Enjoy the great outdoors and get back to nature with a camping trip this summer. If you are looking for some easy camping hacks, our collection of borderline-genius camping tips and hacks for families are bound to impress!

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Camping tips and hacks for families

#1 Have a practice run

When camping with family, there is something about pitching up that always causes a bit of a row. Got a new tent? Put it up in the garden or at a local park before your trip.

#2 Insulate your space

If you are camping in the colder months, make sure that you do not sleep directly on the floor. You can also place a blanket underneath your air bed or sleeping mat for extra insulation.

#3 Pack spare batteries

Whether it is for a handheld or head torch for finding the bathroom in the middle of the night or even a power bank or extra battery for your phone. Batteries are a must and we advise you to take extras!

#4 Practice fire safety with the kids

A woman sits near a tent with tea having followed easy camping hacks

Camping is not quite camping without a roaring fire and some toasted marshmallows.  But perhaps not all the kids have been around an open fire before. Get the children involved in building the fire and reiterate the importance of fire safety throughout.

Best Camping Food Hacks

#5 Avoid charred pots

You know the problem? Cooking over a fire makes your pots and pans charcoal black and super difficult to clean… Easy! Just rub some soap on the bottom of the pan before cooking over the fire – the designated washer up will thank you for it.

#6 Plan it out

Try to have a basic plan of what you will eat on each day so you can ensure that you have the necessary ingredients and equipment before you leave home.

#7 Food Prep

Foil-wrapped food on the fire is one of our easy camping hacks for food prep

If you can, take food that is already prepared to make life easier. For example, you could put together some pancake mix, have some vegetables chopped, and even make sandwiches for your first day in the wild. Speaking of food – make sure to bring foil! It’s a lifesaver when it comes to cooking without burning!

#8 Use a Cool box

If you are just camping for a night or two, this may not be necessary. But if you’re a regular camping family or going for a longer trip, a cool box can make all the difference. Plus, it is better for your budget as you will not need to eat out quite as much!

#9 Food Storage

Whether it is a couple of plastic food-safe boxes or refrigerator bags, appropriate storage will help you to keep your food fresher for longer without taking up too much space.

Camping Beauty Hacks

#10 Dry Shampoo

If showers are limited and you have hair that gets greasy quickly, dry shampoo can make such a difference. If you don’t have any product to hand, cornflour or talc can also be effective but easy camping hacks for hair.

#11 Keep it minimal

Camping beauty hacks are not for everyone and if bare-faced beauty is not quite your thing, keeping makeup to a minimum can still be a great way to embrace your au naturelle outdoor look. For example, you could just use a tinted moisturiser, waterproof mascara and a tinted lip balm. Or nothing at all!

#12 Use Sunscreen

One of the most important camping tips and hacks for families on this list… Make sure that you pack (and use) appropriate factor sun cream – even when it’s overcast. You are likely to be spending much longer outdoors and your skin will certainly be grateful!

#13 Improvised nail file

Your nail’s broken and you didn’t pack a nail fail? 😮 Don’t panic – demin from your jeans, stone and even asphalt are good alternatives. Just rub the nail carefully until it becomes smooth.

Camping Hygiene Hacks

#14 Take anti-bacterial wipes

Things are likely to get dirty when you are camping and anti-bac wipes, cleaning wipes, or even baby wipes are a great way to keep on top of surfaces.

#15 Stick to Sample Size

Save packing space with sample-sized toiletries and cosmetics. A handy vacation life hack? Simply refill old bottles or collect samples at hotels.

#16 Pack plenty of underwear – or…

Improvised drying of clothes while camping on a fence

Clothes can be re-worn and washed, but try to make sure that you take enough socks and underwear to wear fresh every day. Alternatively, simply shower in your underwear to give it a second burst of life. This way you avoid nudity in the public showers if that’s not your thing.

#17 Use a bar of soap

Rather than using shower gel or products, consider using a natural bar of soap if you are washing in the wild. Not only is this better for the environment, but it can also be rubbed on bug bites to reduce itching. You can cut up the soap into daily portions before you go to the shower house, so that you don’t have to bring a wet soap back with you.

#18 Hand Sanitizer

Not only will this ensure that your hands are germ-free when you are eating or preparing food, but it can also double up as a pretty impressive fire starter.

#19 For the ladies… Cup instead of tampons

A menstrual cup can save a lot of space in your bag – and it’s more ecological too!

Packing Hacks for Camping

#20 Use bins

Keep things organised and in place with bins. For example, you could have one just for kitchen equipment and you could even label them so everyone knows where things should go.

#21 Roll don’t fold

Two backpacks lie on the rocks having been packed well

One of my favourite camping life hacks, rolling your clothes rather than folding them is a great way to make some extra room.

#22 Avoid rusty pots

If you are taking metal pots and pans, they may be at risk of rusting; especially if you are in an area with high humidity. Pack these with some of the small silica gel packs that you often get free with shoes to prevent this.

#23 Make a pillow

A pillow can take up lots of room, and it can be difficult to find the space. Instead of packing extra, you could always take a pillowcase and just fill it with clothes.

#24 Scare away the insects

3 young people sit around a fire: a camping life hack to avoid insects

A few drops of tea tree oil keep away mosquitos, ticks and other kids of unwelcome wildlife. Alternatively a light cover of vodka on your clothes should do the job, or burning sage in the fire. Of course, smoke in general is a great camping life hack for this too!

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  1. Hi Maud!

    Thanks so much for the tips, these are super helpful! I’ve been cooped up inside for the past 14 months due to Covid, but now that things are getting a bit better in the US I’m looking forward to some more camping trips this summer, so you’re tips will be put to good use. I’m on the hunt for a good portable fire pit, so I started a blog to document my search (still in its infancy). Looking for something small that I can bring with me when camping and is small enough to hike in/out to the campsite. I stumbled on your blog while doing some research!


    • Maud Arnold

      Hey Bobby,

      Awesome that you found our blog helpful! I also love a good BBQ and fire pit in the summer, but I only have a portable grill- Portablepit.com looks like it’ll be super helpful when I finally invest in a fire pit. 😀

      Enjoy your camping trips (and freedom in the great outdoors!),