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Any seasoned traveller knows the feeling. Maybe you have an early flight to catch, maybe you just landed really late, or maybe there isn’t a hotel room in town. Unfortunately, most of us have to make the experience Sleeping in airports at some point in our lives but, depending on how you approach it, doing so can either be a terrible or a memorable experience.

From staying safe to the best places to eat, our guide to sleeping in airports will equip you with the necessities to enjoying your stay in a terminal building. Whether in Cincinnati or Shanghai, you can be sure that spending the night in an airport will be more bearable once you have read this sleeping in airports 101 guide.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at our guide to sleeping in airports 101 and see how you can survive a sleepover if you’re stranded.

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Rule #1 of Sleeping in Airports: The Plan B

This is perhaps the most important of any tip on sleeping in airports. Remember that airport employees may not approve of you spending the night in the terminal building and you should have a plan B if possible.

Make sure you have enough money to get a cheap room close to the airport just in case you come across the wrong official. Odds are airport officials won’t ask you to leave the building in the middle of the night, especially if you can produce your airline ticket proving you will be leaving the following morning. However, you simply never know how somebody will react to you setting up base for a night in the airport so remember to keep a secondary option at the ready.

Rule #2 of Sleeping in Airports: Without a Plan, You Plan to Fail

Our second tip for sleeping in the airport is simple: come prepared! Spending the night in a cold, busy, noisy, well-lit building filled with strangers is no picnic. As a result, it pays to come with a wealth of supplies that make your stay that bit easier. Whilst you should probably stop short of a blow-up mattress – unless traveling with kids, in which case this can be a godsend – there are a number of things that become invaluable when spending the night in an airport: an eye mask, ear plugs, a sleeping bag, an inflatable neck pillow, headphones, and some form of entertainment device

Another pro-tip, remember to set your alarm. You would be surprised how many people get so comfy in an airport that they miss their flight!

The coolest travel gadgets are on our ultimate wishlist for travelers! Here you can find them to be prepared for every (uncomfortable) situation (like sleeping in an airport).

Rule #3 of Sleeping in Airports: Keep Your Luggage Close

Naturally, when you’re spending the night in a busy space filled with strangers, an element of danger comes with the process. Where you are open to theft or unwanted attention from others, being aware of security’s location pays off.

Solo females in particular might want to remain closer to the security HQ in any given airport. Everybody should keep luggage as close as possible, especially any bags containing valuables like passports, mobile phones, and wallets. In fact, keeping these items on you at all times may be wise when spending the night in an airport.

Rule #4 of Sleeping in Airports: Enjoy a Large Meal Before Hitting the Sack

With spending the night in an airport rarely counting as the world’s most luxurious sleeping experience, you may want to delay the inevitable bedding down on uncomfortable seats/floors for as long as you can. Head to the airport food court and spend as long as possible choosing, enjoying, and digesting your meal.

Think of your airport meal as a free hit, an opportunity to pig out on lots of delicious fast food because you’ll have plenty of time to sit and digest it later. This little perk of spending the night in an airport should be taken advantage of. If you have the option, after eating walk to a cafe or airport bar to relax and enjoy a hot chocolate or nightcap, doing so can calm an otherwise stressful situation. What’s more, this kills another hour or two before you have to face your less than ideal sleeping situation.

Rule #5 of Sleeping in Airports: Explore Your Perfect Spot

So you’re at the airport, you have all the necessary supplies, you’ve enjoyed a big meal and a nightcap. You feel good, but now it’s time to find a place to make camp on this airport adventure. You scope out the area around the food court and it doesn’t have much to offer, just some uncomfortable looking metal seats. Worse, there’s a draft blowing in from the ever-revolving door.

We recommend exploring. Head into the depths of the areas that you can access, airports often have nooks and crannies that most visitors aren’t privy to. Those sleeping in the airport before catching their flight should head closer to arrivals. Believe it or not, the seats in arrivals tend to be much more plush than those in departures as airports want to cater to the families waiting for their loved ones to return. Because flights are frequently delayed, there are often comfy couches and chairs in this area of many airports.

If you can’t find anything like this level of luxury, head to the information desk or just speak to friendly looking airport employees to gain some tips on the best digs: most will be happy to help!

Pining for a lovers’ retreat minus the gaping hole where your money used to live? Hey, it’s possible! Romantic getaways
don’t actually have to be expensive – only intimate. Preferably, since it’s the experience that you’ll bring home together. Set aside those extravagant money-draining plans and make way for these budget romantic getaway ideas in the US that will suit couples perfectly, young and old alike.

These super romantic getaway ideas are centered around the US, but if you’re looking for the most romantic city destinations worldwide, then… here they are!  

Romantic getaway ideas #1
A night at Orcas Island, Washington

With a mere $200 in your pocket, you can have a stay at Orcas Islands, one of the isles of San Juan near the
Canadian border. Here, you can enjoy a temperate climate, plus the beauty of its still-untouched
nature. Among the many locations here that offer you ferry or puddle-jumper rides across the vast blue
ocean (something you’ll definitely be wanting to take photos of – so learn about keeping your camera protected here), one of the absolute favorites is the 40-acre sanctuary owned by Rosario Resort & Spa. Overlooking the waters, this retreat gives you a chance to unplug; keep away those smartphones as you and your significant other focus on each other. Rooms offer sea views, fireplaces, and outdoor spaces. You can lounge around in this quiet haven, stroll around hand in hand
or indulge yourselves in the local spa, or enjoy the marina on a boat ride before detoxifying in one of the resort’s
adult-only pool.

