Although January 1st is seen as a fresh start by many, estimates indicate that less than 10% of us actually manage to keep any of our ideas for New Year’s resolutions, with studies suggesting that the vast majority of us don’t even make it to February.

However, 2021 and 2022 have been a couple of years like no other and after the highs and lows of the last twelve months, everyone deserves a break from the same old, same old. In 2023, we’re focusing on self-care, improvement and development, with minimum guilt. So we have included some of the most popular New Year resolutions, as well as some tips and tricks for making them more manageable and much more achievable.

Discover New Year’s Resolutions for work, ideas for students, goals for whole families and goals for kids – or general goals for a new you.

New Year’s Resolutions ideas for Work

For those looking to set workplace goals and promote professional development, these New Year’s resolutions ideas for work professionals are bound to put you in good stead for employee of the year 2023.

#1 Adopt a new productivity method

There are so many different methods that aim to boost productivity, and it is all about finding the right fit. Whether it is Getting Things Done and eating that frog, setting a pomodoro timer, or checking out the Eisenhower Matrix, there is bound to be one that works for you. Alternately, you could make this the year you start using the Bullet Journal Method by Ryder Carroll for both productivity and creativity.

#2 Sort out your social media

In the modern day and age, our social media is able to tell people all about us. As a result, it could have a significantly positive (or negative) impact on our careers. Why not make 2023 the year you commit to sort out your profiles once and for all. Whether it is updating your resume on Linked in, following back your friends and colleagues on Instagram or just going through the 2009 Facebook posts from back when we thought it was perfectly acceptable to share our very waking thought.

#3 Skill up

Two colleagues work on a laptop to skill up

From learning a new language, getting to grips with coding or achieving the latest First Aid qualifications, think about a new skill you could learn to boost your CV. Developing marketable relevant skills may just put you in line for a pay rise or a promotion.

#4 Practice professional courage

We have all heard the old saying that it is not who you know, it is what you know. Make 2023, the year that you reach out to people and develop your business or just speak up and speak out in the workplace. Remember, it wouldn’t be courageous if fear was absent, so ask for that pay rise, speak out about inequality in the workplace and stand up for your rights.

New Year’s goals ideas for students

It has been a tough year for students around the world, who have had all the usual college-time stress on top of the COVID lockdown. Some of the best New Year’s resolutions ideas for students include:

#5 Be reflective

Being reflective is a skill that focuses on the use of a cyclical approach of evaluation and adaptation. This is about taking time to think about how you are getting on and consider areas where you could potentially improve.  You could write this down in a notebook each day to make it measurable. Plus, this could be a useful tool when you are looking back at your learning experience.

#6 Join a club

From all manners of sports clubs to biscuit appreciation societies, there are all manner of clubs, societies and groups available at most higher educational institutions. This is a great choice for next year’s goal as having a good support network is not only essential for our mental health and wellbeing, being involved in extracurricular clubs will also boost your CV.

#7 Get those eight hours

Eight hours sleep for your New Year's Resolutions ideas

We are all aware of how important sleep is, with getting those all-important eight hours being associated with improved productivity, concentration and memory retention. Make 2023 the year that you will commit to getting enough. Turn off the screens around an hour before bed, set up a night-time routine, and keep a notebook in your bedside table so you can write down any errant thoughts keeping you awake.

#8 Avoiding procrastination

Procrastination is officially the thief of time and can be one of the biggest challenges to overcome as a student.  If you want to make this your 2023 goal, you could check out apps like Forest, Microsoft To Do, or use an old egg timer. Remember to reward yourself for improved focus or consider time blocking to keep yourself accountable.

New Year’s Resolutions ideas for children

Encourage children to think about personal development with these excellent New Year’s goals and resolutions ideas for kids.

#9 Tidy up time

Learning to keep things tidy is one of those things that will benefit the child for years to come. Tidy kids are adults that like to clean!  Plus, doing chores and helping around the home can be important for teaching youngsters about responsibility.

#10 Next step towards independence

As we grow, we are all looking to become more independent. Whether it’s walking home from school, showering without support, or learning to ride a bike without training wheels, there is usually that one thing children want to do, where you’re not quite sure what age is right. Model, share, and actively teach your child what to do when things go wrong for a successful resolution. New Year’s goals and ideas can be a small as that!

