Spring is here and with the Spring come tons of events in America! Perhaps your feet are itching to get back on the road, or for a quick getaway – anything just to make the most of your break. Don’t fret; we’ve gathered the best events in America happening for the month of May, and you won’t run out of options. Whether you want something to quench your thirst (wine tasting, anyone?), a fun concert gig, or a learning experience that will help you network with some of the best people around, you’ll find something that will pique your interest in this list:

Perfect events in America for the foodiesFoodie Festivals - Events in America

Event #1
16th Annual Indiana Wine Fair
May 12, 2018

On May 12, the 16th Annual Indiana Wine Fair opens its doors for exhibitors and guests. This gathering of wine enthusiasts allows you to sample and purchase wines from more than 30 vintners. Added to that, a parade of food trucks and vibrant music creates a fantastic mood. You get to leave with a souvenir IWF Tasting Glass, and a stomach filled with delicacies. In May there is also the Night Out for No Kid Hungry, held at New York. This unique dining experience includes 15 top chefs from all over the country, cooking side by side in order to raise funds for the cause. There’s a cocktail reception afterward, plus a live auction where you can bid on various travel and culinary items.

Event #2
Wild Turkey Festival
May 6, 2018

Head down McArthur, Ohio on May 6 for their Wild Turkey Festival, where the town comes alive with food and music, plus a carnival to boot. The festival opens on Thursday evening and runs until the weekend. Watch out for the Grand Parade, and the festival’s finale, the Wild Turkey Festival Queen.

Event #3
Craft Beer Week
May 4, 2018

Love craft beer? Pack your bags and head on to Madison, Wisconsin for their Craft Beer Week, starting on May 4. Here, the place brews with malts, hops and brews of your favorite companies, with brimming local food favorites ready to quell your hunger. Set your sights on those bottomless taps, plus workshops on how you can make your brew on your own.

Event #4
Gluten-Free Expo
May 5-6, 2018

Health buffs can watch out for the Gluten-Free Expo in Pasadena, California, happening on May 5-6. After that, you may want to drop by Paso Robles, California for their 15th Annual Olive Festival, happening at the same time.

Event #5
40th Annual International Bar-B-Q Festival
May 11-12, 2018

In Owensboro, Kentucky, people come together for the 40th Annual International Bar-B-Q Festival, happening on May 11-12. And on the 12th, there’s the 13th Annual Paradise Chocolate Fest, which is perfect for dessert lovers. This happens in Paradise California.

Event #6
International Greek Food Festival
May 18-20, 2018

The International Greek Food Festival opens up new flavors for the foodies in Little Rock, Arkansas; said event happens in May 18-20. On the 19th, Wyoming celebrates its Strawberry Festival in Delaware while in Hawaii, on the same date, there’s the 10th Annual Maui Brewers Festival.


Great Events in America for the music lovers

Music Festivals - Events in America

Event #7
Sunfest 2018
May 3-6, 2018

Sunfest 2018 opens up the line of music festivals happening this spring. This event happens in West Palm Beach, Florida, letting you enjoy the stunning seascape with your favorite celebrities blasting popular songs.

Event #8
Beale Street Music Festival
May 4, 2018

On May 4, Memphis, Tennessee unveils the curtains for the Beale Street Music Festival, where musicians from various genres – blues, soul, contemporary rock – come together in a three-night event. Also on May 4th, Atlanta, Georgia draws thousands of attendees for its Shaky Knees Festival, highlighting EDM/DJ acts for nights of modern beats.

Event #9
Rock the Range
May 18-20, 2018

Rock the Range tears up the mid-west on May 18-20, where the largest rock festival tips its hat to the loudest form of music. 60 bands will perform across three stages in three days, which means non-stop eargasm for rock and metal fans.

Event #10
Bottle Rock Music & Food Festival
May 25-27, 2018

Napa California opens its Bottle Rock Music & Food Festival on May 25-27. The same set of dates is the chosen period for Sasquatch in Washington where indie rock bands come together for a must-attend summer event.

Event #11
Caribbean Wine, Music & Art Festival
May 26-27, 2018

Airy, Maryland celebrates its Caribbean Wine, Music & Art Festival on May 26-27, so get your groove on, and ready your palette for some coastal flavors while listening to reggae jams. On the same date, hip-hop and indie fans gather into a throng for the Neon Desert, happening in downtown El Paso, Texas.


Inspiring cultures & creative events in America

Creative Festivals - Events in America

Event #12
River View Poetry Getaway
May 4-6, 2018

From May 4-6, River View Poetry Getaway in New York launches its yearly writing retreat to inspire your creative spirit in writing.

Event #13
Downtown Urban Arts
April 14-May 12

Suiting lovers of the arts, the Downtown Urban Arts in New York is open until May 12. During the same day, Cary, North Carolina indulges in its own Ritmo Latino Festival; leaving you to immerse yourself in the colorful Hispanic culture. For Asian-Americans, the DC Asian Pacific American Film Festival takes place at US Navy Memorial on May 11-13.

Event #14
Renegade Craft Fair
May 12-13, 2018

From May 12-13, Chicago, Illinois opens its doors for its annual Renegade Craft Fair. Pick up a new hobby or purchase a new artwork as you go along the booths.

Event #15
Japan Festival
May 15, 2018

On the 15th, Houston pays a tribute to the Land of the Rising Sun in its very own Japan Festival. That’s a nice way of bringing the orient to the west. Tea ceremonies, dance performances and authentic Japanese cuisine are among the top experiences.

Event #16
Mid-City Bayou Boogaloo
May 18-20, 2018

Mid-City Bayou Boogaloo happens between May 18-20; come here to experience a true Southern celebration and meet new friends

Event #17
The Worlds of Joaquin Torres-Garcia
April 12-May 25, 2018

Until May 25, Acquavella Galleries present The Worlds of Joaquin Torres-Garcia which displays over sixty paintings, sculptures and drawings from 1896 to 1949.

Event #18
San Francisco International Arts Festival
May 24-June 3, 2018

Starting on May 24, multiple locations in San Francisco celebrates the San Francisco International Arts Festival, bringing together a global community of art creators and lovers to “increase human awareness and understanding.” Be on a lookout for installations, art exhibits and feature performances across the Bay Area.


Are you ready for May?!


For the science lovers, the Smithsonian Institute’s 2001: A Space Odyssey Immersive Art Exhibit is open until May 28.

May is certainly not a month to let you get bored. With this list of amazing food, music and cultural festivals to attend, you may feel like there is not enough time! Plan yourself a solo trip or go with a friend or two and gather new experiences this spring with one of these events in America! Pick up a few items from this list – and discover the perfect routes to go as you head off on an eventful adventure!

Discover more: If you’re thinking about heading further afield this May, why not check out our favorite summer vacation spots around the world to get some inspiration. P.S. Don’t let fear of flying put you off living your dreams – we have some tips for you to keep it under control. 

Our Top Events in May in the USA

  • 16th Annual Indiana Wine Fair
  • Wild Turkey Festival
  • Craft Beer Week
  • Gluten-Free Expo
  • 40th Annual International Bar-B-Q Festival
  • International Greek Food Festival
  • Sunfest 2018
  • Beale Street Music Festival
  • Rock the Range
  • Bottle Rock Music & Food Festival
  • Caribbean Wine, Music & Art Festival
  • River View Poetry Getaway
  • Downtown Urban Arts
  • Renegade Craft Fair
  • Japan Festival
  • Mid-City Bayou Boogaloo
  • The Worlds of Joaquin Torres-Garcia
  • San Francisco International Arts Festival


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