Just when we all thought the time of crazy selfies is over and it’s time to put this selfie business behind us, the internet showed us otherwise. Selfies are here to stay. If anything, they keep getting crazier with every snap.

Things have gotten crazy to the point that so many people took up the bear selfie challenge which resulted in authorities issuing a safety warning. A plea that only sparked more and more bear selfies. But it gets crazier. Many people around the world have ended up losing their lives or even getting injuries from dangerous selfies. But does this stop people from taking dangerous selfies? We both know the answer to that.

We get it, a plain old head shot selfie does not cut it anymore. You need to add some zing into it. But how far are you willing to go for the ultimate selfie? For some of us, apparently not far enough but for others, so far, it is simply … crazy. That said, I give you the craziest selfies we have come across so far. Have a blast, but don’t try this at home!

Crazy Selfies #1
Things Heat Up In Pursuit Of The Best Volcano Footage

Crazy Selfies
Crazy Selfie – Craziest Selfie

This is a tale of three explorers whose thirst for adventure took them to the Marum Volcano, for their own firsthand experience at the lake of lava. These courageous men got out unscuffed and with loads of selfies and a video for a trophy. This is one of them.

Crazy Selfies #2
‘Hakuna Matata’ When On An African Safari!

I don’t care how domesticated a cheetah is, there is no way I am getting close to it. At least not without a cage between us. However, this lady is bold enough to take a selfie with one. Crazy, right? Just curious though, whose pout was better?


Crazy Selfies #3
Remind Me Again, When Did We Get This Comfortable With Wild Animals?

Crazy Selfies
Crazy Selfie – Craziest Selfie

The word bold is simply not enough to describe the nature of the South African ‘lion whisperer’ Kevin Richardson. As the title suggests, one of his hobbies is hanging out with ‘the pride’ and taking selfies.


Crazy Selfies #4
When You Live In The City Where There Are No Mountains, Go Ahead And Climb A Skyscraper.

I don’t know who made roof-topping (climbing buildings) a hobby but these guys seem to be all cool about it so… it’s all good! Legal or not, we can all agree that this is as crazy as it gets when it comes to the selfie madness.


Crazy Selfies #5
I Truly Hope The Landing Was Safe

Crazy Selfies
Crazy Selfie – Craziest Selfie

Here I was thinking that extreme sports required lots of concentration. This guy, however, has the time to take a selfie midair!


Crazy Selfies #6
Forget Swimming With The Dolphins, Poisonousj Jelly Fish Is Much More Masculine!

Crazy Selfies
Crazy Selfie – Craziest Selfie

There is nothing left to say here. Well except … don’t move, your life depends on it!

The Verdict

Truth be told, some of the stunts in these pictures are just outright crazy. Too crazy to even make it in some of our bucket lists. Whether it is a cry for attention or simply living life on the edge, these stunts are dangerous. Some have even resulted in death by selfies. Not to be a buzz kill some more, but before you go out and take one of these, ask yourself, is it really worth your life? But then again, who am I to tell you how to live?


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