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Shockingly turquoise waters, panoramic snow-capped mountains and historic Austrian architecture… say hello to Attersee of the Salzkammergut. Located a comfortable hour’s drive from Salzburg airport, this hidden gem offers a surprisingly broad range of activities, from hiking with Alpacas to a salt mist inhalation to a high ropes course paired with an insanely beautiful view.

MyPostcard social team at the top of the Attersee observatory tower
This is us – your friendly social media team – hello! Left to right, we’re Maud, Valeria and Kris. 

Check out our 3-day travel itinerary for your own weekend getaway in Attersee, Austria.

Attersee accommodation – where to stay 

We stayed with Das Hotel Zeit, a newly built hotel located just five mins away from the lake’s edge. This Attersee accommodation offers business class, comfort and family rooms, along with a sauna (yes please!), restaurant and generous morning buffet – so perfect for anyone enjoying a stay here.

P.S. We were lucky enough to be driven by the wonderful team from Steinbichler Reisen, who are available to be booked for multiple journeys. If you’re not a driver yourself, make sure to get in touch!

Your 3-Day Attersee Travel Itinerary for your trip to Austria

A travel itinerary for Attersee in Austria showing what to do

Day 1 in Attersee

Hike up to the Attergauer Observation Tower 

Attergauer tower from the inside

We started our first day in Attersee on a high (quite literally). At the top of the Lichtenberg Mountain, the Attergauer Tower stands tall, towering an impressive 36 meters tall. Tackle its 208 steps, and it’ll bring you up to a whopping 884 meters above sea level and, more importantly, to the panoramic views sweeping across the Salzkammegut region.

From here, you’ll see views like these overlooking the Traunstein mountain, the Höllen mountaie range, Lake Attersee, and the Dachstein.

Two women looking out at the views over Attersee from the Attergauer tower
Views from the Attergauer Tower in Austria

Stop for lunch at Kiener

This stylish restaurant is a family business dating back to 1893 and the love that has been invested comes across in its comfortable, friendly vibe. For our part, we’re not certain if Kiener is famous for its freshly homemade lemonade- but it certainly should be (check out the pictures below). And this thirst quenching drinks goes pretty well with an international poke bowl, or a classic Wiener Schnitzel. 

Go for a walk with alpacas

(Full disclosure: We missed this one due to poor weather, but we’re determined not to let you, dear reader, suffer the same fate!) The alpaca hike lasts around three hours and sees you accompanied by three fluffy friends. While not wheelchair accessible, it is suitable for all levels, old and young.

Here are a couple of Alpaca photos the Attersee Alpaka team were kind enough to send us.

Two alpacas on a hike with a woman and child.
An alpaca on a lead close up

Dinner time! 

If you, like us, choose to make the most of your trip by booking a criminally early flight, then dinner at your hotel is the perfect option to accommodate your much-needed beauty sleep. Das Zeit hotel has a tasty à la carte menu ranging from the Austrian classic, Wiener Schnitzel, to seasonal dishes like white Asparagus risotto. 

risotto for dinner at Hotel Das Zeit in Austria
Mouth watering yet?

Day 2 in Attersee

Start your day with Yoga

We headed to the wonderful Gabriele’s yoga studio in the morning of our second day in Attersee. If you went on a hike, the day before, then this is the perfect remedy, trust us. The Yoga class is available for more spontaneous bookings and is pitched for both beginners and intermediates, so you can join for a single class. The vibe is relaxed and welcoming, and takes place in a peaceful room with calming music and candles.

A woman practicing yoga

P.S. Gabriele also runs a yoga session on board a boat – we’re definitely considering a trip back just for this.


Head to the Kristalsalzwelt

Savoring our relaxing morning just a little longer, next on our Attersee travel itinerary was the Kristallsalzwelt (Kristal Salt World) – which, by the way, was a big Attersee travel highlight for all three of us! 

We opted for a salt inhalation session in the SalzOase (Salt Oasis) built with 15 (!) tons of pink, white and orange natural salt mined from the nearby salt-sated mountains. And when I say built with, I mean in its entirety. From the floor bricks, to the walls, to the very bed you lie on, the room is another level of beautiful and totally unique. The experience looks a little like this:

Settle down into one of the padded lounge beds, close your eyes and let your muscles relax. A fresh natural salt mist begins to waft around the room and gently finds its way into your lungs, clearing your airways and improving your wellbeing. The healthy process can release the toughest coughs and is scientifically proven to improve wellbeing. Meanwhile, eerily beautiful music and a calming light show leave your  mind and body feeling refreshed.

All in all, we left feeling lighter, despite the heavy salt souvenirs we all bought! 

