Less than two decades ago, back when there wasn’t an ultimate top lifestyle blogger and blogging was a personal concept – internet users would sign up for accounts to find their own space to record their daily musings. It was something like a diary, only out in the open, with interchangeable fonts instead of handwritten notes, and passwords instead of padlocks. While it’s certainly still popular to use blogs like personal journals, some have found a way to recreate this platform and wield it for influence. Many of these blogs thrive on various social media platforms; Instagram, for one, thanks to its curated gallery, has become a favorite hangout for bloggers.

Whether you’re an amateur blogger looking for celebs to keep up with, or a regular Joe looking to find inspiration in the mundane, these bloggers can help you rediscover life – and help you live the fullest. We have listed down ten of the top lifestyle bloggers on Instagram, and they have got you covered, from fashion and lifestyle to home and business. Cop off their looks and adventures, or dive into their treasure trove of life hacks by following them!

Top Lifestyle Blogger #1

Top Lifestyle Blogger on Instagram - Julia Hengel

@juliahengel of Gal Meets Glam has shown off her creativity ever since studying in college. Her journey to blogging took long periods of research, starting with the scraps of HTML coding to following tutorials on YouTube. Blogging took a backseat when she landed a job in San Francisco, but in 2013, she finally took the dive and began running her blog full-time. This glam girl puts her focus on fashion, beauty and travel, helping girls achieve the look – and the life – that they want.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/juliaberolzheimer/ 
Blog: http://galmeetsglam.com/

Top Lifestyle Blogger #2

Top Lifestyle Blogger on Instagram - Cupofjo

@cupofjo’s Joanna Goddard was born in France but now lives in Brooklyn with her family. Still true to her French roots however, Joanna is a creative force behind many lifestyle magazines, including Conde Nast Traveler, Glamour and Martha Stewart Living. It makes tons of sense that she has now moved on to her own blog, where she has all the creative liberty she could want to talk about her absolute favorite topics: food, fashion, recipes, even celebrity interviews!

Top Lifestyle Blogger - cupofjo
Photo Source: www.instagram.com/cupofjo/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cupofjo/

 Top Lifestyle Blogger #3

Top Lifestyle Blogger on Instagram - Abeautifulmess

@abeautifulmess is made up of blogging sisters Emma Chapman and Elsie Larson, showcasing their own-made hacks for their beloved hobby: crafts. What started as a lifestyle blog soon blossomed into a gorgeous company. A Beautiful Mess has grown into a platform that inspires one to enjoy a vivacious, grounded lifestyle. Anchored with their Southern soul, they share helpful posts paired with stunning pictures that are sure to inspire every reader. Visit their blog for DIY projects, crafts, recipes, and stories about their lives as moms, wives, friends and women.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/abeautifulmess/

Top Lifestyle Blogger #4

Top Lifestyle Blogger on Instagram - Highfashionmen

Ryan Clark is a high fashion man and the brains behind High Fashion Living: a go-to source for men’s (and women’s) fashion. Who says men don’t blog! He used his platform to review capsule collections, lookbooks, and seasonal campaigns from high-end brands such as Paul Smith, Tom Ford, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and more. With his sleek and edgy pictures- many of which coming straight from the runway, everyone needs to be following his adventures! Ryan is a GQ ambassador himself and could inspire anyone to be well-dressed.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/highfashionmen/
Blog: http://highfashionliving.com

Top Lifestyle Blogger #5

Top Lifestyle Blogger on Instagram - Thekentuckygent

@thekentuckygent’s Josh Johnson is a true-blue Southerner. Using blogging as a platform to show how the true southern gentleman should live life, Josh showcases his fashion, writing and photography skills. While doing so, he shares the best eats around the south, as well as stiff drinks, home DIY and recipes of his own making.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thekentuckygent

Top Lifestyle Blogger #6

Top Lifestyle Blogger on Instagram - Graceatwood

Grace Atwood belongs to the royalty of the do-it-yourself niche. This fine lady’s blog covers topics ranging from everyday style and travel, right up to your favorite book! Growing up in Cape Cod, Grace is all about cherishing the little joys of life. Her DIY designer series consists of jewelry and crafts, setting her lifestyle blog apart from the others. Other than that, Grace’s classic fashion sense makes her blog an instant favorite! And while you’re browsing her posts, you might want to go so far as to visit her shop too.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/graceatwood/

