Yes, eating lots and lots of chocolate eggs at Easter is fun. But do you know what’s even more fun? Eating lots and lots of chocolate eggs from the comfort of your sunny, funny Easter getaway destination. Who’s with me?

These seasoned travellers are. We asked our favourite travel bloggers where it is that they travel to when looking for a place to hoard their Easter eggs relax with their friends or family in the spring.  And then we added our favourite destination because we got excited.

So enjoy the one and only definitive list of Easter-perfect destinations and the cute stories that go with them. Plus a few tips while you’re here, since we’re feeling helpful 😉

Easter Getaway #1 of Cheryl
Gdansk, Poland

Easter getaway in gdansk, poland
Photo source: / Tomasz Guzowski

Cheryl of “My favourite Easter vacation memory is the time I spent a weekend in Gdansk, Poland. From feasting on pierogies, tasting local brews, to wandering the Old Town, and spending the day by the sea in nearby Sopot, it’s one of my favourite Polish cities.”

The lovely Cheryl, when she’s not tasting a cheeky local brew (the lucky devil) in Poland on her solo-trip, travels around collecting tips from her base in Berlin. And it’s no wonder that she loves Gdansk in Poland.

The colourful architecture of the city offers much more than an opportunity for a new Instagram. If you’re heading down for Easter weekend, make sure to arrive on Thursday or Friday, where most shops and attractions are open. Go to Long Market to see some traditional wares – and maybe even try one of Cheryl’s much-loved pierogi.

On Saturday, Sunday and Monday things get traditional, so prepare yourself for pisanki (just a fancy-schmanzy word for painted hard boiled eggs) on Saturday and having water poured all over you on Monday. Bet you weren’t expecting that JP.S.

Getting the perfect Instagram is not as easy as these bloggers would have us know. Luckily our in-house photography experts have put together the ultimate travel photography guide for beginners all the way to advanced photo lovers.

Easter Getaway #2 of Melanie
Santorini, Greece

Easter getaway - Santorini in Greece
Photo source:

Melanie of Good morning world:”One of my most favorite places for spring is the tiny island Santorini. The perfect time to visit is before Pentecost so that the island with all its little white-painted villages won’t be all too crowded with tourists. While going for a walk along the Caldera you can enjoy the fresh spring air. It’s not as hot as in summer and most of the time you’ll have an amazing view of the horizon & the crystal blue water.”

Easter getaway in Santorini in Greece - Eating icecream with a view
Photo source:

“Something very special about Santorini are the Cave Houses. They are super cozy and if your hotel is a Cave House it’s probably hewed in a traditional way, in a rock, so it looks a little bit like a lair.”

“And if you like sunsets, Oia is an absolute must-see for you! From this wonderful village, especially from the castle ruin above the deep-blue Aegean sea, you have the most beautiful view, that Oia is known for.”

Easter getaway in Santorini, Greece - Watch the sunset
Photo source:

Unless you’re a German speaker, you’ll have to take our word for it (or Google Translate’s word – whatever floats your boat) that Melanie’s description of the island of Santorini will have you booking an immediate flight.

Melanie loves the peace of Easter-time Greece before the tourists (hellooo) swarm in. And honestly, she couldn’t be more right if she tried. Oia or Imerovigli will knock you out with their stunning blue skies which fade into equally stunning blue seas. And hey, if you’ve managed that never-ending stretch between January and March, which we assume you have since you’re reading this, you deserve to go all-out sun/ relaxation/ dare-we-say-romance goddess this April.

Easter Getaway #3 of Adam
Berlin, Germany

Easter getaway - Berlin, Germany

Yesss, shout out to MyPostcard’s beautiful base, Berlin. Adam of Travels of Adam says: “Berlin is one of my favorite destinations – especially during Easter and the springtime. It’s the time of year when the weather starts to change, the flowers bloom, and the city comes alive. April and May are always such beautiful months to visit Berlin because it’s not so overcrowded with tourists and there’s plenty of sunshine which means there are lots of great outdoor activities.”

“It’s especially beautiful because the city has so many cherry blossoms which bloom (my personal favorite spot for photos is along Käthe-Niederkirchner-Straße in Prenzlauer Berg).”

Well said, Adam. If you’re coming to Berlin in May, don’t miss May 1st when the streets of Kreuzberg will fill up with tons of different kinds of food stands (which smell like heaven FYI). There’s many a cheap cocktail to be found here too, which will have you joining in the dancing and feeling the good vibes.

Easter Getaway #4 of Bolle and Marco
Corfu, Greece

Easter getaway - Corfu, Greece

Bolle and Marco of Komm wir machen das einfach: “Why not discover some new places this spring? That’s the thing we love the most so we hit the road and went to Corfu. Our first destination was Albania but we had some time left so we decided to make a detour to this little island. We knew that Greece has beautiful places but we didn’t know that Corfu is THIS awesome – until we got there!”

Easter getaway - Corfu, Paleokastritsa
Photo source:

“It was so much fun to stroll through the alleys of Corfu-Town and to discover some corners of Corfu by rental car. A lot of places, especially hotels and restaurants, are still closed at this time of the year, but this certainly had its advantage: we had a lot of spots to ourselves! The old town with its cozy charm felt a little bit like villages in Spain or Italy.”

Easter getaway - Corfu, Afionas Beach
Photo source:

“With the sun on our backs, we discovered the north of Corfu. At first, we went to Paleokastritsa and saw the beautiful bays and the monastery. Another highlight is not far away from that. The Porto Timoni Beach in Afionas is definitely one of the most amazing beaches on Corfu. What makes it so special, is that two bays are opposite of each other so you’re basically surrounded by only the beach and crystal clear water. This special landscape is the reason why the bay is called the butterfly-bay!”

Easter getaway - Corfu, Cape Drastis
Photo source:

“But there is even more to discover in the North of Corfu. The Cape Drastis is the most northwestern point of the island and it surprises with impressive limestone rocks standing out of the water. While walking around, we even found a beautiful bay where the water is extra clear and the rocks are extra white – very dreamy.”

“We can really recommend Corfu as a vacation spot for Spring because the island has so many things to offer, and we were especially impressed by the beautiful landscape. Moreover, you can enjoy a mild-warm climate in spring, with not too many tourists around. So it will be easy for you to enjoy Corfu to the fullest!”

Our Easter Getaway #5
New Orleans, Louisiana

Easter getaway - New Orleans in Louisiana
Photo source: GTS-Productions

Oops, you got me, that’s us. New Orleans is just ALIVE. Visit to recharge your batteries by stealing some of that N’Orleans energy – they’ve definitely got enough of it! Be prepared for people dancing in the street to the full-on brass band and singer who just rocked up.

Make sure you to take yourself to the French Quarter to enjoy the historic Easter parade that gets started there at 10am. Think fancy dress and free gaudy yet somehow fabulous jewelry being thrown around – and, of course, the real attraction… chocolate eggs! Chocolate eggs being thrown at you. It’d be a decent way to go out.


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