There comes a time when you need to cross the “big stuff” off your bucket list. If skydiving features in yours, then we’d imagine it’s one of the “big ones” (unless you’re some kind of unstoppable thrill seeker?) – so make sure you’re choosing one of the best skydiving places in the world to lose this particular v-card to.

Plunging 13,000 feet off the ground at a speed of 125 mph requires nerves of steel. I hope we’re not putting you off though? Whether it’s your first time skydiving or you have had more than your fair share of adrenaline rush, you should make those few minutes in the sky count by experiencing one breathtaking view. We’ve compiled the honest-to-God best places to skydive in the world for both newbies and adrenaline junkies alike. Everything else can be organized, just bring along some courage!

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Most Scenic Skydiving Places, #1
Belize, the Great Blue Hole

Belize is one of the best Skydiving Places worldwide
Jump directly into the water of Belize

How cool would it be to jump off a plane and right into the Blue Hole in Belize? OK, maybe not right into the actual hole. But you’ll land on water, get scuba diving gear on a boat and get right back on an adrenaline high. This time, 250 ft. under water. It might put a rather hefty dent in your wallet but it will be worth every second and every cent!

Most Scenic Skydiving Places, #2
Australia, the Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef is one of the best Skydiving Places worldwide

The Great Barrier Reef is best known for scuba diving and snorkeling; but did you know that you could also explore it from bird’s eye view?

By booking a session with Skydive Cairns, you not only get to see the Great Rift but also the beautiful Tropics of Queensland. Not thrilling enough? How about this, for an extra fee, the diving crew will let you steer the parachute! Better yet, you can move from skydiving and right into scuba diving as soon as you land!

But there are tons of ways to discover Australia that don’t involve throwing yourself out of a plane. Just sayin’. And here’s the definitive guide to traveling while you’re there!

Most Scenic Skydiving Places, #3
Dubai, Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah is a really good Skydiving Places
What a perfect view! Skydive over the manmade Palm Islands in Dubai Source: / Rodrigo Kristensen

If you want to have a city view while skydiving, then Dubai is the place to be. They may have gotten into the game a little late but they quickly compensate for this by hosting the annual International Skydiving Championships. By choosing Sky Dubai, you get professional training at their well-equipped Dessert Campus (one of the largest skydiving schools in the world). Perhaps one for the more committed skydivers out there.

Afterward, you will get geared up; and down you go free-falling toward the iconic Palm Jumeirah man-made island. Your view will be the whole of Dubai including the Gulf of Peninsula. Make sure you spot the Burj Al Arab hotel while up there!

Most Scenic Skydiving Places, #4
United States, Hawaii

Hawaii is maybe the most exotic destination for Skydiving Places

How about you take the classic Hawaii vacation to another level (or two or three) by including skydiving in your to-do-list. This exotic island has a lot to offer, from breathtaking coastlines to amazing volcanic sites to the thick vegetative forest.

The beauty of it all is that you can free fall from a variety of locations and still get the true taste of Hawaii. However, major drop zones are Waialua and Oahu. After a detailed briefing on instructions, you can take the leap with Skydive Hawaii for a time of your life!

Most Scenic Skydiving Places, #5
Nepal, Mt Everest

Mount Everest is one o the most impressive Skydiving Places worldwide
One of the most impressive destinations in the world: Mount Everest is a mysterious place and attracts many people

There is more than one way to see the top of Mt Everest. If you are not into mountain climbing, take a chance on skydiving with Everest Skydive.  They offer both solo skydiving sessions as well as Tandem sessions, which cost $18,000 and $22,000 respectively.

Before you let the prices scare you off, keep in mind that this is no ordinary skydiving experience. You will be dropping from a helicopter 23,000 feet off the ground and due to the high altitude, an oxygen mask will be provided. Included in the cost is an 11- day trip involving hiking expeditions making sure you really get your money’s worth. Not to mention braggings rights for ever. Make sure you get your picture proof with Mount Everest in the background, or even better, miles below you. Who said climbing to the top was the highest you can go?

Most Scenic Skydiving Places, #6
The United States, Las Vegas

Las Vegas and its desert by night

As you roll the dice and live large in Vegas, don’t leave without an experience from the Vegas Extreme Skydiving crew. After a sensational hot air balloon tour what better way to spark things up than a plunge off the balloon an over the Mojave Desert?

Oh no, the desert isn’t all you will be viewing! You will have a bird’s eye view of the Red Rock National Park,  Mount Charleston and the Las Vegas strip. If the skydiving adrenaline rush isn’t quite enough, you can get back to the tables for some more!

Most Scenic Skydiving Places, #7
Zambia, Victoria Falls

The view over the Victoria Falls as one of the best Skydiving Places
The Victoria Falls are world heritage of the UNESCO since 1989. Source: / Vadim Petrakov

Being the world’s largest waterfall, it is obvious why skydiving at Victoria Falls is a big deal. The adventure begins at Livingstone Airport where you board a plane enjoying the view of the mighty Victoria Falls. For an affordable fee of about $290, you can have the experience of a lifetime free falling from River Zambezi with Xtreme spots.

Safety comes first when skydiving the Victoria Falls and for this reason, the extreme sport is prohibited during the months of March and April when the rainy season is at its peak and the water levels have risen.

To be safe, you can schedule a session around December when the water levels are low. Don’t forget to take photos of this thrilling experience. Chances are your friends will need proof it even happened!

Most Scenic Skydiving Places, #8
Switzerland, Lauterbrunnen

Lauterbrunnen is in our TOP 9 of the best Skydiving Places

Switzerland is truly the home of daredevils, offering all sorts of extreme activities ranging from Paragliding to skiing and even a chance to jump into canyons. Naturally then, skydiving opportunities are provided giving you a chance to take the leap over the Lauterbrunnen valley. Get ready for five minutes of complete serenity as you view one of the best sites nature has to offer including the mountainous snow-capped Swiss Alps, glacial lakes, and even waterfalls!

Most Scenic Skydiving Places, #9
New Zealand, Franz Josef Glacier, and Fox Glacier

New Zealand is number 9 on our TOP Skydiving Places list

The two most famous Glaciers in New Zealand (Franz Josef and Fox Glacier) attract many tourists for all sorts of activities including glacier walks and flights as well as a chance to see glowworms and Lake Matheson. While down there, take a leap of faith over these two renowned skydiving spots together with professional skydivers from all over the world.

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Last word

It’s time to do away with indoor skydiving and get a taste of the real action. With thousands of spots to dive from all over the world, the (cough-best-cough) nine above should get you started. Take a literal leap of faith and live a little. A world of fun and adventure awaits you beyond your door! 

Speaking of fun and adventure How about a bit of solo travel? Go on, I dare you.


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