Welcome to our Discovering Montenegro travel guide. Have you ever heard of this eastern European hidden gem? If not, then you’re in for a treat! It is slowly becoming a popular destination because of its beautiful & dreamy towns, rich history landmarks, national parks and gorgeous beaches. It has a nice combination of mountains and sea, so this destination really does have something for everyone.

For beach lovers

Kotor, start your way from here and then head west along the coastline. Just a 15 minute drive, you will find the gorgeous seaside town of Perast. This is one is ideal for a romantic weekend getaway or a day-trip. Up next, we have Mogren beach located in Budva. Filled with soft sand and beautiful caves, you won’t want to miss it! Lastly, one of the most popular ones is called Sveti Stefan, it is no wonder its one of the most visited attractions in Montenegro. The views here will surely take your breath away! If you feel like splurging on this trip, we recommend a stay in the luxury resort from this beach.

Some other beaches worth mentioning are Jaz, Queens, Lucice and Buljarica. So depending on where you are staying, you can check out the nearest one to you!

For nature lovers

If you’re a fan of a little bit of adventure, gorgeous landscapes and hiking… then you will enjoy our next 5 recommendations. Even if you’re not the most sport-loving person, these are definitely worth to check out. Specially if you’re all about gorgeous views for your Insta feed 😉

  • Durmitor National Park
  • Tara Canyon raft down tara river
  • Lovcen Nantionak park
  • Skadar lake
  • Bay of kotor

Random fact: Did you know Montenegro is the 7th country in the world with the most Unesco world heritage sights per square foot? Well, now you do!

For history lovers

If you feel like learning more about this beautiful country, then here’s a list of some interesting museums we can recommend:

  • The city museum of Budva
  • The Monastery of Saint Peter
  • The National Museum of Montenegro
  • King Nikola’s Palace
  • Ulcinj Museum of Archaeology, Ethnology and Local History
  • Maritime Heritage Museum

and lastly, if you’re a huge cat-lover, we recommend going to the Cats Museum located in Kotor!

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