Looking for socially distanced alternative New Year’s Eve ideas? Discover our favourite ways to ring in 2022 while staying in your social bubble or legal number of households!

New Year is a time for celebration and cheer and… there is certainly a lot to celebrate about the end of 2021. Venue restrictions and social distancing measures vary around the world, and how you spend 31st January will depend on where you are located. For many, this holiday will be a matter of social distancing, staying home and being safe. BUT that in no way means that fun is off the agenda, so we have compiled a list of our top ten alternative New Year’s Eve ideas.

By the way – you might also be interested in how other countries celebrate their new year! Here are New Year traditions from the whole world.

10 Fun Alternative New Year’s Eve Ideas

#1 Throw a fancy (but scaled!) party

Just because you cannot have many guests does not mean that you can’t have a party! Decorate and dress for a black tie party, sample international cuisines for an around the world dinner, or channel your inner mixologist and create some fancy cocktails. Whether it is you and your partner, you and the immediate family, or a proper posh dinner soirée for you and the dog, don’t permit COVID to dampen your plans.

#2 Host a virtual get together

A woman on Facetime talks to friends on New Year's Eve

Due to the global nature of the pandemic, many of our loved ones will be staying at home as well. So, why not create a party via technology and hold a virtual get together. Get all dressed up, create a playlist, host a virtual karaoke party or play international drinking games.  This is an excellent way to spend New Year, especially for families or groups of friends who are scattered far and wide. Plus, there are so many different apps you could use for this. Here’s a breakdown of the top ten apps for staying close from afar.

#3 Build a blanket fort

Perhaps my favourite of our alternative New Year’s Eve ideas, an epic blanket fort promises fun for the whole family. Children and big kids of all ages will love creating the perfect den, with lots of blankets, pillows and even strings of fairy lights for added atmosphere. Get cosy and comfy, put on your new Christmas pyjamas and relax in the den. This is a great way to start the year off as you very much mean to go on: surrounded by your loved ones with not much to do – and far too blessed to be stressed.

#4 Have a garden party

Enabling you to see your loved ones whilst also minimising the risk of infection, a garden party could be an excellent choice for your alternative New Year’s Eve ideas. If the weather outside is cold but not raining, set out chairs 2 metres apart, turn on the patio heater, and lay out plenty of thick blankets for each person.  For food, you could light the BBQ and cook s’mores over a fire or just stick to the traditional turkey sandwiches. If you are in a warmer country, you could even consider camping out and spending the night stargazing.

#5 Host the quiz of the year

A couple sit in pyjamas in the window
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Virtual pub quizzes were so popular at the beginning of the year, and it could be a great way to finish it off too. You could stick to the traditional trivia, theme it around questions related to 2021 or even use family-related questions to check who has been keeping in touch. Promising to be lots of fun, you could even make it competitive- with the lowest scorers being responsible for hosting dinner when the restrictions cease.

Other cool ideas for staying social despite the social distance can be found here.

#6 Make resolutions

For many of us, NYE offers the promise of a fresh start and the chance to commit to a resolution. It is often a reflective time when we look back at the year and make plans or resolutions for the one ahead.   However, over 80% of us actually break our resolutions before the end of the month. Research has shown that we are more likely to keep them when they are smart, measurable and attainable.  You could also send yourself postcard reminders to help keep you on track. Here are the craziest traditions & trendiest New Year’s resolutions for next year.

#7 Create a home cinema

Make a cinema at home and rent a movie from your movie provider, stream one or watch an old classic. If you are looking for alternative New Year’s ideas that will not break the bank, a home cinema experience promises to be fun for the whole family. Turn down the lights, make popcorn, nachos and other such goodies, and cosy on up as you welcome 2022. If you have a bit of Christmas money left, you could even invest in a projector.

#8 Games night

Games night with the family is one of our alternative New Year's Eve ideas
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For fun alternative New Year’s Eve ideas, you could also host a games night. It is up to you how you play, such as board games face to face with the people in your bubble, using social apps on your phone, or via a games console with headsets.  Whatever you pick, remember to lay down some ground rules, especially if your family are particularly competitive.  Many festive holidays have fallen foul of a bad game of Monopoly or Pictionary!

#9 Send messages of love

One of the most thoughtful alternative New Year’s Eve ideas – is spending the day letting people know that you care and that you are thinking of them by sending messages of love. This year has been just doom and gloom, one of the most positive aspects of 2020 and 2021 has been the increase in appreciation of our friends and family. Let them know you care and make 2022 a year to remember by sending someone special a postcard each month.  You could even get super organised and set up all your birthday cards for the next twelve month via the MyPostcard app.

#10 Visit a virtual show or event

Due to COVID, many of the international New Year hotspots are going digital and organising virtual events that can be enjoyed by many. Never been to New York? Check out the Times Square event to see the world-famous ball drop, without leaving the comfort of your home. Alternately, check out online parties, events, and concerts to suit everyone.

Happy (Alternative) New Year! Enjoy these ideas

Three friends celebrate with alternative new year's eve ideas
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Whatever your plans for 31st of December, we wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year! Stay safe, wear a mask – and let us know which of our alternative New Year’s Eve ideas worked for you.


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