Top Lifestyle Blogger #7

Top Lifestyle Blogger on Instagram - chrisburkard

@chrisburkard is a strong advocate for nature, and his trips to Iceland made him a lifestyle blogger favorite. He writes thoughtful proses which, along with his beautiful photographs, motivate you to give your own contribution in bettering the environment. Chris has recently premiered his film, Under an Arctic Sky, which reveals his Icelandic journey from the most remote corners of the country. View his breath-taking pictures on his website, in which he surfs the Icelandic waters during the day, and gapes at the rainbow-colored aurora during the night.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chrisburkard

Top Lifestyle Blogger #8

Top Lifestyle Blogger on Instagram - adventurouskate

@adventurouskate’s Kate McCulley was named one of Forbes’ best travel blogs in 2017. And why not! She travels the world alone – exploring solo around 70 countries off the map! Whether you’re an expert backpacker or a novice camper, you might want to visit her blog for some tips about traveling alone. Her blog and Instagram feed are great sources for amazing destinations, eats and products to use during travels.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/adventurouskate/

Top Lifestyle Blogger #9

Top Lifestyle Blogger on Instagram - eyeswoon

@eyeswoon’s Athena Calderon is a curator of home, design and living inspiration, thanks to her background: she’s a chef, tastemaker and an interior designer. Her blog, Eye Swoon, is all about the details, and how they make life beautiful. Visit her blog for redecorating tips plus recipes!

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/eyeswoon

Top Lifestyle Blogger #10

Top Lifestyle Blogger on Instagram - dearcrissy

Crissy of @dearcrissy has successfully garnered millions of ardent viewers, thanks to her delicious dinner ideas that are quick and easy to make. And who doesn’t love food – especially when it’s easy! Her menu suggestions cover mains, breakfasts, soups, and even vegan options! Of course, her blog includes wellness and DIY hacks as well. Follow her for quick food tips, holiday gift picks and parenting guides.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dearcrissy/

Food? Travel? Style?

Home and living? These bloggers come with tricks and tips up their sleeves. And, working with well-known businesses in-line with their personal advocacies, they can point you towards the products you need – or want. Check out their posts or follow them on their Instagram accounts to get quick notifications about their updates! If you loved these bloggers, have a look at our other inspiring Instagram account picks

If you’re feeling pretty ready to become an Instagram star yourself, make sure to refresh your Instagram filter knowledge. And of course, your group selfie and true selfie styles. 

And never forget to have fun 🙂

Theresa from MyPostcard

The first thing we need to consider is that travel photography is just photography. Or rather, travel photography encompasses many genres of photography all in one. Portraits, landscapes, street photography, documentary, food, architecture: all of these are part of what we mean by the term “travel photography”.

It’s also important to remember that, just as travel photography includes elements of all these styles, it doesn’t really have any specific techniques of its own. Again, it’s just photography: composition, exposure and other technical considerations remain exactly the same as with other types of photography.

This guide assumes that if you’ve got to the point of wanting to learn more in-depth techniques about a specific genre of photography – in this case travel photography – it means that you already know how to use your camera. You will not learn about exposure settings and the rule of thirds here. Instead we’ll go deep into the parts of shooting travel photography that are neither strictly photography nor strictly travel. The philosophy and approach of the travel photographer.

Sure, we’ll talk about equipment and techniques; tricks and methods, But before we get that far, we need to go back to the beginning. What are we trying to achieve by shooting travel photography? What’s the point?

Why Travel Photography?

Reasons for Travel Photography

Travel photography communicates those things which make a place truly special. It also surprises, intrigues, excites, and inspires wanderlust. Good travel photography doesn’t just confirm what we already know about a place, rather it challenges our preconceptions, making us question what we think we know.

You saw elephants in Thailand? Gondolas in Venice? Sand at the beach? Astonishing!

The best travel photography goes further than this.

As a travel photographer, your task is to try to identify the character of a place. Every destination has a certain atmosphere that may return to us even many years after we’ve left the place: in the scent of jasmine on the evening breeze; the heat on your skin; the pungent smoke of street-food on the grill; the sound of a child’s laughter, echoing through the cold mountain air from the far side of a valley. Your job is to shoot images that communicate these diverse sensations visually.

