Think your own caramel macchiato is superior to any top cafe? Well, you can’t be certain until you’ve stepped into some of the top cafes in the world. Pairing your favourite dairy-and-caffeine with stunning interior aesthetics – drinking coffee has never been more delightful than while sitting in one of these places. Ready for a thrilling cafe high? Check out some of the coolest cafe designs that will definitely make your coffee-loving-heart flutter!

Top Cafe Spots #1
Budapest Cafe (China)

The Budapest Cafe – Inspired by Wes Anderson’s, The Grand Budapest Hotel, this Sichuan cafe appeals to an international audience, especially those who love movies. Vivid pallets of green, pink and gray create a pastel spread against textured marble surfaces and terrazzo plains. An aesthetic you’ll want to post on your Instagram, this gorgeous café will impress you with its culinary offerings, which are as imaginative as the space.

Top Cafe Spots #2
Origo (Romania)

Origo – Cafe by day, cocktail bar by night. Whichever way you find it, you’ll enjoy basking beneath the hundreds of teacups floating from above, falling like a string of stars and creating a stunning shadow against the black and wood interiors. The aesthetic is rather masculine, with high-topped stools and long tables in natural colors. The teacups cradle lamps, which hover over the private tables to create an atmosphere unlike any other as you indulge in your favorite brew.

Top Cafe Spots #3
Dreamy Camera Cafe (South Korea)

Dreamy Camera Cafe – Have you ever imagined walking into a classic twin-lens Rolleiflex? How about a cafe disguised as one? This picture-worthy space is everything its name suggests: dreamy. Perched in the grassy lands of Gyeonggi-do, this unusual spot has caught the eye of locals and tourists and has become a favorite hangout because of its external aesthetic. Other than the design and its food, Dreamy Camera Cafe’s backstory is seriously interesting. Park Sung-hwan and Park Myung-hee, the couple behind the cafe, were both army pilots before they got into photography. This hobby greatly influenced the design of cafe, where people would come and visit for a quick sip of coffee while talking about cameras.

Top Cafe Spots #4
Cafe Mollien (France)

Cafe Mollien – Inside the Louvre, right after you walk through halls of galleries, is a grand cafe as royal as the paintings inside the museum. Perched in a cozy mezzanine and embellished with ornate columns, stark white chairs bring you comfort in this 10-meter bar which gives you the views of the historic windows, the long stair case, and grand statues overlooking the outdoor hall. Gorgeous lamps enclosed in pink acrylic shells provide a faint touch of color as you bask into the artistic vibe of the space.

Top Cafe Spots #5
Bar Topolski (London)

Bar Topolski – Are you an art lover? You’ll definitely fall in love with this cafe-gallery which pays tribute to its former resident, Feliks Topolski, a renowned Polish artist. Not only does it feature Topolski’s authentic works, but the simmering scent of roasted coffee that prevails around this chic, creative space opens up your imagination for so many possibilities. It’s nestled in the Hungerford Arches; making it a perfect stop for tourists who wants to inhale art and espresso at the same time.

Top Cafe Spots #6
Patent Cafe (New York)

Patent Cafe – A two-way dining space occupying the cellar where Nikola Tesla once worked, Patent Cafe is nothing less than curious. In the morning, it’s a regular coffee shop, embellished with bricks, straight lines and marble textures. Dried flowers in open frames pervade the walls. At night, a speakeasy bar appears, bringing New York’s nightlife into its cocktail cavern. The calming motif of muted colours becomes embellished with shades of teal and black. The tables are turned, the night is nigh, and it’s time to sip another drink in good company.

Top Cafe Spots #7
Fiii Fun House (Argentina)

Update 2023: Perminantly closed.

Fiii Fun House – Imbibe some fun with your beverage as you lounge in this childlike space in Buenos Aires. This cafe bears special corners with play areas and swing furniture, bringing out the kid in you while you drink coffee like an adult! The neutral-colored furniture reflects true Scandinavian style while bright pops of red ignite a youthful vibe as you feast on the café’s menu. This adorable space is perfect for young parents too; let the kids enjoy running around while you relax at the fragrance of your well-loved roast.

Top Cafe Spots #8
Kontum Indochine Cafe (Vietnam)

Kontum Indochine Cafe – An unusual cafe beside a pool, this stunning piece of landscape is made up of fifteen conical bamboo columns that support the roof. Perhaps alluding to Vietnamese fishing baskets, the structure forms a divider in between tables for that al fresco experience, functioning as the outdoor cafe for one of Vietnam’s renowned hotels. Wouldn’t it be nice to indulge in some orient-inspired meals and tea while admiring the beauty of this man-made construction above you? The open-air space plus the quiet atmosphere will definitely give you a feeling of Zen.

Top Cafe Spots #9
Cafe Ki (Japan)

Cafe Ki – For the minimalist lovers, this cafe is for you. Lodged in Setagaya-Ku, Tokyo, this monochromatic shop is embellished with black leafless trunks that seem to extend to the sky. Peaceful and quiet, the interior may initially seem bare but brings you a satisfying sense of serenity as you drink your favorite coffee. You’ll be impressed with the quaint tea plates, the similarly-branded merchandise, and of course, the filling menu that reflects a true Japanese taste.

Top Cafe Spots #10
The Coffee Academics (Hong Kong)

The Coffee Academics – Located in the flourishing Causeway Bay, the Coffee Academics is about to give you a delicious schooling about your favorite morning kick. Its interior, dressed in a handsome industrial garb – brick walls, downlights, marble tables and upholstered benches, it will make you feel like the fanciest student in the world. If there’s something to love about this place, it’s more than the ambiance, it’s the specialty coffee that ranks first all over Hong Kong. The nice part? You can watch baristas brew coffee in the glass-blown Chemex just like a lab experiment.

Don’t these cafes make you want to just set off around the world for a coffee-inspired adventure? Wherever you go, just make sure to keep the memories in the best possible way. Remember the flavors, and the photographs, too! Bring your camera, take a shot, and make it your memento.

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