Have you decided to leave everything behind for a while and go on a last minute citytrip but you don’t know how to organize it without missing a thing? Worry not, because this article has all the tips you’ll need to plan your getaway.

Last minute citytrip tip #1
Choose your destination

Last minute citytrip - The perfect destination

Before choosing the right destination you have to think about how you’d like to spend your time on your city trip. Attending cultural events and visiting museums? Tasting all the local delicacies in high-end restaurants and street-food markets or just taking lazy walks by day and hitting the dancefloor by night? Most cities have a little bit of everything but each one has its strong point. So the question is what it is you’re looking for.

Last minute citytrip - Solo female travel


You are planning a solo girls trip? But honestly, you’re not sure where to start with planning? I can recommend you to start by thinking about a destination which has a special meaning for you. Follow your heart and listen to yourself – what was your dream for a long time?

Last minute citytrip tip #2
Book your flight

Last minute citytrip - book a flight

Once you’ve picked your destination, booking a flight is your next step. As last-minute tickets are usually quite expensive, you’ll have to look harder in order to find the cheapest way to get to your destination. As the name implies, Lastminutetravel is a site that helps travelers find the cheapest flights and accommodation -yes you guessed it right- for last-minute trips. If you can’t find what you’re looking for at Lastminutetravel.com, Skyscanner and Momondo will -as always- do the trick.

Last minute citytrip tip #3
Book accommodation

Last minute citytrip - The perfect accommodation

Spending your vacation in an accommodation you like is one of the most important aspects for an enjoyable trip. However, finding a room in a centrally located hotel may be a challenge. Chances are you either won’t find any or the ones you’ll find will be super expensive. So it’s time to start looking for some alternatives such as booking an Airbnb property or arranging a house swap. Homestay and Love Home Swap are some of the most popular sites for house exchange but keep in mind that you’ll have to do some in-depth research before finding a proper match.

Last minute citytrip tip #4
Book a tour guide

Last minute citytrip - Tour guide

If you’re arranging a last-minute city trip you’ll probably won’t have the time to do some proper online research in order to discover the most authentic experiences and less touristy places. So it might be a good idea to book a tour. Whether it will be a cultural tour, a gastronomy tour or a pub crawl it’s up to you, but in any case you’ll probably discover more than if traveling on your own. Each city has many professional tour guides and locals who are willing to take you to the most hidden corners. Tours by Locals and showaround are very helpful platforms for arranging such walks around the city.

Last minute citytrip - What to tip worldwide



It doesn’t matter what’s your next vacation – it’s always helpful to know when and what to tip in every country. Let’s have a look in our useful list about what to tip across the world

Last minute citytrip tip #5
Download helpful apps

Last minute citytrip - Download helpful apps

If joining a tour just feels too touristy for you and you prefer to plan your own route, make sure to download several useful apps before leaving home. Nowadays, there is an app for every need so that you will never find yourself unprepared. Citymapper or MAPS.ME are certainly among the most useful as they offer access to cities’ maps, Lonely Planet is one of the top travel sites for recommendations, Time Out offers top-notch recommendations for restaurants, bars, and cultural experiences, and the list could go on and on. So, find the app that suits your needs and the city you’re visiting best.

Last minute citytrip - Best apps for your vacation


Do you want to know which are the best vacation apps? Check them out, here is our list about the 10 most helpful holiday apps. And, of course, MyPostcard is one of them 😉 Send real postcards with your own vacation photos and your own text. Easy and super fast! 

Last minute citytrip tip #6
Check out events and concerts

Last minute citytrip - Search Events and concerts

No wonder small city excursions is a favorite kind of trip for culture buffs, history lovers and music enthusiasts. From temporary exhibitions in museums and art galleries to film festivals and music concerts, special events are always on the agenda of metropolises and smaller cities. Make sure to check out what’s going on during the days you’re planning to take your city trip and dive into the city’s cultural scene.

Last minute citytrip tip #7
Make a plan

Last minute citytrip - Make a list

If you don’t want to miss out on something while visiting a city make sure to make a plan beforehand. No matter how nice it may feel to just land in a new place you know little about, it can cost missing some really unique experiences and attractions. Visit A City is a website and app that lists some of the most significant landmarks in cities all over the world and suggests trip itineraries based on the time you’re planning to spend there. If none of them suit your taste make your own itinerary from scratch.

Last minute citytrip tip #8
Think who are you traveling with

Last minute citytrip - Choose the right Travel mate

Before planning your itinerary think who your travel companion will be. Especially if you’re traveling with kids you need to take into consideration that little ones wouldn’t really appreciate spending a lot of time in a modern-art museum or an experimental theatrical play. The same logic, of course, goes for the older ones, so make sure to talk with your travel buddies before making any detailed plans.