#11 Homework hour

Two kids sit do homework as part of their New Year's Resolutions ideas

All kids are different but after a long day at school, homework can certainly feel like a bit of chore. If your child finds it difficult to get their homework done, now is the time to teach them different ways of sorting it out. For example, having a set time for homework each night enables children to get into a routine and having a designated homework space can aid concentration.

#12 Learn something new

Childhood is a time of learning and development and at a young age, our brains are like sponges looking to soak up as much as possible. Instruments, sports, languages, skills, hobbies, there is so much potential here but it is important that your child chooses what they want to learn for themselves.

Ideas for New Year’s Resolutions for the family

Looking to reconnect with those you love? You could agree to family resolutions together, such as these ones:

#13 Virtual contact

An old woman laughs on the phone

One of the positives of 2021 has to be the joy of video calling, with more and more people now getting online to talk with their friends and family. Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp or any other video software can help you to regularly hold a chat with your loved ones and keep in touch.  However, we recommend setting appointments for this to ensure accountability e.g. Friday night or the last day of every month.

Find out 10 ways to to stay close with friends from afar here. And while we’re at – here’s 10 apps that can help you keep up with your long distance pals.

#14 Regular gratitude

Being thankful is not just for Thanksgiving. Next year, you and the family could begin an every night tradition of saying what you are grateful for or the best thing to happen that day. This could be just before bed but it is likely to start conversations, so going round the dinner table might be a better choice.

#15 Get outdoors

In 2023, enjoy the wonders of nature on a more regular basis. From walks in the countryside or just strolling on the beach, make it a family promise to get outdoors at least once a month and spend the whole day exploring. Remember, there is no such thing as bad weather- just bad clothing!

#16 Acts of kindness

Yes, 2021 has been pretty rough, but all we can do is our best and it is the community spirit and kindness of strangers that have helped us to get through some of the darkest parts. From regular volunteering, helping out a stranger, or anything else, you could consider making your family new year’s resolution to perform kindness each day.

‘New year, new you’ ideas for resolutions

Make 2023 the year you slay with these New Year, new you resolution ideas:

#17 Healthy bodies, healthy minds

55% of New Year’s resolutions ideas are believed to be health- related with many of us feeling like we indulged over Christmas. If this is you, we think it is time to ditch the diets and don’t bother with the guilt. Instead, you could aim to make healthier choices for your body such as getting outside more, opting for sugar free or eating your five a day.

#18 Practise mindfulness

New Year's Resolutions ideas should involve a comfy spot like this, candles and self love

From grounding to breathing in a square, figure out the mindfulness method for you and commit to a set amount of time each day where you let your thoughts drift and give your brain a rest. There are so many awesome apps for practicing mindfulness or you could check out lots of different techniques online.

#19 Adopt a routine

One of the biggest challenges of the COVID pandemic has been working from home, with this affecting so many of our daily routines. If you are still in lockdown, then you could set up a morning routine or devise a family schedule.

#20 Improved correspondence

With so many instant messages and phones glued to our eyes, improving our correspondence may seem a little archaic. However, writing to someone and receiving a letter or postcard in reply has a special kind of magic. You could even order your postcards up to a year in advance at MyPostcard and share a special message with someone each month.

#21 Self-love

A woman makes a heart with her hands signalling self-love

Of course, it’s important to show kindness to others, but also to yourself! This year has been tough on you too. Make sure to fit in time just for you this year, and to look after your own needs and wants. Remember that it’s okay to not be okay. Forget counting calories, work stress and making everybody else happy – sometimes it can be about you! You’re the person you should try to make happy!

#22 Stop piling on the guilt

With all the pressure of New Year’s Resolutions and the constant chime to work on yourself, it’s easy to start feeling inadequate. Remember that everyone moves at their own pace, and is battling different kinds of life problems. Don’t pile on to yourself with guilt if you find yourself not reaching goals. Happiness can’t be measured!

Good luck with keeping your New Year’s Goals Ideas in 2023!

Whatever resolution you choose and regardless of whether you pull it off – you can always try again! If you’d like a little help sticking to your 2023 New Year’s goals, then try this trick. Schedule a motivational postcard from MyPostcard to arrive with you at home half way through next year (or whenever you think you’ll be fighting a loosing battle) to remind you of all your ideas for New Year’s resolutions.

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