Romantic getaway ideas #2
Head to the cobblestone charm of Quebec and Montreal

This area is lined with century-old charming stone buildings, where you and your (presumably also charming) lover can inhale an incredible magic. Not only will these elegant boulevards provide the ideal romantic atmosphere, but you’ll also find yourself surrounded by inspired cuisine and rich culture. For food lovers, this holiday is paradise; enjoy sumptuous
gourmands taken from Italian, French, Caribbean and even Chinese flavors! When planning your trip, make sure
to put Mount Royal, Place Des Arts, and the Botanic Gardens at the top of your itinerary. Architecture lovers can enjoy
an unbeatable view of and from St. Joseph’s Oratory and the Notre-Dame Basilica – perhaps you’ll even talk marriage, but no pressure! 😉

Romantic getaway ideas #3
Treat yourself to a taste of California’s wine regions

The perfect romantic getaway is always going to include a sip of the best wine around, right? So why not go to Napa Valley
with the exclusive purpose of enjoying some wine and wanderings? – Sorry, we mean the exclusive purpose of bonding with the GF or BF, obviously. But since wine tours, especially the Wine Train, can take up a pretty hefty
chunk of your budget, why not try the next (but by no means second best) alternative: a beer train called the Hop Train offering splendid views and drinks which will set you back by just $75 per person. You can taste-test the Little Loco Session IPA, along with other signature local brews as you ride along looking at the lush-greens outside the window. When you
reach Napa, head into Paso Robles, a lovely inn that offers a heated outdoor pool and a hot tub for you
and your partner to enjoy. Rooms with a garden view go for less than $150, and may include a
complimentary wine tasting stub at participating wineries.

Psst! A hostel can be great for your wallet – and doesn’t have to be unromantic with the existence of private rooms

Romantic getaway ideas #4
Find your escape in Clayton, New York

Upstate New York carries a little secret in the region of the Thousand Islands. Just the name is enough to get you in the mood, but there’s more… Once, this was a pirate hideout – what could be more romantic? And now that it’s become a famous retreat for the rich, it’s also the ideal place to look for a jazzy new partner if your old one starts to annoy you.😉

Today, Thousand Islands – incidentally the home of the famous salad dressing which you’ll have to try when you’re there – offers some low-cost yet priceless experiences. Along St. Lawrence River, the 1,000 Islands Harbor Hotel welcomes guests with special offers which come under the $200 limit. Alongside this, and for the same miraculous price, Taste 1000 Islands offers wine tasting in its string of wineries nearby.

If you’re looking for a more romantic stay, reserve a room at the Boldt Castle where the ultimate romantic, George C. Boldt, created a summer home for his wife. Sadly (dare we say tragically?), she died shortly after it was finished. With this lovers’ story, the splendid castle is a haunting symbol of their romance and memory.

Worried about a tragic love story of your own? Learn these 9 important tips without getting well and truly fed up of each other!

Romantic getaway ideas #5
Bask in the serenity of Portland, Maine

With sleepy coastal towns surrounded by rugged coastlines, Portland, Maine is a budget romantic vacation favorite, thanks to it being the capital of the best lobsters in the US. The vibrant metropolis offers many opportunities for lovers to spend time together, including a day trip on the boat, a romantic walk to the lighthouse, and of course, the delectable food the locals offer. Portland is also home to many music and arts; and with museums abound, you’ll always find something to do. Enjoy special moments in secluded beaches or enjoy delectable lobster rolls as you walk together along the busy

Romantic getaway ideas #6
Visit the mountain town of Asheville, North Carolina

A bluegrass home, Asheville is an outdoorsman’s favorite retreat because of its majestic mountain views, pastoral fields, and undiscovered gems. Here, the colors of nature intertwine with Southern tradition. A culinary destination, the city bursts with many breweries as well as a decadent offering of the local gourmand. You and your significant other can get lost wandering around the picturesque gardens or you can drop by one of the many restaurants that offer their wonderful traditional flavors. For the more athletic among you (how do you do it?), biking, hiking or zip lining activities, as well as wild water rafting in many of its parks are on offer. Among the best itineraries, is a visit to the French Renaissance-style Biltmore Estate, or a trip to the Appalachian Trail.

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Romantic getaway ideas #7
Immerse yourself in the Spanish heritage of Savannah

South Carolina prides itself on its Latin roots. Savannah, the Hostess City of the South, welcomes its
visitors with a truly eccentric air. The congenial atmosphere prevails with a mysterious charm,
putting you and your lover directly in the setting of a best selling detective novel. Perhaps it’s got something to do with its moss-canopied grounds or Forsythe Park’s elegant tree-scape, maybe love is in the air (sorry). While you’re here, make sure to visit the Cathedral of St.John the Baptist or give the GF or BF a little scare in the Tybee Island. Savannah also offers its own Taste Experience, which takes 2 hours to half a day, giving you both the complete flavors of the city.

So no, couple getaways don’t have to be expensive. By planning out your trip in advance, and finding the right places
to spend time in, you’ll discover romantic holiday ideas without breaking the bank. While you’re at it,
make sure to save those memories for keeps. Carry a camera, snap a picture, and print out those photos instead of exiling them to your phone –you can even personalize your own postcards if you wish, or create a photo box of memories – to remind you of your romantic adventures in the years to come.

Can’t get enough of our romantic picks? We don’t blame you! Here are 9 more unusual romantic destinations for you and the BF/GF to get exploring in the USA.