Last minute citytrip - Travel companion



You need a PERFECT MATCH! What to consider when choosing the perfect travel companion you can read here!

Last minute citytrip tip #9

Last minute citytrip - pack a suitcase

Packing the perfect suitcase for your last-minute city trip needs just as much planning as the rest of the trip. Make sure to pack both comfortable and stylish clothes because a city in the day feels totally different than in the night. You don’t want to forget your comfy sneakers if you want to enjoy endless walks around the attractions and neighborhoods, nor your high-heels if you want to experience the city’s nightlife. Travel size beauty products and cosmetics are certainly a must-have if you want to keep and look fresh the whole day.

Last minute citytrip tip #10

Last minute citytrip - Shopping

You might not have shopping in mind while planning your trip, yet not many people return from a city trip without an extra piece of clothing in their suitcase. Cities brim with high- end boutiques, second-hand stores, and flea markets, so even if you want to resist the temptation of adding another t-shirt or fluffy sweater to your collection no one can guarantee you will actually manage. Therefore, make sure to leave a bit of space in your luggage and add a few extra bucks to your budget.


These days you don’t need a travel agency anymore to book your dream holidays … not even a laptop! Everything you need is your smartphone and the right Travel App to plan and book your trip, to find the perfect accommodation and to orientate in the new environment.

Today I’m telling you which travel apps are a Must-Have on your smartphone: one to help you with the flight & the hostel, one to give you the right words when you need them and even more. It’s not necessary to stare on your phone display all the time but these little helpers will make your stay a lot easier – so you can sit back and enjoy your time to the fullest.

Flight booking and finding the perfect seat

The basics to your stay are flights and accommodation. You know the situation when you spend hours and hours to find a cheap flight and trawl the whole internet? Moreover there are tons of travel apps which promise you to find the cheapest price for a flight ticket.

Travel App #1

Travel App Ranking - Skyscanner
Source: Logo www.skyscanner.com

The Travel App Skyscanner collects and summarises worldwide flight offers for you. The navigation is pretty easy, the handling is clear and that’s how you can find a good offer really fast.

You can choose by flying directly or with stopovers. Moreover Skyscanner shows you surrounding airports. Sometimes it’s helpful to check them out to save some money. Another gadget: if you’re flexible with your travel dates, Skyscanner can show you the cheapest flight in your chosen time period – pretty cool!

And for the reaaaally flexible Travelers: Type in your start airport and Skyscanner searches for the cheapest flights and destinations. A world map shows where your budget can bring you – get inspired and travel to interesting places you never thought of!

Travel App #2

Travel App Ranking - Kayak
Source: Logo www.kayak.de

Kayak has almost the same offer than Skyscanner. If you have a favorite airline check out their offerings. Sometimes it’s the cheapest way to find it there.

Travel App #3

Travel App Ranking - Seatguru
Source: Logo www.seatguru.com

With Seatguru you have the ability to see which are the best seats on your future flight. This helpful app points out the seat plan and marks them in green, yellow and red. Avoid red seats because these are the ones that could be the uncomfortable ones. Yellow places are close to the toilet or the airplane kitchen so it could be noisy or smelly. The green seats are the good ones! Here you can relax and get enough legroom.

Your accommodation – Hostel, Hotel or private accommodation?

What else makes a trip perfect? For many it’s the right accommodation. First of all you have to think about your travel budget to make clear if you have to look for a hostel, a hotel, a holiday apartment or private accommodation.

Travel App #4

Travel App Ranking - Booking.com
Source: Logo www.booking.com

Booking.com has a huge offer on places to stay. You’ll find your perfect place in over 30 million entries on 142.000 destinations, that’s for sure.

And thanks to the filter option it’s even easier! With only a few clicks you can choose the price range, the city district, the accommodation features, and then you can even read the reviews.

Travel App #5

Travel App Ranking - Hostelworld
Source: Logo www.hostelworld.com

If you are open to a hostel experience, then Hostelworld.com is a good choice for your smartphone. It offers similar filters and tools like Booking.com. In just two minutes and without registration you are able to book a place to stay. So if you are more the last-minute kind of person and need a place to stay, Hostelworld.com will definitely save your ass.

Travel App #6

You are in search of a holiday home or a whole house you can stay in while traveling? Let’s have a look at Airbnb! It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a little room, a stylish apartment, you might even be able to find a villa or a castle (please imagine living in a castle, how amazing!!).Type in the destination, the travel time and your budget and you get access to all available offers. Especially for bigger groups sharing an Airbnb apartment is an affordable alternative.

Our hint: Click through the internet to find discount codes and vouchers.

Travel App #7

Travel App Ranking - Couchsurfing
Source: Logo www.couchsurfing.com

Maybe you are open-minded enough to connect directly with the local people and sleep at their home. With the Couchsurfing app, you can easily save money and get to know new people.

