Christmas is synonymous to snowy landscapes, Christmas markets, and hot Glühwein (mulled wine). Or is it? This article presents places to visit in december, here you can find the craziest, out-of-the-ordinary places in the world to spend this year’s Christmas holidays and it guarantees to change the images that pop up in your mind when you’re thinking about Christmas Time.

Places to visit in december tip #1
Hong Kong, China

Craziest places to visit in december - Hong Kong in China
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If Christmas lights is your thing then wait until you visit Hong Kong. The city covers up in glittering lights and neon signs reading Christmas wishes to passersby. Skyscrapers at Victoria Harbour, get decorated from around the beginning of November looking even more spectacular from what they already do. Special events such as Winterfest and Hong Kong Pulse Light Show take place throughout December while a Christmas market inspired by Finland’s oldest Christmas market is set on Stanley Plaza. And if you miss the snow while you’re visiting Tokyo the city’s indoor ice rings will do the trick and add a bit of wintery feeling to your holidays.

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Places to visit in december tip #2
South Iceland, Iceland

Craziest places to visit in december - Iceland

Who said you can’t find a crazy place in Europe to spend your Christmas holidays? Take a tour in South Iceland and let the aurora borealis lighten up your nights while you’re warming up in a hot tub in a wooden bungalow in the countryside. The word spectacular isn’t enough to describe the Icelandic landscape and if low temperatures isn’t a problem for you then, December is the time of the year to visit the Nordic country. Take a dip in the Blue Lagoon, go snowmobiling and glacier hiking and listen to the legends about the 13 naughty trolls known as Yule Lads.

By the way: Did you know that Reykjavik, the capital city of Iceland, is one of the most kid-friendly vacation spots? One fact is that Icelanders believe in the existence of elves. Pretty cool, hm?!

Places to visit in december tip #3
Rovaniemi, Finland

Craziest places to visit in december - Rovaniemi, Finland
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Known as the official hometown of Santa Claus, Rovaniemi in Finland is one of the most popular Christmas destinations. A visit to Santa Claus Village will make you believe that the white-bearded man lives there all year round and along with his elves is preparing for the big day on December the 25th. Reindeers and husky farms complete the already magical scenery while the fact that you’re only about 6 kilometers (4 miles) away from the Arctic circle, where the story of Christmas begins will get you into the festive spirit right away.

Places to visit in december tip #4
Sydney, Australia

Craziest places to visit in december - Sydney, Australia

Escaping Europe’s winter and traveling to the southern hemisphere where summer is on its peak, should be on every Christmas lovers to-do list. Visiting Christmas markets surrounded by snowy landscapes is certainly a great way to spend your Christmas holidays. But sunbathing with palm trees on the background when the calendar shows 25th of December is unquestionably a unique experience for those living in the northern hemisphere. And there couldn’t be a better place than Sydney for your sunny Christmas holidays.

Bondi Beach the city’s most popular beach gets packed with people of all ages. There you’ll see locals and tourists surfing wearing bathing suits and a Santa Claus hat on top. If that’s not an interesting image, then we don’t know what it is. Spend this year’s Christmas Day with sand in your toes and an ice-chilled cocktail on your hand.

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Places to visit in december tip #5
Hakuba, Japan

Craziest places to visit in december - Hakuba, Japan
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Fitness lovers and outdoor enthusiasts like Christmas holidays because they can fit in a few days practicing their favorite winter sports and relaxing in nature. If you fall into this category we have the perfect destination for this year’s Christmas escape: The Japanese Alps. Hakuba village a few miles outside Nagano is a popular ski destination filled with luxurious resorts. Christmas isn’t celebrated in a spectacular way in Japan, so, this place is for those preferring to avoid Christmas carols, large crowds and of course the jam-packed shopping malls.

Places to visit in december tip #6
Orlando, Florida, US

Craziest places to visit in december - Orlando, USA

Orlando in Florida might not be the first destination that comes to mind when you’re thinking of Christmas vacation but trust us, it should be. The sunny US State has much more to offer than tropical beaches, blue clear skies, and high temperatures. Not that we imply that these reasons aren’t enough to book a ticket for the next flight to Orlando. But Orlando brims with theme parks and resorts that will add a dash of magic to your Christmas holidays. Walt Disney World Resort is definitely the star of the city but if you want to avoid large crowds there are plenty of other things you’ll find to do. The Singing Christmas Trees, Orlando Ballet’s annual Nutcracker performance and the annual Now Snowing event are some of them.

Places to visit in december tip #7
Tokyo, Japan

Craziest places to visit in december - Tokyo, Japan
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Tokyo is an impressive city any time of the year, let alone when myriads of lights decorate the impressive skyscrapers and modern-design buildings. Every street around the city center is adorned with sparkling lights that sometimes are in the shape of snowflakes and other festive illuminations. Take a walk down The Marunouchi area near Tokyo Station and catch a glimpse of Japan’s tallest Christmas tree which reaches over 14 meters. Another popular district that shouldn’t be missing from your list is Roppongi. Here you’ll find locals and tourists strolling around Keyakizaka Street admiring the thousands of lights placed on every corner of the street. This year’s theme is “Snow and Blue” so the 700,000 LED lights placed along the street have a cool bluish color.

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Places to visit in december tip #8
Moscow, Russia

Craziest places to visit in december - Moscow, Russia

Moscow has something special during Christmas time and it makes you feel like you’re taking a journey back in time. Maybe it’s the staged fairytales performed on Tverskaya Square, the scenic Christmas market on Red Square or the city’s imposing buildings illuminated by thousands of lights. Dozens of events, theatrical plays, and music concerts take place throughout December while “Journey into Christmas” festival runs from December 18 until the 14th of January featuring street art shows, cooking and decorating classes, and many other events. Ice rinks and Christmas markets are placed all over the city so, if you’re visiting the capital of Russia in wintertime you’ll never get bored. Whatever you’ll decide to do, just don’t forget to slide down the country’s largest ice slide which spans 100 meters, between Manezhnaya Square and Revolyutsii Square.


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