Girlfriends and a girls vacation. We might fuss, fight, and scream at each other, but we make sure to make up and plan an awesome girls’ trip! Crazy huh?

In all seriousness though, that’s life, and all your responsibilities grow and get harder. Before you know it, you’re only seeing your girls once a month (if you’re lucky).  One thing that you should not even think about changing – no matter how old you get – is those little getaways with your BFFs.

Whether it’s your annual extended girls’ trip or a short bachelorette trip, we’ll help eliminate unnecessary stress while on the road. Moreover, with summer just around the corner, getaway plans should certainly be in order!

Stress-Free Girls Vacation #1
What’s the destination?

To be cool with the destination for everyone is basic for Girls Vacation
Be careful with the destination choice – find a system to reach an agreement

As the designated trip organizer, you get to choose a destination for your girls’ getaway. Just make sure it suits the whole gang to avoid anyone bailing on your plans!

If this is a new group of friends and you don’t know everyone that well, the safest option is to unanimously agree on a destination – or get some sort of democratic system in place. In case you can’t agree on a single destination to go with, you can opt for a fun way of settling things.

Get everyone to write down the destination they’re rooting for on a piece of paper, fold it and submit it. Pick one folded paper from the rest and voila, you now have a destination!

Stress-Free Girls Vacation #2
Who’s The Gang?

Choose the Members of the trip really carfully
Make sure you bringing the girls who stay positive – choose your friends wisely!

This has got to be pretty high on the list when planning a girls’ trip, right? In fact, if it’s not the first decision you make, it should certainly be the second. There is no escaping the truth; not all your girlfriends are quite right for the trip – ask yourself if you see them making more problems than fun. Some do not just get along while others or would rather do anything else than travel. Or maybe it’s the destination you have chosen; you can’t please everyone and that includes all your girls.

As you swallow this hard truth 😉 Make a list of all the girls you plan on inviting and a mental note to mention it to anyone you haven’t invited. The worst thing you can do is look like you’re hiding it from them and you don’t want to hurt any feelings or worse, lose friends on a trip.

Stress-Free Girls Vacation #3
Timing Is Everything!

For a girls Vacation the time of traveling is important
Is summer or winter the best time for your destination – some places get very hot!

It’s bad enough that you have to coordinate schedules with your girlfriends; you definitely don’t need the stress of picking the right season to travel.

The best approach is to set dates based on the high and low seasons. Instead of traveling on the peak season when it’s crowded and expensive or low seasons when there is no action – hey, not like that 😉 – go during the shoulder season. This is the middle ground between the two, which allows you to have the best of both worlds.

Stress-Free Girls Vacation #4
Plan Way Ahead Of Time

Girls Vacation - Plan way ahead of time
Get planning now so that everything goes well then!

For your girls’ trip plans to succeed, the planning has to be done at least 2 to 3 months in advance. This ensures that everyone sets aside time for the vacation and that there is no last minute bailing. While early planning is encouraged, plans made too early (more than 6 months in advance) often end up being overlooked and eventually canceled.

While still on the topic of planning, make sure your dates and destination are set in stone especially after sending out the invitations. No need to give your friends any reasons to cancel.

Stress-Free Girls Vacation #5
Divide And Conquer

Girls vacation - Divide and conquer
Split up your responsibilities: who’s good at finding deals and who’s the organizer?

The tricky bit about planning a girls’ vacay is that most of your friends will not want to be involved in the hard stuff but will still want their opinions heard. As the initiator of the trip, take charge of all the important plans like the itinerary, the mode of transport and the financial bit.

Meanwhile, divide the other tasks amongst your girlfriends depending on what they are good at. Let the foodie pick out your eating joints and the party animal your night events. This way, you not only keep the peace within your group but also make everyone feel involved. Plus, you save yourself some hard work. 

Stress-Free Girls Vacation #6
Strictly, No Boys Allowed!

Girls Vacation - No Boys allowed
Leave the lads at home, time for that later!

In case you missed it, this is a girls‘ trip, strictly a girls’ affair – no boys allowed. C’mon, keep up 😉 There’s a reason they say girls have more fun, and it really would change the dynamic having your boys around. Save it for another trip. It’ll be good for the soul. Make sure you get the word out to your girls in case someone is planning to tag along with a boyfriend or any male companion!

Stress-Free Girls Vacation #7
Keep Drama At Bay

No drama please on a Girls Vacation
Take a break when you need to. There’s no need to do too much too fast!

Between hunger and fatigue from traveling, something could spark bad vibes during your trip. At some point, emotions will be high and this is when old unsolved issues creep up.

When such moments arise and you are on the verge of an ugly catfight, put a pin in it, and take a break from the road to eat or rest. Later, when everyone has regained composure, you can all sit down and get down to the bottom of your arguments.

Stress-Free Girls Vacation #8
Girls’ trip ideas

Girls Vacation can be different
Try something new! Change it up!

You don’t have to do the conventional girls’ road trip. There are many ways you can have quality, fun moments with your girls:

Go on a music festival trip

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Summer comes with loads of opportunities to let loose and dance like nobody’s watching. Enter, Music Festivals. What better way to connect with your girls than with some good beats and the open road?

Beach escape

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This may take a lot of effort planning but it will be totally worth it when you are all sipping cocktails and basking in the sun with the ocean in sight.

Weekend pampering

You and your girls can take a weekend trip out of town and hunker down in a spa hotel for some much-desired pampering and gossip.

Road trip

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Nothing brings friends closer together like an old school, open road trip!


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