Finally! A good excuse to have a fancy-dress party or (and) binge on candy and treats! Whatever your plans, I have five spooky ideas for you to help get the Halloween planning underway. Are you brave enough for a nightmarish evening, or do you fancy more of a treat than a trick? Whatever your style, the creep factor on our pumpkin rating will help you plan the night! Get ready for five scream-worthy Halloween activities that you can enjoy with family or friends.

Halloween Activity Ideas #1
Host a hair-raising horror movie night

Horror Movies as Halloween Activity Ideas

Love the party but hate the clean up? If you’re hoping for a more chilled out time on this year’s Halloween, you could have a scary good movie night with your friends. Whether you watch a real creepy classic horror movie like Dracula, want to gaze at Twilight’s Edward all night or binge watch Game of Thrones, everything’s possible. Just make sure that you have enough sweets and treats at home to calm your nerves (and ward off Trick-or-Treaters)!

Creep Factor

Halloween Activity Ideas - Creep factor 4

Halloween Activity Ideas #2
Plan your Halloween party… ?

Two skeletons at a party illustrating our halloween activity ideas

Be honest, if you had to spend the creepiest night of the year all by yourself, you’d be terrified! 😉

Better start planning that party instead… For a Halloween themed party, make sure to check off this list:

  • Fancy dress theme (you could choose a specific theme like the Rocky Horror Show, or just specify scary outfits)
  • ‘Scary’ party food. There are tons of ways to gore up your food. A favorite is getting Frankfurter (ready to eat) sausages, adding a splodge of tomato ketchup at the end and gluing on half an almond to it. Make some indents, and there you have it – a tasty severed finger.
  • Decorations, decorations, decorations. And by that, I mean fake cobwebs (or leave the real ones up, your call). Add some pumpkins, and dark lighting, and you’re on to a good start.

A tip for after the post-party clear up: All your friends came in fabulous outfits, and you’ve got some terrifying shots of them you’d like to surprise them with? Send them a ‘thank you for coming’ postcard decorated with your own photo of them via MyPostcard. We print your postcards and send them for you.

Creep Factor

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Halloween Activity Ideas #3
Visit creepy haunted places

Visiting Lost Places as one of many Halloween Activity Ideas

Trick-or-Treating and walking up to your neighbors’ doorsteps is not quite scary enough? Why don’t you visit some frightful places this year? You probably pass by some abandoned buildings every day, wondering what they look like on the inside. Perfect for Halloween! Grab a torch and some of your friends, and you’re all set! Suitable places could be abandoned hospitals or amusement parks – but make sure they’re safe and accessible in advance. If in doubt, you can also never go wrong with walking through a sinister cemetery. And don’t forget to take some creepy pictures!

Creep Factor

Halloween Activity Ideas - Creep factor 5

Halloween Activity Ideas #4
Shudder at the creepiest Wikipedia entries

Reading Horror Stories on Internet as Halloween Activity Ideas

You would be amazed by what is hidden in the depths of the Internet on a daily basis. The Internet’s creep factor shouldn’t be underestimated! It is the perfect way to spend All Hallows’ Eve. You can find the most frightening stories there, so better don’t read it right before bedtime. A little inspiration for you: Search for paranormal phenomena like shadow persons, urban legends, black-eyed children, mysterious stories of people’s disappearances, coffin births, unexplained sounds, the legends of Clinton Road or UFO sightings. Remember to play a good horror soundtrack.

Creep Factor

Halloween Activity Ideas - Creep factor 3

Halloween Activity Ideas #5
Play spooktacular games and wear crazy costumes

A woman in a Halloween outfit dressed like a dead prisoner on an orange sofa

If you are more of a last-minute kind of person, I have some perfect Halloween party ideas for you. These are great if you want to dial down the scary. Even on Halloween you can’t go wrong with some fun!

Horror stories by the bonfire: If the weather is good, you can sit by a crackling bonfire and tell each other some horror stories. Tip: Hold a torch directly under your chin to maximize the effect.

Mummy Wrap: Form pairs and hand out two rolls of toilet paper to each pair. The team members now start to wrap each other as fast as possible. The first fully mummified team wins! Cool side effect: After that you have a group costume as a scary mummy gang!

Pumpkin Bowling: The empty toilet paper rolls from the mummy challenge can be used for this game as bowling pins. Use some small pumpkins to hit them with – and by the way, bowling with pumpkins is not that easy, because they roll irregularly.

Drawing and miming horror movie characters or legends: This game requires hardly anything: Paper, pen, some ideas, and you’re all set!

Creep Factor

Halloween Activity Ideas - Creep factor 2

Halloween activity ideas for your perfect night of horrors

Your Halloween horror night will be perfectly spooky with these five cool Halloween party ideas! What are you trying this year? Perhaps all of them in an exteme Halloween marathon? No matter what your night will look like, don’t forget to save the memories by taking photos and having them print and sent by the MyPostcard app.

Happy Halloween!


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