Spending any amount of time overseas immersed in a different culture is a life-changing experience. That experience becomes even more life-changing when you take that time to better the lives of those around you.

And participating in some of the best volunteer abroad program will help you do just that.

But what are some of the best programs out there? And what are some the best places to volunteer?

Keep reading and you might just have a life-changing experience sooner than you think.

Best Volunteer Abroad Programs #1
Global Volunteers

Global Volunteers is an international organization which has partnered with the United Nations. The organization leverages this partnership to fight hunger and poverty worldwide.

Its large variety of projects caters to volunteers from all walks of life. Global Volunteers runs summer enrichment camps for people who are looking for summer volunteer programs, provides senior care, and coordinates at least ten other types of projects.

Registration for one of the organization’s humanitarian trips costs $350. The amount is completely refundable if you change your mind.

Best Volunteer Abroad Programs #2
International Volunteer HQ

The International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ) was founded in 2007 by Daniel Radcliffe (read: NOT the famous actor). The organization has matched thousands of volunteers to opportunities around the globe.

The biggest advantage of volunteering with the International Volunteer HQ is its commitment to providing affordable volunteer opportunities. This commitment makes it a cost-effective option for anyone who wants to complete study abroad programs without spending thousands of dollars.

If you choose the IVHQ, don’t forget to bring your camera and snap lots of pictures. It currently has openings in scenic locations such as Greece, Spain, Brazil, and India.

Best Volunteer Abroad Programs #3
Plan My Gap Year

Are you planning on taking a gap year before starting college? If so, Plan My Gap Year will help you, well, plan your gap year.

PMGY is committed to providing its volunteers with social, culture-rich experiences. The program focuses on facilitating positive relationships with your fellow volunteers and locals.

Oh, and did we mention that the organization facilitates travel throughout the country in which you volunteer?

The only downside to volunteering through PMGY is its limited scope. The program only works across 17 countries in South America, Asia, and Africa.

Best Volunteer Abroad Programs #4
Peace Corps

The Peace Corps is undoubtedly one of the best volunteer abroad programs. The organization has been sending U.S. citizens abroad since 1961, and it’s still going strong.

The organization allows you to volunteer in a wide variety of countries. There are volunteer opportunities available on almost every continent.

And you can choose from over 60 countries.

As an added bonus, the organization provides financial benefits to its volunteers. It provides housing and living stipends and student loan benefits.

And after you’ve served? You get access to the Peace Corps’ career support resources.


Finding the Best Volunteer Abroad Programs for You

If you’re still wondering what some of the best places to volunteer are, here’s your answer:


The world is your oyster, so visit as many communities as your heart desires. And send out lots of postcards along the way.

So what are some of the best volunteer abroad programs you’ve participated in? And what were some of your favorite places to volunteer? Drop a comment below to share your experiences!


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