Some people say that “a good friend listens to your adventures; a best friend makes them with you.” That perfect travel companion may be your old friend, your significant other, or someone you haven’t even met yet.

Whoever you choose, bring someone that matches your sense of adventure and will push you to try new things and get out of your comfort zone. These moments will make cherished memories for both of you and create an unbreakable bond that will bring you closer to your travel companion (so choose wisely).

So who should you invite on your next big adventure? Think about where you want to go and what you want to accomplish while you are there. When you think of all of that, who comes to mind?

Bringing your significant other

Traveling with your soulmate and partner as the perfect Travel Companion

Hey, whoever you date should be your best friend, right? Nearly 68% of people who travel say that they choose to travel with their spouse or significant other. A romantic getaway can be just what you need to rekindle that loving spark in your relationship or maybe give you both a chance to relax and just enjoy each other’s company while seeing cool and amazing sights.

Traveling together allows you to escape the pressures of life and just spend some quality time together. If you make your significant other your travel companion, be sure to choose a destination that you will both be excited about and matches the interests of you and your partner equally.

But travelling with someone, even someone you love, can drive you crazy sometimes. The habits that just bother you a little bit back home can become amplified on vacation so be careful about where you go and for how long.

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If you and your significant other are planning your first trip as travel companions, be sure you to follow the tips for romantic trips to make sure that your adventure is one for the books. Nothing will ruin a beautiful trip with your significant other faster than getting into an argument that could easily have been avoided with good planning and communication.

Bringing a friend

Bringing a friend to have the perfect Travel Companion

Bringing a friend on your adventures with you has a lot of pros when it comes to travel companions. With a little communication, you can split some of the costs of travel and you have your friend to keep you from getting too homesick while you enjoy your various travels together. No need to stress about who will be sitting by you in the plane or car because you have your time-tested friend by your side. Plus, you are friends for a reason, so you already know many of their quirks and can choose activities that you know you both enjoy.

Bringing your friend (or friends plural! A girls’ trip is always a yes from me!) means they may think of an amazing sight or activity that you wouldn’t have considered on your own. However, be careful to avoid exhaustion or fatigue because a cranky and irritated best friend getting on your nerves (or vice versa!) can ruin the fun for both of you. Properly budget money for food and be sure to plan enough time to rest between excursions and at night.

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P.S. We know that budgeting can be hard, so if you’re hitting your travelling’s version of a brick wall (walking into the bloke at security covered head to toe in metal jewelry perhaps?), then check out this guide to traveling low-budget in Europe


The two of you have practiced your selfie game together a lot already, so snap a few pictures and send them home to your family and other friends to say hello and share your joy. Neither of you will ever forget the amazing memories that you will make as you travel together because friends who travel together, stick together. Getting the perfect selfie can be hard of course… Learn how to up your selfie game here

Meeting a new Travel Companion

Meeting new Travel Companions who are in the same situation

If you want to be a little more adventurous and meet new people, you can try to find a new travel companion either before you leave or once you arrive at your destination. There are plenty of apps and websites available to help travellers meet up around the world and enjoy each other’s company.

So whether you want to meet someone before you plan your trip, or you are travelling by yourself and looking for some short-term company when you get to wherever you are going, then you may want to consider downloading a travel companion app such as Travello, HelloTel, and Backpackr. These apps will open the door to meeting so many amazing people you might never have met otherwise. 

If you would prefer to just meet and hang out with some locals, you can use the app PartyWith to find local guides who know where the best nightlife and parties can be found. Meeting people with different upbringings and life experiences can be a fun and exhilarating experience while making friends from around the world. Plus you get a multitude of cool friends to be your travel companion in the future and a bunch of couches you can call on for when you return to that place 🙂

Last thoughts

The perfect Travel Companion - What to think of

So finally sit down and plan that dream vacation. And when you are thinking about if and who you might want to invite on your crazy adventures with you, remember that the world is full of amazing places to see, but has even more amazing people. No matter who you do or don’t travel with, you have good friends standing by you and even more that you haven’t even met yet. You can always share some of your adventures with the people you love who couldn’t come along by sending them a personalized postcard. So go and enjoy travelling with the perfect travel companion of your choosing and make the memories of a lifetime.

All that’s left is choosing a destination! How about starting with one of these 10 amazing summer destinations?

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Discover more: If you and your travel companion are planning your next big adventure, here are some useful travel apps you may want to consider downloading to make the experience a little easier for everyone.


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