Deep in the heart of Marne-la-Vallée, about 30 kilometres away from the enchanting City of Lights is Paris Disneyland, where the kids, and kids-at-heart of Europe (as well as the tourists from other parts of the world), gather together and relive their most beloved fairy tales in a true-to-life, magical theme park.

The magic, of course, is by The Walt Disney Company, who has topped the scenery with Sleeping Beauty’s pink castle, welcoming guests from its blue-roofed high towers. The main street, a pleasurable pilgrimage to get to the town centre’s happenings, is laden with shops of all sorts, ready to tickle your family’s Disney fantasies – from costumes to souvenirs to food – as you go along your journey.

The Castle

A castle in Disneyland Paris shows off its magic

The castle itself is an Instagram-worthy subject; the perfect backdrop for you and your gang to take your first picture. But that’s not all. At the strike of the clock, your kids’ favourite Disney characters dance on the street, along with the marching band, indulging everyone for a fun, light-hearted parade. Get your camera ready!
This is the perfect time to catch the whole cast in action. If you got lucky, you might have chanced upon special themed performances, which includes Toy Story, Peter Pan and Disney Princesses. Of course, Mickey and his gang wouldn’t miss this for the world. And so should you. Snap a pose with your little princess extending her hand to a fairy, or your comical cousin lad holding out to big-toothed Goofy. The big smiles on their faces would be priceless.

It’s not a secret that you yourself might be having fun too.

Paris Disneyland

Whether you chose to visit Disneyland with your family or your closest friends, this trip would be truly memorable. After all, there’s a sheer nostalgia in you that lives on. And who wouldn’t be amazed at the gigantic installations and fun rides that calls for your attention? There are places to get lost in (like Alice’s Curious Labyrinth with the Cheshire cat grinning at you at every corner), haunted places to visit and fun rides to challenge your adventurous side (as well as to catch fantastically awkward pictures of your companions), this place will keep you captivated from day to night. And boy, everyone loves a funny picture.

You and your companions will be talking about this trip for a nice long time, so how about bring with you a nice piece of memento as you go home? If you’re wondering how, here are some tips:

  1. If you’re one of those ref magnet collectors, prepare to shell out $5 for one to stick to your fridge
  2. Purchase those perfectly timed photos caught during mid-ride in the special section of the ride (usually near the souvenir shop). Yes, you can now eternally tease whoever made face during that roller-coaster muddle!
  3. Spam your Instagram with your Disneyland posts. Nothing beats an online photo album you can always return to when you’re feeling a bit nostalgic
  4. Keep a scrapbook of your Paris Disneyland memorabilia (entry tickets, brochures, etc) and write down your best moments alongside it
  5. Want to feel an actual picture of your Disneyland trip in your hands? Preserve those smiles by printing photos to postcards. Send them to your loved ones or keep them for your own, so you can relive the magic of Paris Disneyland, whenever you desire.


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