Happy Halloween Messages For Your Cards or Texts

Marking the end of the summer and the start of winter, Halloween is a holiday associated with death, ghouls and spooks. The word Halloween dates back to 1754, but some form of All Hallows Eve has been celebrated for centuries before that. Believed to be the night when the veil between the living and the dead is lifted, this frightful festival is considered both a Christian and a secular holiday. However, it actually dates back to pre-Christianity pagan beliefs. So it’s a holiday that everyone can celebrate by sending or receiving Happy Halloween messages and cards.

This guide will break down everything you need to know about this festival of fright. It will include tips on writing and sending Halloween sayings for cards or text messages, and when and where this haunted holiday is upheld.

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When is Halloween?

Many countries celebrate Halloween on 31st October, preceding All Saints’ Day by a day. Whilst it certainly has ties with Christianity, it is widely believed that Halloween originated as a part of ancient Celtic harvest festivals; mainly the Gaelic festival of Samhain.

Halloween is more commonly held in Christian or secular countries. It also has links to other festivals that celebrate the dead around this time, like Dias de las Muertos in Mexico. Although some countries do not celebrate Halloween, they often have similar celebrations that honour the dead. However, these are not necessarily related.

5 ways to celebrate (beyond just Happy Halloween messages!)

In counties like Ireland, Canada and the USA, People celebrate this spooktacular holiday many ways more than simply sending a Happy Halloween message. Some of our favorite ways to celebrate Halloween include:

#1 Go Trick or Treating

For some, Halloween is all about getting dressed up and going trick or treating! This tradition dates back to 9th Century Britain and Ireland. After Christianity arrived in the UK, people would go ‘souling’ in search of sweet cakes from wealthy houses. However, the phrase trick or treat originated in 1920’s America.

#2 Watch some scary movies

For some people, Halloween is all about the horrors. Get snuggled up with some popcorn, bar the doors, and turn down the lights. Just make sure you have a cushion to hide behind for the extra scary parts!

#3 Carve a Pumpkin

People have been carving vegetables for Halloween for hundreds of years in Ireland. However, it was not until Irish immigrants reached America that the jack-o’-lantern became a pumpkin. Remember, be careful when you are using sharp knives and always make sure children are appropriately supervised.

#4 Host or Attend a Party

For many people, Halloween is all about the party. Providing an excellent opportunity to get dressed up, a great Halloween party is always lots of fun.

#5 Go on a ghost walk

There is nothing quite like a ghost tour or walk for that extra spooky Halloween feeling. It is also a fantastic opportunity to learn more about your area’s local history, including the skeletons lurking in the town’s closet.

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5 Happy Halloween messages for your cards or texts

Although Halloween is still only the 7th most popular holidays for sending cards, sharing happy Halloween messages with friends has grown in increasing popularity in recent years. What you write on your Halloween card will depend on who you are sending it to, but typically they tend to be fun and lighthearted.

If you are looking for inspiration, you could consider:

#1 To the party host

Attending a Halloween party? Why not send Happy Halloween messages to your host with a note like this one:

Example for Happy Halloween messages for the party hosr

Thank you for hosting this haunted but happy Halloween! It is time to eat, drink and be scary (or scared!). The witching hour is upon us! Sending my love.

#2 Happy Halloween messages for a child

Halloween is so much fun when you are a child and your Halloween sayings for their cards should aim to capture the joy of the season. If you are writing your Halloween card for a child, you could include a message such as this:

Template for Happy Halloween messages for kids

Trick or treat, give me something good to eat! Don’t forget, good friends share their Halloween candy. Hope you do not get too scared this Halloween. Love your boo-tiful friend/ aunt/ sister.

#3 To your best friend

Let your best friend and fellow witch sister know you care with happy Halloween messages just for her. Stick to the witchy theme with a message such as this one:

Inspiration of Halloween sayings for cards for friends

To my favorite Sanderson sister, Hubble bubble toil and trouble! It is that spooky time of the year. Be careful on your broom and don’t drink and fly! Hope your Halloween is filled with fun and frights. Love from your very best fiend.

#4 Halloween sayings for cards to a colleague or customer

Sending Halloween cards to your colleagues or customers is a great way to network and advertise. You will probably want to maintain a more professional tone, but you can still have fun with your message.

Template of Halloween sayings for cards that colleagues might like

Ghostly Greetings and Happy Hauntings! At the time of year when the jack-o’-lanterns glow, it is the perfect chance to say hello. Hope your Halloween is horrifyingly happy.

#5 Send traditional Happy Halloween messages

For some people, Halloween is an important festival that is an important part of the year’s cycle. If you would like to send a message with a more traditional tone, you could opt for something like this:

Celebrate the Samhain roots with a Happy Halloween messages like this example

A hauntingly Happy Halloween, to my most bewitching of friends! Happy Samhain to you and yours. 

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When to Send your Happy Halloween Messages in the post?

The deadline for posting your  Happy Halloween messages as cards depends on where you live in the world. We would always advise you to send cards out in advance, so you can be confident everyone has received it in time.

USA: Post in the USA typically takes around 6-8 working days, so try to send your Halloween cards before the 23rd.

Canada: Depending on where you are posting your cards to and from, the Canadian postal service advises standard post to be 4 working days.

Australia: Again, Australia postal service depends on the location you are sending your cards and where from. However, on average, the post takes around 3-8 working days.

UK: Post in the UK takes around 1-2 working days for 1st class and 3-4 for 2nd class. The post delivers every day except for Sunday.

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Found the perfect Happy Halloween messages? Now what?

Let your friends know you wish them a spooktacular All Hallows Eve with the perfect Halloween sayings on their cards! We have a range of frightfully fun postcards that would be ideal for sending your Halloween greetings.

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