Remember when it didn’t seem possible for a cell phone to have a camera inside of it? Now, just about everyone has a high-quality camera with them wherever they go, making it easier than ever to memorialize all of the special moments life has to offer.

Cellphone cameras themselves are getting better and better. But, you can also take your mobile photography to the next level by investing in additional lenses that help enhance’s your phone’s camera.

There are lots of options out there that can attach to your phone, but they’re definitely not all created equal. Many people consider the Moment Lens to be the best photo camera lens on the market. Keep reading to find out why!

Why Use Camera Lenses?

First of all, let’s talk about why camera lenses are a great addition to your mobile phone.


Of course, there’s the fact that they make your phone’s camera better. But, using camera lenses also allows you to get high-quality photos without investing in a separate camera. Moment Lenses cost between $90 and $100. This might seem like a lot to some people. But, think about how expensive a good DSLR camera is. One of the reasons the Moment Lens is one of the best photo camera lens options is the fact that it allows you to save money by turning your phone into a camera that can easily compete with the best brands on the market.


A camera lens also helps you do this without having to lug around a whole camera with you. Minimalism is key when traveling, and the less equipment you have, the better. Think about how much a typical camera weighs and how much space it takes up, especially when you factor in camera accessories like tripods and extra lenses. Every ounce counts when you’re traveling. You’ll save tons of room and lighten your load by cutting out your camera equipment and replacing it with the Moment Lenses.


The market for cameras and camera accessories is changing pretty dramatically, too. Some are even predicting that the traditional point-and-shoot camera will be obsolete in a few years. The 2016 report from the Camera & Imaging Products Association (CIPA) showed that camera sales reached an all-time low last year, falling by 31.7 percent. Another 16.7 percent drop is also expected in 2017.

Clearly, digital cameras are becoming less and less popular as cell phone camera technology continues to advance. Rather than staying stuck in the past with a bulky camera, it’s time to move into the future and invest in the best photo camera lens for your phone.

What is the Moment Lens?

When it comes to choosing the best photo camera lens, nothing can compare to the Moment Lens.
Moment is a Seattle-based company that first arrived on the scene in 2014. The company introduced the first version of its lenses, designed to take cell phone cameras to the next level, with a kickstarter campaign that quickly met its funding goal.

Since then, Moment has continued to improve its lenses and now offers four different types, in addition to a variety of cases and accessories to make it even easier for you to get high-quality pictures.

Types of Moment Lenses

Moment offers four types of lenses that can attach to your phone: the super fisheye lens, a 2X telephoto, a wide angle lens, and a macro lens.

Super Fisheye

The super fisheye lens is ideal both for shooting in tight spaces and taking in large landscapes. It features a 170-degree field of view that makes it easy for you to capture large amounts of scenery in one photo without switching to the panoramic setting.


The telephoto lens features a 60mm focal length and captures a great amount of detail in portrait and landscape shots.

Wide Angle

To take in vast amounts of landscape or city streets, the wide angle lens is perfect. Whether you’re trying to capture the skyline of your favorite Asian travel destinations or just want to make sure everyone’s in the photo at a family gathering, this lens will get the job done. It doesn’t capture quite as much as the fisheye, but it’s still very effective for wide shots.


The macro lens will capture the tiniest details of your photo’s subjects. It takes a little more time to adjust compared to the telephoto lens, but, with patience, you’ll be able to get higher quality shots than you ever thought possible.

Why is it the Best Photo Camera Lens?

What makes Moment Lenses so great? The best perks that come with choosing Moment Lenses over other options are listed below:


Moment Lenses are a beautiful and sleek addition to any phone. They don’t just look good, though. These small but sturdy lenses are also made to last. Several photographers have noted that, even though they’ve accidentally dropped the lenses a time or two, they’ve remained intact and are still fully functional.


Moment Lenses are also versatile. Whether you have an iPhone, a Galaxy S4 orS5, a Google Pixel, or a Nexus 5, you can use Moment Lenses to upgrade your mobile photography. There is no need to upgrade lenses when you switch devices, either!

Easy Storage and Cleanup

The newest Moment Lenses come with a basic lens cap, as well as a protective microfiber pouch that doubles as a cleaning cloth.

Made with a Mission

The more you learn about Moment as a company, the more excited you’ll be to invest in their products. Moment is all about promoting and empowering mobile photographers to help them get high-quality shots wherever they go.

Put the Moment Lenses to Work

You’ve captured some high-quality photos with your the best photo camera lens on the market, now what? It’s time to turn the photos you took with your Moment Lenses into beautiful postcards that you can send to your friends and family.

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