Today we’re going to show you our beautiful homeland and convince you about just why it’s totally worth it to plan a trip to Germany with the whole family. In the following we will show you exciting places to travel with kids!

Germany as a travel destinations is really, really child-friendly! You’ll find impressive historical buildings, colourful nature and castles which will remind you of a fairy tale… What’s more, the whole family can visit awesome theme parks and cultural highlights like interactive museums, which are made for every age, let’s be honest!

Germany is colourful and wide-ranging so go ahead and find the most beautiful spots in Germany!

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The diversity of our regions – Places to travel with kids in Germany

Places to travel with kids - different destinations and landscapes in Germany
Historical cities, the sea side and mountains, covered with snow – Germany has so many different destinations to offer. Let’s have a look what to discover!

In the north, you’ll find sand beaches and beautiful Hanseatic cities, which are famous for their dreaminess. Historical cities and a bunch of museums are waiting in the west of the country. In central Germany you can discover beautiful nature. In the south meanwhile, the Alps are calling you to invite you on an active holiday.

We want to show you some of the most interesting places to travel with kids in Germany for every budget.

Activities for big and small

Places to travel with kids - Sport activities for every age
Especially winter sport activities are a thing like snowboarding or skiing. In summer the kids can try to surf or roller-skate.

Summer or winter, you and the family can get active the whole year round with a whole range of sport activities.

Water sports activities are up for grabs not just on the North or Baltic Sea coasts, but also at the countless seas and rivers on land. But it goes without saying that sailing and surfing on the open sea is something extra special. The seaside offers a sports activity of a completely different kind – walks along the mudflats (nicer than it sounds, really!), promises to change the game. This walk along the seabed floor is a super interesting activity – but take care. A walk along the mudflats should be undertaken under the guidance of trained personnel.

If your kids are already standing firmly on their own feet, it’s probably time to take a look through the huge choice of striking ski resorts. Of course, there’s also plenty of options for kids of all ages. And it doesn’t have to be just skiing! There’s also snowboarding, cross-country skiing and skating – for a gorgeously snowy vacation with the whole family.

What is a vacation trip without some really nice photos of the kiddies? To have all the skills needed check out this photography article about the perfect snapshot of your youngster and how to capture the child’s personality.

Places to travel with kids: Theme parks and fun

Places to travel with kids - Theme parks
Theme parks are fun for every age.

The biggest theme park and one of the TOP places to travel with kids in Germany is the Europa-Park Rust in Baden-Württemberg and by virtue of this, it most definitely deserves a place of the list of the most child-friendly holiday destinations. On a stretch of almost 1 million square meters, funfair rides and shows lie next to multiple hotels, camping spots and a cinema. The motto is basically holiday with the family.

Another of our much-loved child-friendly places to travel with kids includes: the Fantasy Island theme park in Bruehl just outside of Cologne. On a albeit relatively small space, there is still a ton of entertainment being offered. This is because many of the attractions are intertwined with each other, while all the attractions are regularly taken down to make space for new ones. Originally opened as a fairy tale park, its success soon made sure of a widening range of offers – to the point that mum and dad are also sorted out. A holiday for all of the family!Some other theme parks include Legoland Germany in the Bavarian city of Günzburg, which shapes itself thematically around beloved Lego characters and pieces. In the so-called Miniland, hundreds of miniature landscapes inspired by the whole region have been created. Also unmissable is the child-friendly holiday destination, the Heide Park Soltau in Lower Saxony with its roller-coasters, water attractions and shows.

City breaks with children

Places to travel with kids - City trips like Hamburg are versatile
A walk through a versatile city, for example Hamburg, can be really exciting for big and small.

Lots of cities are all about bringing history closer to its inheritors. Here’s just a small selection of them:

  • Just find out what are the 8 Berlin top secret tips.
  • Hamburg offers a rich history as an ex-Hansa city. Harbour tours have also proved very popular! For a holiday with the whole family, a trip to see one of the many musicals here goes down very well. Which is probably why the much-loved (by adults and kids alike) musical the Lion King – or “Der König der Löwen“ – is shown all year-round in its own permanent theatre.
  • Erfurt is an example of one of the biggest and best-preserved old cities of Germany. The whole family can immerse themselves in the town’s history and get an impression of its traditional architecture.
  • You can have a great experience in Aachen. Along with the home of Karl the Great, this town lying in the furthest western corner of Germany offers historical buildings bang in the centre. As well as this, it makes for a great base for making day trips into Holland and Belgium with the whole family.
  • From the countless attractions in Munich, the Deutsche Museum stands out in that it exhibits science and technology to kids of all ages up close and in a thoroughly interactive way. You can step the holiday up a bit by enjoying a hearty drink in a beer garden.
  • It’s definitely worth wandering through Bremen to visit the Weser Renaissance and Schnoor-Quarter with its quirky alleyways. Bremen, like Hamburg, was one of the Hansa cities. If you’re in Bremen, you absolutely must visit the Town Musicians of Bremen – but more on that later!
  • Dresden also holds the name of Elbflorenz because its beauty if reminiscent of the Tuscan capital. The picture-perfect image of the city has only been made more beautiful since the fall of the Berlin wall – and that’s on top of the Frauenkirche, Zwinger and Semperoper. Thanks to its art and culture treasures this is a very popular destination for the whole family.
  • Thanks to its desirable geographical location, Freiburg enjoys a ton of sun and an almost Mediterranean climate – and a pretty great child-friendly holiday as a result! The landscape is full of opportunities for day trips and the cycle path is a great reason for families to travel through the Breisgau region.
  • Everyone’s heard of the Christkindlmarkt market in Nuremburg in the days leading up to Christmas. But this city’s worth a visit at any time of the year with its romantic side-streets and its traditional Nuremburger rostbratwurst which is available and tasty all of the city.