Couchsurfing is a network of hospitality. But it’s necessary to carefully read the reviews so you can have an insight of what’s expecting you.

Travel App tips - Secret tip from Blogger Cheryl Howard

This is the favorite App of Cheryl from Cherylhoward.com: My very favourite travel app is an oldie but a goodie. I still love to use FourSquare whenever I travel to find popular restaurants, cafés, and bars. As I love to wander without a map to less touristy areas of a city, this often helps me find local establishments in my direct vicinity that are not mentioned in guidebooks.

The language and interpreters

Everything is booked: you got the flights and the accomodation, so the basic needs are covered. Now you can decide how you prepare for your big trip. Do you prepare yourself for different situations or do you act spontaneously?

It doesn’t matter which type you are but it’s always nice to have a few words and sayings in mind while traveling. The easiest way to get to know a foreign language is learning it with a language app. It’s lighter than a dictionary and easy to use, furthermore it has nice gadgets for example learning it by playing games and solute tasks.

Travel App #8

Travel App Ranking - Babbel
Source: Logo www.babbel.com

A good app for learning a language is Babbel. The range of languages is huge, from English to Italian, from Indonesian to Russian – feel free to learn your favorite language! With the Babbel app you learn to speak, write and understand.

I love learning languages so I use it even if I’m not on travels. It’s a nice way to get the holiday feeling while sitting at home or in the train on the way to work. And even you don’t know yet, it might prepare you for your next big trip…

Travel App #9

Travel App Ranking - Duolingo
Source: Logo www.duolingo.com

Not only Babbel is a nice way to get to know a language and it’s spirit. Duolingo works for that as well! The little owl Duo navigates you through different units and you earn points. So you’re getting better and better to aim your goal – learning a new language!

Your lessons with Duolingo are full of vocabulary tasks, using new words in whole sentences and talking to the app. This is a playful way to tackle levels and topics.

Travel App #10
Google Translate

Some of you might grin quietly now, but I have to say that even a basic app for translation is helpful. Google Translate offers you everything you need in situations of traveling. It can process written, spoken and handwritten texts and texts on photos in over 80 languages. Moreover, it’s free!

The Google Translate app is available offline which makes it super suitable to use abroad. But be careful: asking for long and complex sentences can often have confusing outcomes.. and funny ones! 🙂

Pack your things

Let’s be honest… you are one of these guys who pack their bags always in the last moment too? No offense, me too 🙂 But this is not a problem any longer, with the following apps.

Travel App #11

With Packpoint all your problems are solved. This app tells you everything you need for your trip – depending on the travel duration, weather and all the activities you’ve already planned. And suddenly it’s not a problem any more to be the Last-Minute-Packer.

Adam von Travelsofadam.com

This is the favorite App of Adam from travelsofadam.com: Google Maps is probably my favorite app for traveling. Before a trip, I always star/favorite the places I want to go: restaurants, bars, cafes, shops, etc. Then when I’m traveling, I don’t necessarily plan every detail of every day; I prefer to wander and get lost in a new city or place. But with my Google Maps, once I’ve wandered around enough, I’ll open it up and see what’s nearby. It’s a great way to mix my passion for wandering a place randomly, and also for seeing all the things on my checklist!

Orientation and planning

Travel App #12

Imagine: while you’re traveling you’d like to go to the cinema but .. what a pity .. you have no clue where to go. Not.a.problem.at.all! Please download the App AroundMe.

This little awesome App shows you where the next bank is, awesome bars, the next petrol station, hospitals, hotels, cinemas, restaurants, shopping malls etc., all of that on the basis of your position. Choose a special category and AroundMe shows you a complete list of these places, the distance and how to get there.

Travel App #13

Travel App Ranking - Tripadvisor
Source: Logo www.tripadvisor.de

Other apps for tips on activities are Tripadvisor – especially good for Sightseeing and shopping – and Yelp. Yelp works best for restaurants and bars. With the customer reviews and the pictures you can be pretty sure to make the right choice.

Travel App #14

Travel App Ranking - Tripadvisor
Source: Logo www.getyourguide.de

With GetYourGuide you can find guided tours on the destination and maybe even book it before going on holidays. According to GetYourGuide, the app is responsible for your personal experiences and adventures. Pick your favorite activity and simply book it. Lean back and GetYourGuide will inform you about all details you need.

And don’t forget to send real postcards with your own photos

Travel App Ranking - MyPostcard

Of course you have to send holiday greetings to your friends and family … really … I swear! After all, some people are at home and dying to hear what you’re up to. Mummy, Daddy, siblings and friends will be happy not just to know what’s going on during your trip but moreover to get some nice pictures – as a real postcard.

So go ahead and download the MyPostcard App now, upload your favorite vacation pictures and we are doing the rest. Pssst… imagine the happy, but jealous faces 😉