When was the last time you laughed really hard because of a photo? I mean, belly-shaking, tear streaming, no sound laughter. Probably not so long ago. But have you ever taken a photo that inspires laughter? No? Well, in all honesty, it’s not an easy task to make people laugh. Especially if your audience is a tough crowd of internet critics and guys who have had a long day at work. Come to think about it, my funny may not be your funny. Worse, there are no defined rules to humor photography (not sure if this is good or bad). The big question is, can it be done? Can you really use your photography skills to brighten a person’s day? But Of course!

Humor Photography Tip #1
Grab The Moment While It Lasts

Humor PhotographyI think this is obvious. I mean it’s not every day you get to see a wasted sloth (this totally broke the internet huh?). While on your day to day photography sessions, an opportunity will definitely present itself. Grab it. It may be as subtle as a child’s reaction during a wedding (you will not believe how common these are) or as wild as bold as a photobomb during a shoot. While I’m a sucker for creative funny pics, don’t try too hard. It usually shows. The result is rolling of eyes instead of laughter.




Humor Photography Tip #2
Tired Of Waiting For Your Moment? Set It Up

Humor PhotographyAs much as you are a photographer, you can’t bring your camera literally everywhere in pursuit of humor. This is how you became that one friend! If you have been driving yourself crazy waiting for a funny moment to pop up, why not create it? Using some props may not be as awesome as seizing the moment, but when done right, it gets things done. A common way to set up for funny pics is using famous statues. Funny sign boards also get the job done.


Humor Photography Tip #3
Make Perspective Work To Your Advantage

Humor Photography

Taking photos from different angles can really change the perspective of a photo. Better yet, throw in a wide angle lens and you have yourself a funny image. This works by distorting the shapes of faces making them funny. Of course, it needs a bit of trial before you get the perfect shot, so visualize and hung in there.


Humor Photography Tip #4
Go After The Common Culprits

Humor Photography
Think about it, where do most funny photos come from? Children and Animals, right? So if you are in this line of photography and don’t have a funny pic yet, one is definitely coming your way. Try to make your subject laugh or give off funny gestures by making faces yourself or even offering treats. Sometimes you don’t have to do anything, your subjects will bring the action to the shoot, just be ready to capture the moment.


Humor Photography Tip #5
Last Laugh

Humor PhotographyIf you have been focusing too much on other types of photography, give yourself a break while giving your audience a good laugh. You don’t even have to go hunting for a funny pic, you will get one right at the comfort of your work.

Oh, before I forget, in this kind of photography, Photoshop should be your close buddy. Also, there is no shame in finding a little inspiration from other photographers.

Take a funny picture today. Because not all heroes wear capes. Maybe because laughter is the best medicine. Most importantly, because they make the best postcards!


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