Planning a city break can be a little bit tricky – but with these 10 tips for your city trip it’s pretty easy and relaxing! So a tour guide can be helpful, for example.

Child-friendly adventure trails and awesome museums

Places to travel with kids - Adventure trails and museums
Photo source: Shutterstock.com / Monkey Business Images

Every kid has heard some the Brothers Grimm fairy tales – even if they don’t know it. Driving along German Fairytale Road, which stretches 600 kilometres from Hanau in central Germany to Bremen in the north, is a must-do for the whole family when on holiday in Germany. Along the way, there are loads of places to get out and discover the Brothers Grimm attractions – from where they lived and worked to the real-life scenes of their fairy tales. It’s one of the Must-See places to travel with kids! To name just a few:

  • Bremen: The Bremen Town Musicians
  • Hameln: The Pied Piper of Hamelin. Every year in March, the Mystica Hamelon organizes medieval folklore with stalls, taverns, music, fire shows and pirates, elves and trolls in folk costumes.

Museums, seriously? That’s right, museums aren’t always boring for the little ones! Here are some of the best museums and exhibitions, where a visit is absolutely worthwhile – especially for the kids.

  • The Deutsches Museum in Munich is the largest technical museum in the world. Here, you get to experience science close up. There’s even a larger than life, walk-in body cell as well as daily demonstrations on various topics.
  • Anyone who wants to learn something about evolution – or rather, the history of mankind – is in very good hands in the Düsseldorf Aquazoo. All ages are taken care of here.
  • The Neanderthal Museum, located almost exactly in the spot where the first Neanderthal man was found in the 19th century, is also right next to Dusseldorf.

Of course, not only Germany has a lot of places to travel with kids! There are so many beautiful and children-friendly destinations worldwide. Let’s have a look on our ranking of the best kid friendly vacation spots in the world.

Every year on the 14th of Februar we celebrate Valentine’s Day. Named for the Christian martyr,  Valentine’s Day dates back to the 5th Century, but has roots even earlier in the roman holiday, Lupercalia. So it’s safe to say February has been the month of romance for a very long time. People swap cards, sweets or flowers with their ‘Valentines’. Some use the opportunity to go on a couple’s vacation together. We’ve collected the craziest and romantic travel spots for you lovers, which are sure to be romantic, beautiful and perfect for couples who like to live something a bit different – whether you budget is on the higher or the lower end of the scale.

The most romantic travel spots worldwide for couples

Travel to an original place and suprise your partner with a romantic dinner on the other side of the world, with the most beautiful sun-set or with a declaration of love set to an idealic background. Love doesn’t need a reason, but Valentine’s Day is perhaps the best ever excuse for an extra special vacation and an unforgettable experience with your partner. There are so many places around the world to celebrate the passion you share. Whether you prefer a secluded beach, an affordable destination, cultured cities, idyllic hiking areas or exciting places for wine lovers and foodies, you’re sure to find the best places this Valentine’s Day for a varied and exciting vacation – and what’s more they’re tailored to you! Go ahead and suprise your partner with a romantic Valentine’s Day vacation.

Rome – the “Eternal City” for every romantic

Romantic travel spots - Rome

Even the ancient historian Ammianus Marcellinus saw the power, the virtue and the happiness shining from every stone of this city, dubbing it the ‘eternal city’ – could that be any more romantic? When you read Roma – the Italian word for Rome – backwards, you get “Amor”, meaning love, which quite honestly is ready to be encountered anywhere in this romantic city. Love simply permeates Rome. “La dolce vita”, or the sweet life, is celebrated in Rome on every corner. Stroll close to the quaint and romantic streets of Rome on a couple’s holiday or rent a Vespa and explore Rome the “A Heart and a Crown” way, the famous Roman romance comedy.

Tuscany – cultured cities and eye-catching landscapes

Romantic travel spots - Tuscany

Another true Italian highlight is, without fail, Tuscany. The legendary cypress landscape seems to gently collide from hills to horizon, satisfying any longings you may have to see this particular kind of a Italian life. The possibilities are thrown wide open for your couple’s holiday: take a ride in an open convertible, with the fresh air blowing your hair or undertake a bike ride through the Chianti wine region. If you like it more cultural, travel on to Florence, Pisa, Siena, Lucca, Arrezzo, San Gimignano, Montepulcano, Livorna, Volterra. The rich culture here is packed with world-famous buildings, first-class museums, historic city centers and inimitable Italian way of life which makes for an unforgettable couple’s holiday.