The lobby of the Kristalsalzwelt in Austria, an amazing attraction from our Attersee travel itinerary

Enjoy lunch with a famous view at Das Klimt

For culture buffs, you’ll have to take a trip to witness the perspective that inspired Gustav Klimt’s painting, ‘Am Attersee’. The view looks out on sailing boats tied to the docks, tulips (in the Spring time) and of course the lake stretching out behind. Klimt’s perspective is of an impressive line of trees reaching out towards a magnificent house on the lake’s edge in the distance. While you’re basking in this view, treat yourself to one of Das Klimt’s delicious wok bowls and an ice tea. 

Dinner at Das Klimt restaurant in Attersee - four Wok bowls
A person walking towards the tulips and behind that boats on the water of Lake Attersee

Discover under the Attersee

From mid-May and over the summer, there’s lots to see in the underwater world, too. We visited the Under Pressure Dive Center for an introduction course to snorkeling. The instructors were friendly, informative and, importantly, tuned into our general sense of personal safety. Once inducted with the basics, you load on your equipment, and start getting a little deeper into the waters, step for step. It was a lot of fun!

So if you’ve been looking at the sparkling turquoise waters of Attersee and feeling the need to explore, definitely check this place out!

Snorkeling at the UnderPressure Dive Center in Attersee

Caption: All the gear and no idea.

Delight in dinner at Hotel Häupl

Just… delicious. Everything about the Hotel Häupl is delightful. From the walk through the historic hallway to the elegant dining room, to the fantastic views of the lake below – even, dare I say it, the restrooms.

And I haven’t even mentioned the food! I think it’s best you convince yourself:

Rest assured, it tastes even better than it looks. 

Day 3 in Attersee

Get active on a high ropes course

Next up on our Attersee travel itinerary is a high ropes course with sweeping views down to the rolling mountains in the distance. Which, as you can imagine, you can see even better from the top of the course. The course features exciting missions, a flying fox and a giant swing. For travelers with energy to burn, this is an unmissable attraction.

A man on the high ropes swing of the high ropes course in Attersee

Grab lunch at the Brandlkramery 

The Bandlkramery is steeped in history, dating all the way back to the 16th century. Over the years, it’s been home to a grocery store, carpenter, locksmith and hairdresser. Most recently, it is of course a restaurant – now famous for its gastronomy. Amongst us, we enjoyed a delightful quiché, seasonal asparagus risotto and a tasty tuna fish rice bowl (plus a cheeky apple strudel – we were in Austria after all!). 

Walk along the Attersee promenade.

We concluded our trip with a slow walk along the promenade. This turned out to be both scenic and informative, with little booths of information talking about the incredible pile dwellings hidden just below the surface of the lake at about ten meters (another reason to take a snorkeling course – to see the amazing remains).

A woman sitting on the edge of the Attersee lake promenade before blue waters and the mountains

Enjoy a parting coffee and cake

Ahh, ‘Kaffee und Kuchen’ the Austrian tradition that matters most. Before you head back to the airport or drive off into the sunset, make sure you’ve indulged in this tradition! Once you’ve had a sunny walk along the lake’s promenade, head to Das Attersee, a café perched right next to your lakeside walk. We tried the Austrian ‘Erdbeerknödel’, a kind of stewed sweet dumpling with a hidden strawberry at its center – definitely recommended! 

Coffee and cake experience trying local delicacies at Das Attersee

Last words

We’d like to thank the Attersee-Attergau for sponsoring this trip and showing us all the amazing places and things to do in Attersee. Attersee is certainly one of Austria’s top hidden travel gems, and we hope you visit for your next weekend getaway in Austria!

If you want to download this travel itinerary, click here. Make sure to share your Attersee moments with your friends with the hashtag #attermoments and #MyPostcardMoment – they might just get shared!

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So, you’ve decided to do solo travel and move abroad for continuing your studies, taking that position in your dream job, discovering a new culture or simply for the weather. From the moment you’ll take this decision until the day you’re stepping onto the plane, chances are you’re going to experience a bunch of different feelings.

Excitement gives way to stress then again happiness switching to regret for leaving your beloved ones behind and finally fear for the unknown. Don’t panic! It doesn’t mean you haven’t made the right choice it’s just how it goes.  All you need is to follow some tips about solo travel that never failed those making this step. 

Travel like a boss(ette): You want to have that unforgettable solo travel experience, too?! But maybe you have a lot of concerns about this plan, maybe friends and family are afraid as well. No worries, you should read our article about the best & safest world destinations for women travelling alone. Just to make sure…!