But, just as equally, remember that these are the first impressions of an ignorant foreigner (that’s you). You are a toddler crashing around in an adult world which you cannot fully comprehend. Don’t jump too readily to conclusions. Stay open to having your assumptions challenged. Perhaps entirely overturned.

In part, what you see (and photograph) is what you have been raised to see (and photograph).
As much as your photos are “about” your destination, they are also about you, and your place of origin. They show your own cultural values as much the new and exotic things that you see all around you. There’s little you can do about this of course, but it can help to keep it in mind when photographing scenes and situations you know little about.

Remember, too, that every destination is also somebody else’s home, and you are a guest. Likely an uninvited guest (although hopefully not also unwanted). And, as an outsider, the responsibility is on you to do most of the hard work.

Before you go on your Travel Photography Trip
Tip #1 – Study the Terrain

Escape the Terrain when Travel Photography

In order to come back with images of the unexpected, you’ll first need to find out what to expect.
So your first task begins before you’ve even left home: research.

This applies to the culture and customs of your destination as much as it does to the physical terrain. You’ll need to gain a good understanding of how things are done there, and how they differ from back home. What is considered polite and what is rude. What are the dominant spiritual beliefs and traditional social norms. What is sacred and what is taboo.

Although we might associate many of the above words with anthropological descriptions of “exotic” peoples and lands, remember that they just as equally apply to ourselves and our immediate neighbors as they do to those on the other side of the world. Many things that we take as “natural” or “common sense” are really just social convention and habit. So this is also a good time to think about where your own culture sits in the big picture, especially in relation to your destination.

This isn’t merely about avoiding causing offense to others, but also about not becoming offended yourself when in fact no offense was intended. By developing greater awareness of these issues you will likely find yourself more open to fully immersing yourself in the novel sights and experiences which await you at your destination: pretty much essential when it comes to shooting good travel photography.

Cultural sensitivities aside, you will also need to get a good idea of the physical lie-of-the-land long before you arrive at your destination. Perhaps you are not specifically interested in photographing landscapes, but instead more of a street-photographer? Nonetheless you should familiarize yourself with the local geography (both natural and man-made). This will help you to get an idea of the kind of photographs you might be able to shoot there, and any challenges you may face with regards to weather, lighting, and environment.

Travel and photography forums are of course a great place to start your research. Then, once you’ve got more of a feel for where you’d like to go, it’s probably time to turn to Google Street View and geotagged images on Flickr in order to pinpoint more precise locations. Dedicated travel photography community sites and apps such as ReallyGoodPhotoSpots or ShotHotspot may be of some help too.

Tip #2 – Plan

Making Plans when Travel Photography

You know those spectacular Nat Geo-style views of the sun rising over a sea of bubbling clouds filled with archipelagoes of mountain-peaks stretching off into the hazy blue distance? We can assume that they weren’t just chanced upon while the photographer was out grabbing breakfast. You’ll need to do some careful planning and preparation if you want to be in the right place, at the right time, and with the right gear, in order to capture stunning images like these.

Realistically, you are unlikely to encounter the most amazing and unique views right outside the tourist information center in the car park by the freeway exit ramp. Be prepared to do a bit of hiking if you want to capture something truly out of the ordinary. Check travel forums or ask in your hotel to find out how much time is required to reach potentially interesting viewpoints, and plan your arrival there to coincide with the best light.

Tip #3 – Don’t Plan

Dont plan when youre doing Travel Photography

Just as equally though, you should allow plenty of time (and patience) for the unexpected to occur. Plan meticulously, yes, but once you’ve done all you can, then it’s time to just let destiny take over and do its thing. Revel in chance meetings and opportunities. Make an ally of serendipity. Then seize the moment when it arises.

Your Travel Photography Equipment
Tip #4 – Which Camera Should You Use For Travel Photography?

Which Camera you should use in Travel Photography

The short answer to this questions is: “your camera”. Or at least whichever camera you can (legally) get your hands on.

Consider this: does it matter whether an author uses a PC or a Mac to write their novel? What about Word or Pages, which produces better books?

Nobody wins the Nobel Prize in Literature due to their choice of word-processor. So, yes, you’ll probably have heard it before, but the gear really does not make the photographer. It just needs to be good enough to get the job done.

