Like it or not, we are moving digital with everything, and photography is no exception! The time has come where getting inspiration is not confined to a classroom or socializing with fellow photographers but by just a click of a button. I’m talking going to social media to get photographic inspiration. In particular, today we are discussing noteworthy Instagram photography accounts.

Instagram has millions of active users and this offers photographers a great opportunity to create an audience of dedicated fans over time. This enables photographers to share their amazing photography work and also create themselves a brand. Photographers have to frequently post outstanding images.

It is not easy to find the best photography account to follow on Instagram due to the vast number of users. But worry not; we have done the work for you. Below are some of the outstanding photography accounts to follow to spice up your Instagram feed.

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Instagram Photography Accounts #1

Steve McCurry is a photography legend. This is one of the most known names in photojournalism whose portfolio covers numerous countries, eras and cultures and his immense skill behind the camera is just not second to none. The composition, vantage and vibrancy of his photographs will definitely leave you in amazement. He mainly engages in culture photography. His Instagram account takes all around the world as it tells you thousand tales for different cultures all over.

Instagram Photography Accounts #2

This account represents a new school of creativity based in Dubai. Running of this account is not restricted to just a photography but also in cooperates some aspects of visual artists.  La boasts quite a captivating collection of work, cooperating together with some musicians and fashion labels.  A quick scroll through this account and you will realize a significant change in the style of photo taking. La’s images are mostly edgy, youthful and urban as it makes use of many creative tools. The visual art here shows a lot of creativity and it’s very much out of the box. It basically breaks all the rules of traditional photography. This unique style of photography is gaining a lot of popularity and this account has definitely become of the leaders in visual arts.

Instagram Photography Accounts #3

@misshattan left behind a nice career in the corporate world and pursued her great passion of photography and is nowadays one of the leading photographers in New York. This account brings a new dimension in street photography. Its imagery is that of a city that never sleeps. Photos taken from various viewing points, through snow, rain and snow make Miss Hattan’s photography of New York City very incredible. The lesson that u will learn from this account is not to take for granted or underestimate the environment around you.

Instagram Photography Accounts #4

This account deals with automotive photography. If you are enthusiastic about super-fast cars and are passionate about photography then this is the account to follow! There is really nothing better than some cool rolling shots of a classic Porsche or a Lamborghini sun-basking with its curves. @sammooresphoto  provides great shots of outstanding cars. You really don’t need anything else!

Instagram Photography Accounts #5

His work covers outdoor adventure and sports especially surfing and focuses mainly on capturing the instinctive experience of going to the places he shoots. He posts once or twice in a day. This account has built its following by doing analytical studies by Instagram and Spout.

Instagram Photography Accounts #6

This account always manages in capturing some of the most amazing moments. If you love adventure photos of skies with stars, mountains and lakes then you just have to follow this account.

Instagram Photography Accounts #7

This account provides awesome travel photos. The updates on this account are usually like semi-blog posts which are very informative. They describe the different areas where the awesome photos have been taken. You can at any time enjoy her storytelling by simply following this account!

Instagram Photography Accounts #8

This account provides breathtaking landscape photography from all over the world from New Zealand, Japan, Italy, Russia and more. This accounts feed is always very inspiring. The imagery is mostly on ice and frozen things.


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