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The only question I have about this podcast is why instead of winning it only made it as far as the finalist round of the People’s Choice Podcast Awards during the past two years.

And although this probably isn’t a question I feel I absolutely must ask Jackie (AKA, the Budget Minded Traveler herself), it is really quite nice knowing that I could if the mood hit me. Because, as if her regular episodes are not informative enough (they are), she also hosts ‘Ask Jackie’ sessions, where anyone can simply write in and, well, ‘ask Jackie’ anything.

This interactive take on blogging and podcasting is probably what inspired her Facebook community group, where her more active followers – some 5000 – share their own expertise, stories and encouragement – although if you’ve got a direct follow-up question on her blog, you’ll almost certainly get a reply if you comment.

So maybe you’d be able to hazard a guess that the topic of safety comes up pretty often? Good, because Jackie has some inspiring views on it, declaring “you’re just as likely to have something happen to you in your own backyard, as you are traveling”. I guess this could depend on the backyard in question, so I’ll reserve judgment on that one – mostly because the sentiment itself is perfect:

Taking precautions is sensible – but holding yourself back out of fear is not.  

As someone who has undertaken more than the typical share of solo traveling, it’s safe to assume that Jackie knows what she’s talking about here. She even has a blog post on how to tell your parents that you’re off traveling – deep breath 😱– all alone!

The Budget Minded Traveler - solo travel

By the way: If you want to know why you should be traveling solo as a woman or how to get started on your trip, you need to read these 5 powerful tips on how to become a badass solo female traveler. There might even be some facts there that’ll surprise you (and your parents). 


Once you’re underway, you’ll find plenty of tips as you might expect all about how to save money while traveling abroad. And not exclusively from Jackie either – listen to a Travel Game Show episode to hear cool travel bloggers and podcasters alike feature as her guests. A pretty decent way to discover some awesome new bloggers too.

If you’d like to back up your newly found knowledge with articles, then you’re in luck. Have a look at the show notes under each episode for relevant links, info, and pictures, or have a search for the topic in the Budget Minded Traveler blog – Jackie often writes up a handy blog post to go nicely with the respective episode.

The Budget Minded Traveler podcast is an amazing resource for anyone thinking of traveling solo – but actually even for those just looking to save money while abroad. Tackling subjects varying from insurance to hitchhiking, you can listen to Jackie’s experience and advice, and even where a topic is lacking, you can write her a question. Definitely, definitely worth a thorough listen.


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“We only get 18 years with you and we want to make those count.” Well, after all, everyone says it: Don’t they grow up fast!

And Erik of the Family Adventure Podcast along with his wife Rachel are determined to make it count – and to make it – that is, travel – happen. Even with their family. Or more accurately, because of their family. Following their epic three-year sailing adventure with their 5 turned 6 small kids, they began this podcast to share not just their story, but every traveling family’s. And all with a view to inspiring even more families to travel. Either that or some elaborate market creation technique 😉

The Hemingways started out as a completely normal, if rather larger than average family. They may even claim they still are. What changed it all was ‘hope’, a book and a letter. Yeah, yeah, what’s that supposed to mean? Well, we’re not gonna be the ones to spoil it for you… Take a listen to this episode to hear all about how the Hemingways lept into full-time family travel. (If the adorable mini intro by little Miles doesn’t get you hooked, we don’t know what will.)

But… Why did they do it though? What about the kids? Is it safe? What would we do about school and money? What abou— yep. There are tons of questions to consider… But luckily, there’s also tons of answers. 

Because what makes this podcast really … well – special is that it shows just how many families choose or have chosen family traveling as a way of life and can do nothing but recommend it. Which is not to say they pretend there were no difficult parts. What they do say though, is that the scariest part of the whole experience is simply making the final binding decision to just do it

The Family Adventure Podcast proves that we really can do both, and its guests are the living examples of how to – and never at the expense of their kids. Rather the other way round, with travel giving the children a chance to discover everything first hand on the road, and find out what they love, are interested in and are good at.  

Whether you’re secretly considering a month-long getaway or just a week away, you can find out what reactions to anticipate, how to cope once underway and even what sort of traveling could be best for your family. The Hemingway family, for example, decided on a sailing boat after deciding on traveling together, despite having no previous knowledge. They come from Arizona after all (no oceans there for those not in the know). 

Erik speaks in a friendly, sometimes amusingly self-depreciating tone, and asks questions which get straight to the bottom of the guests’ amazing family travels. Listening to the Family Adventure Podcast is not just informative and addictive, but also addictive.

So make sure to give it a listen before you head to the airport with your little ones!

The Travel Tales Podcast - Camera IconP.S. If you need some more inspiration, discover the Travel Tales Podcast by podcaster/comedian, Mike Siegel who talks all topics travel.