I like to think of headshot photos as a chance to truly focus on a person’s facial beauty. Fine, you could argue that most headshot pictures end up in job application forms and other formal documents. This is true, but recently, a good number of headshot photos are finding their way in the wallets of our loved ones or even as bedside portraits. This not only shows that headshot photography need not be all serious and boring but also emphasizes the need to get it right. A headshot needs to show confidence, mystery, and should also capture your personality at the very least. Let us show you how to get it right!


Headshot Photography Tip #1
Focus On Your Eyes

Headshot Photography
Your eyes are a window to the soul. I’m pretty sure you’ve heard this before. True to this, since you have little to work with in terms of posing, your eyes should simply grab attention. In a pile of hundreds of other photos, strong and fierce piercing eyes will definitely bring the picture to life and enable you to stand out. If your eyes are looking dead, you could try remembering a few jokes or happy times so that it lightens your moods and make you look happier and livelier.


Headshot Photography Tip #2
Take A Deep Breath

Headshot Photography
Keep in mind that it is never that serious so always take a deep breath. When you take a deep breath, you automatically calm down, and you relax a little bit.  You definitely want to look genuine as opposed to looking like you are forcing a pose. Just sit back and imagine there is no camera in front of you so that your personality is captured in the most genuine form. They say that the best photos are the ones that are taken unawares; this is because when they are captured, the subject is usually relaxed.


Headshot Photography Tip #3
Practice Your Facial Expressions

Headshot Photography
Since you are looking to have a great headshot, the best you can do to get that is to practice in the mirror. You want to look as natural as you possibly can on the day of the shoot, and so you need to check the variety of smiles you will use. Obviously, there are some that look better than others, and you will only be able to tell that when you practice that on the mirror.


Headshot Photography Tip #4
Keep Your Back Straight

Headshot Photography
For good posture in any shoot, you need to maintain a perfect posture.  With a straight back, you will look confident, and the headshot will be exactly how you need it to be. When you tilt either forward or to the sides, it will always have a slimming effect on the camera.


Headshot Photography Tip #5
Work With Different Angles

Headshot Photography
Just because it is a headshot does not mean you remain rigid or you stick to one position the whole time. Think different angles and have different positions to make the shot perfect. You can even decide to shift your weight to either of your feet to make it look better because it will have an effect on the overall outcome. You should avoid facing the camera straight or 100 percent because it definitely does not look natural. When you shift, ensure that it is slight and subtle.


Headshot Photography Tip #6
Rehearse Chin Awareness

Headshot Photography
You should pay a lot of attention to how you place your neck because sometimes you look like you have a double chin even when it is not the case in reality. Most photographers normally advise people to ensure that there is always space between the neck and the chin. In short, always assume there is an orange placed under the chin and maintain the position. This position is strenuous and feels very uncomfortable and unnatural but you need to do it anyway because you will be glad you did once you see the photos.


Headshot Photography Tip #7
Practice Hand Placement

Headshot Photography
For headshots, sometimes the arms appear in the frame either partly or fully. You want your hands to be placed appropriately.  The trick is never to make a fist with the hands. In the case that you are placing the hands in your pocket, ensure that at least a finger is showing.


Headshot Photography Tip #8
Be Creative And Use Your Acting Skills

Headshot Photography
You should have fun and roll with it. Ensure you get into character and consistently act like the camera is your friend. Getting into character will make it easy for you to have the perfect pose without really putting many struggles in it.


Headshot Photography Tip #9
Keep the look as simple as you can

Headshot Photography
Less is more, so, starting from your dressing to how you pose; simplicity will have a great impact on the final outcome. Dress well and have a decent amount of makeup that will still make you look natural at the end of the day. The aim is not to have a glamor look but an everyday look that reflects who you are on a daily basis. You can do something simple with your hair so that it is not too distracting to draw the attention from your face.


Headshot Photography Tip #10
Natural vs. studio

Headshot Photography
For the longest time, people have always had the headshots in studios, but recently people are looking to be a bit more creative and do things a bit differently.  Both places will give you a different and ultimate look, and they are wonderful. If you are looking for generally a more polished and a neutral backdrop, then the studio is the perfect setting for you as it has perfect lighting. On the other end, natural light will tend to give you a natural look.


Taking headshot photos is simple and complex at the same time. On one hand, there is minimal posing eliminating any chances of looking silly. On the other hand, you need an attention grabbing photo which is as natural as possible. Confusing right? Luckily, finding the balance between boring and too much is not that hard. Simply be yourself and tone down on the makeup. Lastly, make sure you are confident in each and every shot. Trust me, it will show!


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