By the way: you can read about the best beaches in Italy here. Let’s get inspired!

Madeira – a combo of green hues and sea views on the atlantic

Romantic travel spots - Madeira

Prefer your Valentine’s Day rather more on the unconventional side? Then consider Madeira, a beautiful island in the middle of the Atlantic. It is known as the Island of Eternal Spring, with temperatures year-round of above 20°c – so ideal for those who love nature and seek seclusion. Experience the aquatic channels dating back to the early 16th century, the levadas, which carry water from the rainy and wet regions of the north of the Madeira to the drier, sun-drenched regions of the south. You can walk here to your heart’s content on your couple’s holiday. Keep a slow pace and relax.

TOP activities in Madeira:

It’s super hard to pick the best and most interesting sightseeing points but here you can find some really good ones, especially in the capital city of Madeira, Funchal.

  • Jardim Tropical Monte Palace – Visit this colourful garden in the district Monte in Funchal. Inspired by oriental design the Jardim Tropical Monte Palace convince with a many-sided flora and a lot of exotic animals, for example koi fishes and peacocks. It costs 10 € per person.
  • Avenida Arriaga – let’s have a relaxing walk on the avenue of Funchal. Next to little cosy cafés you can find other interesting sightseeing spots of Madeira’s capital city.
  • Cape Ponta de São Lourenço – the way to this cape is not the easiest one (8 kilometers) but you’ll be rewarded with an amazing view. What you can find on your way? Sparse vegetation, succulents and after 3 kilometers of walking you can find the little beach Praia das Sardinhas.

Santorini – or the sunken Atlantis

Romantic travel spots - Santorini

The unique geography of Santorini is undoubtedly among the main reasons visitors flock to the island. The Caldera is famous, this sea-filled crater created by a volcanic eruption in the prehistoric age, is one of the largest in human history! This catastrophic event meant the downfall of the Minoan civilization, while others even believe that the fabled Atlantis was lost here. The archaeological site of the ancient Akrotiri is also known as “Greek Pompeii“, since the city was buried under the ashes after the eruption – it has been preserved like this until today. As well as this unforgettable cultural highlight, you’ll experience endless sunsets against a background of the incomparable blue of the Aegean Sea and the pitch-black lava beaches – the perfect couple vacation!

A Must-Visit is the Red beach (11 kilometers far away from Fira). You’ll be impressed by the colours! It’s definitely time for a picure! The red of the rock face meets the red and black beach sand and the clear blue water.

For the early birds: Why not making a hiking tour along the coast? The 10 kilometer way from Oia to Fira has an amazing view to the sea. But be sure that you wear solid shoes because of the rough structure of the landscape. After taking the walk you can take the bus for 1,80 € back to your accommodation.

The tropical island paradise known as Bali

Romantic travel spots - Bali

In addition to our European unmissable destinations, are tons of romantic destinations spread through the rest of the world. Bali is one of the most beautiful with its stunning volcanic mountains, vast rice fields, gorgeous beaches and unique coral reefs. Basically, a destination that should absolutely be at the top of your list of romantic destinations. Find a little piece of paradise on this beautiful and varied island in Indonesia. For your couple’s vacation, you’ll be able to take long romantic walks on the beach, get familiar with the local fruit markets or spend a whole day enjoying yourselves in a relaxing spa and wellness location on this beautiful tropical island. Because, despite the distance and the paradisiacal environment, Bali is actually a budget-friendly destination with cheap air connections and affordable accommodations.

Romance = Luxury = The Maldives

Romantic travel spots - Maledives

An ideal destination for anyone wanting something extra special for Valentine’s Day. The Maldives will do the job with its beautiful beaches and dense forests, coupled with crystal clear water which is simply begging you to get started on your water sports. There are simply so many places worth exploring. The island offers wonderful natural attractions, plus architectural wonders of Buddhist and Islamic origin. There is no doubt you’ll find an intriguing choice of activities for your couple’s holiday. Added to which, popular in the Maldives are luxurious hotels which seem to float in atolls over the Indian Ocean, with endless access to sun and sea. If you are traveling for pure luxury then look no further past the Maldives.

1001 nights in Marrakech

Romantic travel spots - Marrakech

Enjoy an unforgettable Valentine’s Day with 1001 nights in Morocco – and that, at affordable prices. Visit the Medina with its beautiful souk, let yourself be carried away by exotic scents, stay in a classic traditional riad or visit a real hammam on your couple’s holiday. Free (that’s right!) options include a visit to one of Marrakech’s public gardens – one of which is the Kotoubia gardens. Buy cheap yet beautiful flowers or a bottle of wine for your loved one in the Central Market. Explore the old town from the back of one of the typical horse-drawn carriages while enjoying the sunset on the Kasbah, where you can eat like a king – even on a low budget.