There are millions and millions of photos taken every day, capturing life’s precious moments all around the world – so it’s time to talk about the best photo apps for your smartphone out there.

As the digital age advances, so do smartphone cameras. Over the last ten years, we have been introduced to loads of different photography, camera and editing apps. Each one has its own defining qualities to make our pictures even more special.

Long story short: here are 8 of the best photo apps currently on the market

Best Photo Apps #1

Was there any doubt Instagram would be at the top of the list? Even if you have never taken a photo in your life, chances are, you’ve heard of Instagram.

Closely connected to Facebook and Twitter, Instagram is by far the most popular photo app out there. Free and available on every smartphone, this photo app turns everyday photos into glamourous works of art.

Instagram (Top Photo Apps)
Instagram (App Screen, Google Play Store)

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Best Photo Apps #2

Snapchat has gotten unbelievably popular over the last four years since its inception. This wildly entertaining app brought quick-photo messaging into the mainstream.

Snap a picture or video and send it to your friends, who can see it for up to ten seconds. Now a worldwide phenomenon, Snapchat allows you to see live snap stories from people all over the world – another reason why many see it as one of the best photo apps out there.

Snapchat (Best Photo Apps)
Snapchat (App Screen, Android)

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Best Photo Apps #3

Flickr is one of the more popular photography apps. Available to iOS, Android, and Windows Phone users, Flickr has a number of unique photo editing options that can be performed directly to your camera roll.

Although Flickr’s editing capability isn’t as flashy as some of the professional apps, the thing it really boasts is the fact it provides 1TB of cloud storage. That’s a lot of pictures!

Flickr (Picture Editing App)
Flickr (Presentation, Google Play Store)

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Best Photo Apps #4

Fotor is one of the most versatile photo apps on the market. This platform has an awesome editing box with a “one tap” feature that fixes and enhances your photos instantly.

Apart from this smart and simple feature, there are over 100 different effects to use on the pre-set bar or available for purchase. There is also a huge supply of collage templates to choose from.

One of the best functions Fotor offers is the ability to select a focal point within your photo to give it a high definition finish.

Fotor (Cool Photo Editing Apps)
Fotor (App Screen, Android)

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Best Photo Apps #5
Camera MX

Exclusive to Android, Camera MX upgrades the user’s regular phone camera to provide sharper and cleaner photos.

One of the unique features Camera MX boasts is the “Live Shots” function. Live Shots are recorded in the background before the actual photo is taken. Then, you can send these as animated images, videos, or gifs.

Camera MX (App For Photo Editing)
Camera MX (Presentation, Google Play Store)

Google Play Store

Best Photo Apps #6

This app is great for any level of artistic thinking. Sktchy allows users to connect with the world in whole different way than most photo apps.

Sktchy lets you to choose a photo and transform it into a portrait style image. This app is a great platform in which iOS users can find inspiration for their creativity and share it with the world.

Sktchy (Cool Picture Apps)
Sktchy (Presentation, App Store)

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Best Photo Apps #7

Darkroom is the photo app that will convince everyone you are pro. Not only can you bulk edit photos, an extremely useful feature for people with lots of photos and litte time, you can also edit them at any time, without losing quality.

An app which you can also use for video editing, this easy photo editing app is one to download.


Best Photo Apps #8

Flix is not technically for taking or editing photos – so why did we include it in our list of the best photo apps?

Well, let me aks you this: are you a photo hoarder? Holding onto an overload of pictures you don’t really want or need can take up a lot of storage on your smartphone.

That’s where Flic comes in. Flic is available for both iOS and Android and provides the “Flic Button” which shows your photos and asks whether or not you really want to keep them.

Additionally, Flic shows you exactly how much space you’ve cleared up on your phone by getting rid of all those unwanted photos.

Flic (Top Photo Apps)
Flic (App Screen, Android)

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The best photo apps for your smartphone

Now that we let you in on our picks, what do you think? Make sure to check them out and level up your photography game! And of course the best way to use your masterpieces is by showing them to the people you love. (One way to do just that is by sending them a personalized postcard or greeting card with your own photos.)


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