Just when you thought celebrities have it all and their lives could not possibly get any better, some go ahead and surprise us with their incredible talents. I’m talking about talents that are above and beyond their usual careers such as great photography skills. We are so used to celebrities in front the camera that when they actually go behind it and take some amazing photos, it is seldom noticed. Today, we shake things up a little bit and take time to appreciate talented celebrity photographers. I hope you get inspired.


Celebrity Photographers #1
Aaron Eckhart

Celebrity Photographers
Are you a fan of Batman? Well, I’ll have you know that your favorite villain Aaron Eckhart (Two-Face) is in love with photography. In fact, his love for photography has grown so much over the years that he brings his camera with him every time he is filming or traveling. Although he hasn’t turned it into a career, he takes really awesome photos. What subjects capture his eye you ask? Anything interesting including photos of random people. What do you know, you might just be his next subject!


Celebrity Photographers #2
Brad Pitt

Celebrity Photographers
Famous actor and eye-candy to many has given us one more reason to love him more. Brad Pitt is an excellent photographer with one of his main focus being his

Lovely wife Angelina and sometimes the beautiful children too. His photos were so good that he collaborated with W magazine in publishing a collection of Angelina’s photos. One of which made it to the front cover!


Celebrity Photographers #3
Bryan Adams

Celebrity Photographers
Famous singer and songwriter Bryan Adams is not just about the music but totally rules the photography world. His understanding of lighting and perspective is spectacular and simply breathtaking. His photos are so good that many celebrities form part of his subjects. They include Pink, Amy Winehouse, George Clooney and even Mick Jagger just to name drop a little. He also does well in fashion photography with his photos making it to famous magazines. To top it off, this guy still remains quite humble despite having successfully published three books on photography!


Celebrity Photographers #4
Kendal Jenner

Celebrity Photographers
This is the best example of celebrity turned photographer. If you don’t know Kendal Jenner for the TV show “Keeping up with the Kardashians ” you definitely know her for gracing the runway with her looks and personality. Now she adds photography to her list of many talents and although still new at it, she is doing a great job. Her work mostly comprises fashion photos with a great deal of it gracing multiple covers of Love magazine.


Celebrity Photographers #5
Denis Hooper

Celebrity Photographers
The late actor and film make Dennis Hooper will not only be remembered for his great movies but also for his photography. He was among the best and most talented photographers with his work having lots of detail and great composition. He tackled all sorts of photography ranging from complex portraits, street photos to photos of random people. His attention to detail in his work is quite inspiring and breathtaking.


Celebrity Photographers #6
Tyra Banks

Celebrity Photographers
We have seen Tyra on the runway, teaching models how to model and deciding which photos have enough sauce. This multi-talented star deeps her toes in photography every now and then and manages to create some decent photos.


Celebrity Photographers #7
Norman Reedus

Celebrity Photographers
The talented Norman Reedus from walking dead can do much more than act. His work displays great talent and he goes a step further to publish a book on photography. You can find his interesting shots in his photo book titled “The Sun’s coming up like a big bald head”.


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