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A couple in your circle of friends is taking the next step and moving in together? Your brother has (finally) left Hotel Mom? Or your best friend and flatmate is moving into their own four walls? Whatever the scenario, the upshot is that you are now looking for housewarming messages for your new home card!

Then check out the best messages for your housewarming wishes to friends and family for you to copy, paste and personalize for moving cards.

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Messages for your housewarming messages

A couple look at their new house on their moving day

Traditional housewarming messages for moving cards

These housewarming ceremony or party congratulations are perfect for a longer and more personal message.

#1 Take good care

We wish you the best of luck in your new home and an awesome housewarming! Take good care of your money and take good care of your own little world!

#2 Bread and salt

Did you know that giving the gift of bread and salt is a housewarming tradition that goes back generations? Why? The bread promises a good life – and a secure one. Salt symbolizes spice, so that you have lots of fun in your new home! So I wish you a good, secure and most of all, fun, life ahead in your new four walls!

#3 Advice from the heart

Always leave your worries and complaints at the door. Then you’ll always be happy here! Congratulations on your new home!

#4 Your own four walls

Congratulations on moving into your own four walls. I hope your new home offers you warmth, security and joy.

Classic short housewarming congratulations messages and quotes

A sweet and sentimental quote for housewarming messages
  1. Where your heart feels safe. That’s your home.
  2. In the house where joy lives, happiness always move in too. – Cicero (Translated from the German)
  1. Every new journey begins with a single step.
  1. May your home be your castle.
  2. Learn to be tidy, and love it. It will save you time and effort.

Housewarming messages for the first shared apartment

A cute quote about magic in a housewarming ceremony
  1. Congrats on the move! I wish you much luck and happiness in your new domesticity – but most of all, I wish you pure satisfaction!
  2. Magic lives in every new start – Hermann Hesse (Translated from German)
  1. A house is where dreams grow and prosper. It’s the moment, or the person, where you know that you’re home!
  2. And sometimes being home just means a shoulder to lean on, when times get hard.
  1. I wish for you both that you make space for each other always in your new rooms.

New home messages for new flat shares

Funny housewarming messages
  1. Home is where your WIFI-connects automatically.
  2. Congrats on moving in without me (and congrats on your new home too!)
  3. Never shut your door on me, or I’ll open another one!
  4. Save the date for the next flat party! Every Friday from now on! Right?

Housewarming quotes for your sister or brother who are flying the nest

Housewarming wishes for your sister or brother
  1. I wish you tons of new experiences and memories. For example, remember that you have to wash your dishes yourself now. Otherwise, you’ll have some unpleasant experiences.
  2. Enjoy the next part of your life. I call it: “Finally living independently, but still washing your stuff at home”
  3. Door shut, feet up, Netflix on. You can finally do what you want!
  4. Your first flat is something special. Especially tiring, but exceedingly special. All the best for the next chapter!
  5. Wherever you live, you’ll always have a home with me. Sending my best!

Best housewarming wishes for your bestie

A sweet heartwarming message to a friend for their housewarming
  1. Your biggest mistake was telling me where you live. Or did you think I was going to NOT visit you every single day?
  2. New neighbors, new address, new happiness! So much newness – it’s a good thing you can always count on old friends.
  3. For your new flat, I wish that it will always be too small to fit all the friends in who will constantly be visiting you!
  4. Goethe said: A new home – a new person. I hope he was wrong, because I liked the old you just fine. Congrats on your new place!
  5. Mallorca is nice. But being with you at home is better!

Housewarming messages for moving into your own house

  1. You’re moving int your new house today. Let it get a chaotic. Take your time. Soon, you’ll be walking around your house in your slippers with everything done and dusted. Everything will be done from the kitchen pans to the cupboard, with each room just to your tastes. Congratulations on your new home!
  2. Congratulations on your new home! In this house, you’ll live, love and fight. You’ll laugh loudly, and make mistakes. You’ll clean up in a frenzy before visitors arrive, because when it’s just you, order is taken less seriously. It will soon be the place where everything begins, and a smile is always waiting.
  3. People say a home isn’t a place, but a feeling. With your amazing new home, you must be feeling on top of the world! Congrats on your new house!

Well wishes for your new neighbors

  1. Welcome to the neighborhood! We’re the ones who will only give you flour, milk or eggs if we’re eating the cake together!
  2. Good neighbors are a real blessing. That’s why we want to get our relationship off to a good start! We hope you settle in well to your new home. We’ll see you around!
  3. Next to each other. With each other. For each other. To welcome you to the neighborhood, we have a quote by Erwin Koch: The ideal neighbor is invisible and inaudible. But always there, when you really need them!

Did you find the perfect quote for your ‘new home’ card?

A couple sit with their child amongst moving boxes

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Can you imagine there being any other states in the USA, than the 50 that already exist? No, not really, right? But actually, there are 7 US states, that could well have come into existence! Think Jefferson, Texlahoma or Absaroka. How about a little US history throwback and a look at these awesome postcard designs of the 7 US states – that might have been.

Discover these postcard designs: We’ve got them all and with us, you can send a little bit of (almost) American history to your friends and family to confuse and amaze them. Check out our holiday greetings too.

US states that might have been #1

US States that might have been - Franklin

The first US state which you definitely haven’t heard of is Franklin, which would have been situated in today’s eastern Tennessee.

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US states that might have been #2
South California

US States that might have been - South California

This second state proposal didn’t take place all that long ago… In 2011 actually, if you can believe it. The suggestion came from a supervisor of the Riverside Country, who proposed a 51st state. This new state would have contained parts of California – with the goal of pushing the economy and local services. The proposal found few supporters, however.

See the postcard of South California here.

US states that might have been #3

US States that might have been - Absaroka

It was the year 1939 – and a proposal was made to Congress which proposed bringing Wyoming, Montana and South Dakota together to establish Absaroka.

With the country understandably pretty distracted on this particular year, nothing happened.

US states that might have been #4

US States that might have been - Deseret

Deseret, the fourth US State that might have been, would have become home to a lot of famous attractions and incredible landscapes – unsurprisingly since it would have contained parts of present-day Utah, Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon and Wyoming.

US states that might have been #5

US States that might have been - Texlahoma

The Buddy Holly statue, the Cadillac Ranch and the Wichita Falls. All this could have been found in Texlahoma, a state which – as you’ve perhaps already guessed? – was very nearly made up of Texas and Oklahoma. This was in the 1900s when some inhabitants really were enthusiastic about the change – this enthusiasm did not,  however, last too long.

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US states that might have been #6

US States that might have been - Jefferson

Maybe you’re not too surprised that more than a few American citizens have tried in the past to create and rename a state after Thomas Jefferson? And this could-have-been state #51 sandwiched between Oregon and California was to be named Jefferson.

US state that might have been #7
South Florida

US States that might have been - South California

Our last almost US state is South Florida which was put forward in 2008. The reason behind this was the steadily increasing taxes being levied on its citizens. Some of these inhabitants thought that splitting Florida up into two parts – and thereby forcing its cool must-sees to be divided up, including Disney World, Miami or the Keys – was the best option.

Turns out, nope…

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