This article will help you on how to get your photos noticed! Let’s face it, every photographer’s dream is to have their work in the limelight. Money may be a motivator too but for an artistic skill like photography, recognition triumphs money any day. You are probably working your ass off hoping to get noticed and perhaps makes some money out of your work. Maybe build a career? The big question is, what is it that famous photographers do differently that makes them recognized? Well, loads of things. Beginning with recognizing the difference between putting your work out there and getting it noticed. We let you in on tips to get your photos noticed. Stay tuned!

How To Get Out Your Noticed – Tip #1
Be good at photography

How To Get Your Photos Noticed
This is very obvious. In order to get your photographs noticed, you have to create interesting photographs. I mean how is anyone supposed to spot your work if it does not sand out? You have to have that wow factor. Have that ‘perfect eye’. Get your own style and chose to see your subjects in a new light. This seems like a lot to chew on especially if you are just starting up, but trust me, with practice and time, you end up a great photographer. If you are not sure whether your work is interesting enough, use your photos to get feedback.

How To Get Your Photos Noticed – Tip #2
Find your own unique path

How To Get Your Photos Noticed
As I said before, you can’t be noticed if you flock with the rest of the birds. You have to stand out. Most important is to find your niche. This is your area of expertise or which subjects suites you best. The best way to stand out is to find something that has never been photographed (even though that is close to impossible in 2017). In order to find your unique path you have to;

  • Find a topic you know a lot about. You have to choose a topic or story you can relate to.
  • Find an area that is unexplored or an untold story that is interesting.
  • Be bold. No one ever said there are rules to photography.
  • Use unique equipment. Create uniqueness to your photos by using unique equipment an example is using old film cameras.

How To Get Your Photos Noticed – Tip #3
Social networks

How To Get Your Photos Noticed
Getting your work noticed never got easier. The best of photographers make good use of social media networks to post their photographs. Up to three-quarters of people in the world own a smartphone and are listed in at least two social media networks. Take this to your advantage and post your unique photograph in at least one of these networks. If it’s good enough, it gets the attention it deserves. Popular social media networks include; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Snapchat and many more you could use to your advantage.

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How To Get Your Photos Noticed – Tip #4
Enter Photography Competitions

How To Get Your Photos Noticed
Photography contests happen to be one of the best ways of getting your photos out there. The main aim of entering these competitions is to emerge the winner but even without winning, your photograph might still get noticed. You also experience and an opportunity to improve your photography skills. Most important, winning these contests guarantees your work will be noticed by authorities in the industry as well as winning prices. Most of these photographic contests are found on almost all photographic sites. Make sure you read the terms and conditions before enrolling since some contests might be a hoax. This also ensures you follow rules in the competition.

How To Get Your Photos Noticed – Tip #5
Run A Photography Blog

How To Get Your Photos Noticed
As much as social media networks put your work out there, blogs are different. A photography blog is a frequently updated online journal where you can express your art to the world. It’s all your best work put together in the most attractive design. Although this is one of the best ways to get exposure, it mostly works for well-known photographers. This does not mean budding photographers do not require blogs. It is important as a reference point just in case anyone wants to view your work.

How To Get Your Photos Noticed – Tip #6
Photography Galleries

How To Get Your Photos Noticed
This happens to be the easiest way to get local exposure. Galleries have a lower standard when it comes to entry when compared to exhibitions. They happen to be a perfect starting point for budding photographers. All you have to do is rent some space, put your work out there and the rest depends on how good your work is. The photographs might earn a little money (not the main focus) that could repay the rent paid. Another advantage is that the photographer gets immediate feedback which is necessary for correction.

How To Get Your Photos Noticed – Tip #7
Photographic Forums

These are groups where photographers get to exchange ideas and views about their work. They majorly depend on the subject matter. Forums are great if you are just starting since they not only expose your work but also enable a correction. In addition, you get to view other photographer’s work.

How To Get Your Photos Noticed – Tip #8
Get Your Photographs Published

How To Get Your Photos Noticed
If you think your photos are ‘newsworthy’, you could visit the nearest publishers and offer them your ideas. News publishing outlets are usually interested in finding photos that relate to their stories. They don’t have to come to you, you visit your local publishers and offer them your work and might even land a permanent job. The main point is that it earns you all the exposure you need depending on how popular the publishers are.


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