Dreading the chill of winter? How about inviting a sense of hygge into your home? Hygge, a Danish term for getting cozy, is the love of the simplest things in life. Oxford Dictionary explained it as a “comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being.” The word, pronounced as “hoo-guh,” was said to be the inspiration for the English word “hug.”

It makes sense, for hygge was commonly associated with serenity, indulgence and a feeling of gratitude. This is the feeling you have when you cuddle on your favorite couch with nothing to do but read your favorite book and drink your favorite cocoa. It is the pleasure of slowing down, and this winter, you have all the time.

How to Hygge? Follow these tips:

Tip #1
Settle For Some Nice Neutrals

As the flamboyant colors of autumn are slowly covered by the white blanket of snow, it’s time to welcome natural tones into your home. The neutral palette may seem underwhelming to some, but this actually eases the eye and gives you the feeling of calm. Use pastel and muted colors and mix them with wooden elements for an organic look. For an added burst of color, don’t forget to decorate the side tables and shelves with potted plants.

Tip #2
Pull Out Those Cozy Knits And Blankets

Now is the time to indulge yourself in the warm embrace of wool knits wherever you go. Layer your couches with fur throws and quilted pillow covers. Then, roll into your spot and bask in the peace and quiet. Our tip? Snuggle up close to the window for that picturesque appeal.

Tip #3
Light Up Those Candles

Ditch the heavily-scented ones into the ordinary white wax candles; the Danish are purists, and they admire uncomplicated things. The soft glow of these candles warms the atmosphere. For a more decorative flair, place these candles inside a lantern.

Tip #4
Make A Fire (If Possible)

Keep your hearth alive as you and your family gather near the fireplace. Use it as a focal point for your lazy downtimes, as a lovely feeling of togetherness is essential in the hygge lifestyle. You can all pass time together by drinking warm beverages, telling stories or just cuddling closely. Take a picture, if you wish; the warm atmosphere makes a great postcard or a special memento.

Tip #5
Wear Cozy Socks

The easiest way to hygge is to wrap those chilly toes with a pair of argyle-print knit socks (or whatever your favorite winter pair is). To top it off, slip into a nice sweater and carry a blanket as you lounge by the rug, by your bed, or the banquette near the window.

Bonus: Create A Special Photo Wall With Your Family

Hygge is all about intimacy. Make your folks feel they belong by decorating empty spaces with fine photographs and postcards of their merriest smiles.

The warm, cozy glow of ambient candles and the thick texture of fabrics will make your hygge interior more inviting. But, more than that, it is the thought of enjoying the little things together that make these moments truly special.


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