There are two kinds of travelers.

First, there are those who set out to global destinations everywhere to experience a new kind of thrill. After all, the world is like a big book of endless discoveries, with every page leading to an adventure.

But there are also those who seek almost the exact opposite; they want to take things slow, to relax, and to submit to a divine sort of peace to escape from the fast-paced world of work and home. While it is always a great idea to see the world from different angles, you’ve got to remember that rest is crucial too.

If you’re looking to sit back and find your Zen, well then these are the places you should be going. It’s time to visit the quietest cities in the world.

Seven Quietest Cities in the World #1
Helsinki, Finland

Quietest Cities In The World
The creative hub of Finland is a glorious escape filled with modern amenities, streamlined architecture and contemporary art draping the boulevard. Here, you can enjoy endless strolls along the city, soak in an artistic rapture of the blue sky and the icy weather that often embraces it.

At night, the city glows with bright lights, offering fresh, Finnish flavors you have most likely never even tasted before. The urban center is adjacent to a natural environment that lets you take a peek at its surrounding forests, beaches and parks.

Seven Quietest Cities in the World #2
Vienna, Austria

Quietest Cities In The World
Gaze into the baroque landscape of this imperial city, still imprinted with the marks of its royal regime. Palaces sit against the historical backdrop, inviting you to view the spectacle up close. Delight in the arts as you listen to the grand musical performances sung within the walls of the churches, most of which were rooted from the rich musical heritage of the city. Visit its troves of museums, then bask into Vienna’s gastronomical offerings in rustic venues.

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Seven Quietest Cities in the World #3
Cape Town, South Africa

Quietest Cities In The World
The sun sets on the rocky curtains of Table Mountain where buildings are strung by the harbor, a perfect marriage of nature and an abundant metropolis. The city, a melting pot of various cultures, coexists with a magnetic charm, thanks to the views of Cape Peninsula. Take off on your own and enjoy the natural landscape; stroll into the gardens, visit the Cape of Good Hope or step into its many beaches and wade into the clear blue waters.

Seven Quietest Cities in the World #4
Reykjavik, Iceland

Quietest Cities In The World
This snow-clad mysterious city is hauntingly magical; be allured by its colorful buildings perched around the capital, hole-in-the-wall cafes, exhibition spaces, and rich maritime history. In the Old Harbour, find the exciting Saga Museum to lift your senses, or just enjoy the peaceful neighborhood where you can take beautiful photos of the public art installations.

P.S. We know that Iceland is one of the more expensive destinations out there, but you can learn how to save a few bucks by reading up on how to travel cheap in Europe

Seven Quietest Cities in the World #5
Belfast, Ireland

Quietest Cities In The World
The remarkable transformation of this flourishing city attracts travelers from around the world, thanks to its unique culture and the remnants of the Titanic Quarter – a star-shaped construction that is home to the Titanic Belfast center. Victorian architecture, botanical gardens and a gilded waterfront are just a few of its best attractions, perfect for those who just want to lounge day in and day out with easy access to beautiful spots.

Seven Quietest Cities in the World #6
Thimphu, Bhutan

Quietest Cities In The World
Photo source: / Saknarong Tayaset

The capital of Bhutan exhibits a charming small-town feel with a vibrancy that push the country’s cosmopolitan pursuits. Extravagant Buddhist temples, daily lined with crimson-clad monks, remind you to pay respects to the oriental customs as you inhale the local culture.

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Seven Quietest Cities in the World #7
Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Quietest Cities In The World
But why go so far? Say yes to the laidback life of this place with its city-kitschy atmosphere surrounded with charming fishing villages. The peaceful waters are ready for you to explore. Have a taste of the local wine and jelly on Plymouth Bay or just spend time walking along the beach while watching the sunset paint the sky.

When the world starts getting noisy, it’s just about time to find your quiet. These well-loved cities, popular for their beautiful cultures and natural surroundings, are perfect for your well-deserved chill vacay. Take the opportunity and rediscover the beauty of tranquility by planning a trip to one of these destinations!

Of course, if you were picturing more of a sleepy, sunny vacation surrounded by white sand, cocktails and palm trees, then… we get you. So why not spoil yourself with the best beaches in the whole world?

I wonder if you’ve been to any of them already?


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