty distracted on this particular year, nothing happened.

US states that might have been #4

US States that might have been - Deseret

Deseret, the fourth US State that might have been, would have become home to a lot of famous attractions and incredible landscapes – unsurprisingly since it would have contained parts of present-day Utah, Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon and Wyoming.

US states that might have been #5

US States that might have been - Texlahoma

The Buddy Holly statue, the Cadillac Ranch and the Wichita Falls. All this could have been found in Texlahoma, a state which – as you’ve perhaps already guessed? – was very nearly made up of Texas and Oklahoma. This was in the 1900s when some inhabitants really were enthusiastic about the change – this enthusiasm did not,  however, last too long.

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US states that might have been #6

US States that might have been - Jefferson

Maybe you’re not too surprised that more than a few American citizens have tried in the past to create and rename a state after Thomas Jefferson? And this could-have-been state #51 sandwiched between Oregon and California was to be named Jefferson.

US state that might have been #7
South Florida

US States that might have been - South California

Our last almost US state is South Florida which was put forward in 2008. The reason behind this was the steadily increasing taxes being levied on its citizens. Some of these inhabitants thought that splitting Florida up into two parts – and thereby forcing its cool must-sees to be divided up, including Disney World, Miami or the Keys – was the best option.

Turns out, nope…

Find more information about the 7 US States that might have been here.

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US States that might have been - send it as a postcard


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Once more it’s time to face the Thanksgiving challenge: stuffing not only a turkey, but also yourself! Will you make it through side dishes, turkey and pumpkin pie this year? And can you convince your family you only ever eat like this on holidays? The MyPostcard team is already looking forward to a long weekend filled with food, friends and family, because there is no better combination than that. This Thanksgiving we also want to give you a little background information, some fun facts and show you how to send lovely Thanksgiving Postcards with MyPostcard.

Where does Thanksgiving come from?

Traditions of Thanksgiving

When Thanksgiving approaches, we think of falling asleep on the couch with a full belly, surrounded by family and friends, watching football. However, its origins can be traced way back, when people celebrated this day in quite a different way.

Back in the 1620s the Native Americans showed the Pilgrims, who came from England, how to grow corn, beans and squash as well as catch fish and collect seafood. After the Pilgrims had their first successful harvest, they invited the Native Americans and celebrated to give thanks for the blessing of the harvest. There are always two sides to a story though: many Native Americans see this story as embellished and feel reminded of the conquest by colonists every year. At least one thing we can all agree on: They had a lot of yummy food, but Turkey was not on the menu for sure!

Weird traditions in the USA

Thanksgiving Postcards - Traditions in the USA

Apart from the tradition to get together for a special meal, there are many other weird Halloween rituals in the USA.

One interesting ceremony is dating back to the 1940s. It became an annual tradition, that the president of the USA frees one lucky turkey, that is granted reprieve from its execution.
Another weird Thanksgiving event is offered by the Santa Barbara Zoo in California. Animal lovers are encouraged to come to the zoo and watch different animals interact with pumpkins. Perfect to have a smashin’ good time!
And of course there are also lots of food-related traditions: a pie eating contest in Colorado where you can’t use your hands, frozen Turkey bowling to combat smoking or running some kilometres dressed as a Turkey in order to win your Thanksgiving turkey.

A new tradition: Send Thanksgiving Postcards!

Sending Thanksgiving Postcards to say Thank you

Hearing about the traditions, we can’t wait for Thanksgiving! And this year it might be time to get a little creative with your Thanksgiving cards. Can’t make it home on Thanksgiving? Hosting a dinner party and want to send invitations? Want to say ‘Thank you’ to someone for cooking the best Thanksgiving meal ever? The answer to any of these questions: no problem with MyPostcard. Whether you’re using our App or website, send your Thanksgiving cards with us this year. Our design shop has a wide range of Thanksgiving postcards to choose from. Of course you can also personalize cards with your own pictures! Let your loved ones know that you think of them or simply want to say ‘Thank you’ by sending a postcard this year.

Have a great Holiday and Happy Thanksgiving!