When we think of Côte d’Azur, we usually think of bigger and more popular cities like Nice, Cannes and St Tropez. However, you’d be truly missing out if you only include these in your itinerary when visiting the French Riviera. So if we sparked your interest, keep reading because our next recommendations will fully convince you to book your tickets to the south of France immediately! Also, if you’re planning a bigger vacation and want to explore every corner of this beautiful country, check out our article France: The Ultimate Travel Guide.


The beautiful city of Antibes is right between Nice and Cannes. You can easily discover the entire city in a day, but we recommend at least two. If you want to have a magical experience, forget about Google maps once you’re in the center and simply get lost in its narrow and colorful streets. If you’re a big fan of Picasso’s works, then you can visit the Picasso Museum in the afternoon and afterwards have a picnic by the beach. For Dinner, if you’re feeling like treating yourself, go to Michelin star restaurant Les Pêcheurs.

Things to do in Antibes

Get lost in Antibes Old Town

Visit the Picasso Museum

Go swimming at Billionairs Bay

Have a picnic at Plage de la Gravette

Catch a sunset at Cap d’Antibes’ rocky coves

Have a fancy dinner at Les Pêcheurs


If you’re a fan of lemons, you have to visit Menton. This gorgeous little city is right in the border between France and Italy and is famous for its delicious lemons. You can easily explore it a day but again, if you want to make the most of your stay we recommend at least two. Start your day by discovering the little shops in the old town, pick up some goodies for later (or souvenirs for your friends and family). What we mean by souvenirs is the delicious lemon products of course! Then make sure to stop by Marché des Halles for (you guessed it) even more food! Stroll around the streets until you find either Plage des Sablettes or Plage Rondelli, enjoy the colorful view of the picturesque buildings. If you feel motivated enough, you can even go for a walk to Italy!

Things to do in Menton

Discover the shops along Rue St Michel

Visit a lemon shop for some goodies

Try the lemon cookies at La Cure Gourmande

Go to Marché des Halles

Visit Val Rahmeh Botanical Garden

Soak up some sun at Plage Rondelli

Visit the Basilica of Saint Michael Archangel

Cross the border and visit Italy


Èze is a small town between Nice and Monaco and it has the most gorgeous medieval vibes. You can easily check the whole town in an HOUR! As usual, we highgly suggest you to ditch Google maps and wander around to fully enjoy and absorb its beauty. Once you got acquainted with the streets and saw the whole town, go up Jardin Exotique for an amazing view of the coastline (don’t forget to take a photos and send postcards from here!). After enjoying the entire town to the fullest, you can hike down to the beach to relax under the sun.

Things to do in Èze

Get lost around town

Visit the Èze church

Visit Jardin Exotique for breathtaking views

Hike down to Èze beach

Have a fancy dinner at Le Nid d’Aigle or Les Remparts

Don’t forget to send a postcard from Côte d’Azur!

We hope we could inspire you to visit these gorgeous underrated cities in the French Riviera. If you decide to add these destinations to your travel itinerary, prepared your phones and cameras! You will want to take pictures of every single street, corner and view! If you upload any of these memories on social media, feel free to tag us using #MyPostcardMoment. We would love to see your travel photos!

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