You’ve got money to burn on a second camera? Nice. In that case, you’ll likely want to go for a relatively compact and lightweight model instead of some enormous tank of a DSLR. Otherwise, use the camera you normally use: if it works for you at home, then it’ll work for you elsewhere too.

Of course, if your camera sucks at home then it will also suck on the road, but claiming that you can’t do travel photography because you don’t have a “travel photography camera” is just making excuses: admit it, you don’t actually want to take photos. That may seem a little harsh, but as we said, travel photography is just photography. And in order to do photography, all you need is a camera.

By the way: You have to protect your camera, your lenses and your equipment. Learn more about in my Article about Tips for Camera Protection.

Tip #5 – Which Lenses For Travel Photography?

Which Lenses when youre doing Travel Photography

Lenses, on the other hand, are a somewhat different matter. Yes, of course, you can shoot with any lens that you’d normally be happy using – so you certainly don’t need to go out and spend money on a new set of glass just for the sake of a trip. But this is an area where your choice of equipment can actually make a significant difference.

Not only to how you shoot, but to your back.

At best, anyone embarking on a round-the-world trip carrying a huge backpack filled with bulky zoom lenses will likely end up shooting very little, as all that heavy gear will just be left sitting in the hotel room most of the time. At worst, at the first port of call they’ll be down the local bazaar haggling for a good deal on a carpet in exchange for premium photo-optics. The best equipment for travel photography is small and weighs relatively little.

Not only that, but big telephotos and zooms are also intrusive and will broadcast the message “professional photographer making money” far and wide. Consequently, you shouldn’t be too surprised if in return people expect you to pay them for taking their photos. If you’re really “lucky”, someone may even relieve you of the burden (at knifepoint). In short, when it comes to travel photography, big, expensive-looking lenses are just unnecessary hassle.

Not only that, but successful travel photography is about getting in touch with the local people, being in the heart of the action. It’s not about sniping victims from the hotel window 200 meters away with your mega-tele-ultra-zoom.

These problems are easily resolved by packing only a handful of prime lenses: a 35mm, a 50mm, and one around 100mm is all you need (and perhaps something wider like a 28mm or 24mm if you really must). Small, discrete, lightweight and cheap-looking, you’ll be glad you left the zooms at home (and so will your back).

Other Essential Travel Photography Equipment: Be sure to pack your laptop and external hard disks for back up. Plus don’t forget batteries, extra power, and all your chargers. Also spare flash cards, card-readers and any cables.

Once you’re on your Travel Photography Trip
Tip #6 – Shoot and Don’t shoot

When to shoot and when not to shoot in Travel Photography

If we were to condense this guide down to one single sentence, this is the only rule you really need to know: get out there and shoot.

A lot. Now!

When not to Shoot? Having said that, there’s also a lot to be said for putting your camera down from time to time in order to directly experience what’s around you. To really look. Not through glass or on an LCD. But directly, closely, consciously.

Now start shooting again.

Wanna laugh? Photographers (doesn’t matter which Style of Photography) are sometimes a reaaaally funny and a little bit quirky Species when it’s a matter of making pictures: These funny and bad photographer habits you should avoid while taking a photo:)

Let’s summarise the Travel Photography Guide
What you learned till now…

  • Make a place truly special
  • Communicate diverse sensations visually
  • Research the culture, customs and special terrain
  • Go visit Travel Photography Forums
  • Plan the most important things – but the best things are unexpected!
  • Use your normal camera, no special things needed
  • Keep the technique simple and light weighted
  • Fixed Focal Lengths are better than huuuuge Zoom Objectives

That was an intensive but helpful Beginning, wasn’t it? But every Beginning is sometimes a little bit difficult. All the better that now you have the Basics and the understanding of Travel Photography. Before starting to travel and celebrating the world on Photos you should understand what’s the meaning when making pictures of unknown cultures and foreign landscapes.

In our Travel Photography Guide Part II you’ll learn a lot about the Technique and the Approach in different Photography Sectors and I’ll give you general Travel Photography Tips. After our full Guide you’ll be definitely ready to go to your Photo Trip!

Another by the way: Need Tips for your perfect Travel Postcard? Nooo Problem. Learn more about here.

Stay tuned,
Nadja from MyPostcard.