For many of us, traveling is a luxury and taking photos is a way to celebrate and remember the places we’ve been. With the evolution of cameras into smartphones combined with significantly better photo quality, this trend has only continued to grow. But it doesn’t have to come to a grinding halt once the picture is taken anymore! We’ve got the ability to enhance our pictures with a wide range of awesome photo editing apps – like Instagram just for starters. So the question is, which are the best Instagram filters for anything and everything?

I mean, with all the options out there for editing photos, you must have wondered a few times which filters exactly work best for certain travel scenes? If you have (or even if you haven’t, but I’ve piqued your interest), then I’ve got just the guide for you. I’ve taken some of the most popular types of travel scenes and paired them with their ideal Instagram filters below:

The best Instagram Filters for…

Best Instagram filters for seaside
The Best Instagram Filter for Seaside – Vitpho /

Who doesn’t love the beach? The next time you find yourself photographing the ocean, try these filters:

This filter makes any blues in your photo stand out, making it one of the best choices for ocean scenes.

Valencia is ideal for shots that include both the sand and the water in beach scenes, because it enhances both without making the photo look over-edited.


The best Instagram Filters for…
Cityscapes & Skylines

Best Instagram filters for Cityscapes and Skylines: Amaro and Hudson
The Best Instagram Filter for Skylines – Agota Kadar /

Nothing beats the storied views of a many-tiered and interesting (one can only hope!) city. These are the best Instagram filters when you’re photographing buildings:

This filter gives photos an aged or vintage appearance, which fits perfectly with the historic views of older buildings.

And this filter increases the shadows in your photos, which makes it great for architectural shots.

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The best Instagram Filters for
Colorful Towns

Best Instagram filters for colourful towns
The Best Instagram Filter for Colourful Towns – Lukasz Pajor /

Have you come across some graffiti? Perhaps a city street with funky storefronts? …Or a hillside with tons of brightly-colored buildings? Try these:

X-Pro II
This filter makes colors really pop, and is ideal for when you want to highlight a really colorful scene.

Or alternatively, this one adds richness to colors and increases the shadows, making lines and shapes really stand out.

The best Instagram Filters for
Plains & Grasslands

Best Instagram filters for Plains and Grasslands: Sierra and Crema
The Best Instagram Filter for Plains and Grasslands

Heading out on a “safari”? Aren’t you the lucky one! How about giving these Instagram filters a try:

This adds warmth and softness, making it the perfect filter for billowing plains and tall grass.

As the name suggests, this creamy, soft filter is perfect for scenes that have lots of browns and yellows, and gives your photos a vintage feel.

The best Instagram Filters for

Best Instagram filters for Forests: Lark and Juno
The Best Instagram Filter For Forest – Evgenii Iaroshevskii /

If you got down to the woods today… there are a few filters that are sure to make those greens pop. Whether it’s a full-blown rainforest or a piney wood.

This filter really intensifies the greens of the forest.

Much like Lark, this filter will make your greens really stand out. But it also adds a lot of shadow and contrast, making it suitable for showing off depth in your forest scenes.

The best Instagram Filters for

Best Instagram filters for Mountains: Moon and Hudson
The Best Instagram Filter for Mountains

Taking a hike, hitting up a national park, or exploring one of the world’s great mountain ranges? These are the best Instagram filters for the occasion:

If you aren’t too concerned about having a colorful photo, using moon for a mountain scene is a great option for showing off their amazing angular shapes. The filter increases shadows and manages to draw attention to shapes better than a traditional black-and-white filter.

This is a great filter for mountainous landscapes because it adds a little something extra to blues and grays.

Of course, every scene is different. You should always play around and see what works best for the photo you take. Remember that you can edit your chosen filter even further and adjusts contrasts, tones and more! Hopefully, this list will get you started in the right direction, and perhaps it will even inspire you to get out there and enjoy the world, with your own eyes and your camera!

Happy Instagramming,
Laura from MyPostcard

P.S. Got some favorites of your own? Let me know and I’ll keep our “best Instagram filters” up to date!


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