About MyPostcard

Put simply, MyPostcard is the app that lets you send postcards to friends worldwide, personalized with your own photos.

Rather like our product selection though, there’s a little more to us than what it says on the tin…

MyPostcard founder and CEO, Oliver Kray

Founded by CEO Oliver Kray in 2014, MyPostcard started with the mission of making personal post not just easy, available and affordable, but normal again! (Like, when did a post on your Facebook wall replace a Happy Birthday card?) And with more than 50,000 templates ready to personalize and 3 million downloads – and counting – you could very well say, mission complete!

Except since then, MyPostcard has become so much more than a (admittedly cool) postcard with nice photos. We’re a platform for independent artists to share and sell their work, a medium for demanding change and a brand that does more than just care about making the world a better place.

Who’s writing here?

We’re the lucky content team behind MyPostcard who gets to write all about the topics we actually love – travel, lifestyle, inspiring content creators and did we mention traveling?

Yep, while we do consider sending a postcard home the staple of any good vacation, we know there’s more to life than that – such as living the memories that’ll actually decorate your postcard for example! That’s why we also have a focus on positivity, inspiration and creation.

This is us… hello!


English turned German wannabe – because who wouldn’t fall in love with a country which has words like ‘Kummerspeck’ hidden around every corner…

I love traveling and finding out the quirks of each country – and what better way to remember them then on a postcard?


My motto: A postcard works every time! I like postcards from friends that make me smirk the most. And let’s be honest, who is not happy to find a postcard in his mailbox? What are you waiting for?

Questions, comments, book ideas?

We love hearing from you! Get in touch using the form below or contact us at blog@mypostcard.com