Preparation: Proper online research

Nowadays, there are dozens of articles online about every single country, city, neighborhood and solo travel anyway. Make sure to make proper online research to get a taste of the city’s atmosphere as well as find out what each area has to offer. In that way, you’ll start looking forward to discovering all these new places and before you know it you’ll have made a list of the things and places to see first.   

Connect with people: Use your social media

Connect via Social Media while solo travel

Facebook is a great tool for connecting with people you’ve never met before, especially for those moving abroad solo. You’ll find dozens of groups for expats, solo travelers and foreigners providing plenty of information useful to newcomers. And the best part is that these people have gone are about to go through the same experience.

Don’t hesitate to write a post about when you’re arriving in the country, asking for some tips or express a concern you might have. You’ll get many replies and potentially some new friends. 

Also connect with your future colleagues 

If you’re moving abroad for a new job, things will be much easier. The company or the institute you’ll start working will most likely provide all the necessary information and there will be a person to answer your questions.

However, you can do more than that. Connect with your future colleagues via Linkedin or Facebook and ask them about their experience in the country as well as propose to meet in person for a cup a coffee or a tour in the city. 

Do you have questions like that: “But, won’t I be lonely all by myself? How weird will I look sitting alone in a restaurant? What about security? Will I be safe?” Fine, solo travel doesn’t have to be that lonely after all!

Book the right plane tickets

You don’t want to arrive in the new country one day before heading to your new job or university. Make sure to book tickets for at least one week before your starting date. This will give you the opportunity to explore the new city and be familiarised with your new house and neighborhood.  Plus, you’ll have enough time to learn which means of public transportation you’ll have to use to move from and to your home as well as around the city. This makes your solo travel experience much easier.

Feel like home: Print photos of your beloved ones back home

Happy memories of your family and friends while solo travel

We don’t want to get sentimental but trust us, a time will come when you’ll feel the need to decorate your room with photos of your beloved ones back home or simply take a look at them. You probably already have hundreds of photos in your laptop but nothing compares to the real thing. Print some of your favorite moments and place them in your room where you can see them whenever you feel lonely on you solo travel adventure. 

Communication: Learn the language while solo travel

If you don’t speak the local language, one of the first things to do after you settle in is to enroll in a language program. Being able to communicate with locals not only will improve your social life but will also help you with everyday chores.

Don’t hesitate to start using phrases or even just words already from the early stage of your language learning journey even if you haven’t mastered the accent yet. It won’t take long until you’ll be rewarded for your try. 

Keep in touch with Skype..

Downloading Skype is a no-brainer and you probably already have it installed but we couldn’t avoid including it in our list as it is super important. Keeping in touch with your family and friends in your birthplace is what will help you cope with those moments when you feel alone or worried about what’s going on back home.  

These are cool apps to stay in contact with friends and family at home. But moreover, don’t forget to send postcards of the best moments of your adventure. We from MyPostcard help you to send your own pictures as real postcards.. worldwide!

…And an International calling card

Phonecalls or skype calls are important while solo traveling

Ok, Skype, Viber, WhatsApp and all of these online communication platforms come in handy and you should definitely use them but there will be some moments when you’ll just need to make a good old traditional phone call. There are plenty of telecommunication companies offering prepaid sims, card for international calls or cheap call rates to hundreds of countries around the world. Choose the one that fits your needs best and call your friends for a chit chat as if you still were two blocks away.  

Make the best out of your solo travel time

The sooner you realize that this will be your daily life for weeks, months and years ahead, the sooner you’ll start soaking up the experience. Spend each day as if it’s the last one in this city, be open to new people and don’t be afraid to make new friends. You may never live abroad again in your life and you don’t want to regret for the things you didn’t do. 

Don’t lose touch with your friends back home

Eventually, you’ll make new friends and you’ll start enjoying your time in your new home. When that moment comes, it’s very important to not forget making your communication as frequent as before. Whether it’s via email, phone calls, Skype calls, you name it, don’t stop sharing your news and ask your people back home about theirs. That last thing you want is to feel like a stranger when you return back to your motherland. 

Be prepared: the time after the solo travel adventure

After a period of time in the new city, you’ll feel like you have two home countries and when the time comes to move back to your birthplace, chances are you’ll feel like you’re once more moving abroad. Getting used to the old habits might take a while and this time you’ll be missing the friends you made while living abroad. Well, that’s part of the experience as well and you can’t avoid it. All you can do is arrange frequent trips and once again, don’t lose touch. 

When you live abroad things will change anyway

Of course, after such an intensive experience of solo travel and/ or moving abroad you won’t be the same person. A lot of things will change but you’ll definitely develop yourself!

I hope these tips helped you in case you are thinking about moving abroad. Or maybe these words inspired you to think about the option of solo travel…