While there is nothing like a perfect photo, a lot can be done to improve your photography skills. One major way is by killing some bad photographer habits you have stringing along in your photo shoots. Some you already know, that very thing that popped into your head when you read the heading. Others are a bit subtle and perhaps you didn’t even realize you were doing. Ready to be the best photographer you can be? Read on.

Bad Photographer Habits – Culprit #1

Nothing wrong with wanting the best of the best shots. But the thing about perfectionism is that it can either be a great driving force or lead to self-destruction. You just have to accept that it’s not every time a photo will come out the way you want it to. This not only saves you time and lots of stress but it also prevents you from working too much on a photo that you end up ruining it.


Bad Photographer Habits – Culprit #2
The Sickness Of Procrastination

If there is one thing that robs you of time, it’s procrastination. You keep saying I’ll do it later. Unfortunately, later never comes. From the words of Shia LaBeouf, Just do it! But it’s not as simple as it seems right. If you are stuck in a rut of constantly protonating things, be it for lack of inspiration or laziness, try taking baby steps. Start working and little by little you will beat procrastination and make your deadline. Better yet, why not get things right when you are taking the shot to save you too much work editing?


Bad Photographer Habits – Culprit #3
The Deleting Phobia

It’s normal to have some emotional attachments to the shots you have taken. If anything, they are quite important for comparison during your growth journey. But do you need that many shots of the same thing? Part of ‘the growth’ is being able to identify a great photo on the spot rather than taking thousands and editing later. Don’t be afraid to ‘press delete’ on a photo that you feel is not good enough. Instead, delete and take another. At most, have five to six photos of the same subject. If not for the development of your skills, at least do it for the sake of your storage space.


Bad Photographer Habits – Culprit #4
Too Caught Up In Work To Savor The Moment

I have to admit that photography is one of the few cool jobs that allow lots of travel, sight seeing and lots of other fun activities. Many times, as a photographer, you will find yourself in the midst of festivities such as a fireworks display or even an air show. The problem with most photographers is that throughout the show, it’s all business for them. Fine, you came to capture the moment. But why not have fun while at it? So, next time you are at an ‘extra-ordinary event’ set your camera aside for a few minutes and soak up the moment. Trust me, the world will not end because you took a break!


Bad Photographer Habits – Culprit #5
Stuck In One Camera Setting

The comfort zone is a safe and cozy place but nothing great happens there. I’m saying this to all you photographers who like using the same settings for almost all your shots. The common culprits here are newbies at photography who tend to get stuck in auto mode. For one, different subjects require different settings and of course modes. By exploring your camera, you grow as a photographer and so does your subject of choice. There is a reason why your camera comes with different settings and modes. Use them.


Bad Photographer Habits – Culprit #6
Always Forgetting To Check Your Battery And Memory Card

This seems silly but believe it or not, some photographers still do it. The consequence is missing a great shot while you are busy changing your battery or memory card. It can also get worse. You may lose your job. A case in point is during a wedding photo session where every moment is important. Nobody will give you time to run home and grab a spare set of batteries.

In as much as you have an extra battery or memory card. Double checking your charge level and memory space is important. In fact, check your whole system and ensure everything is in top shape before leaving the house. It will save you a great deal of trouble.

These are just some of the common bad habits photographers commit. One thing is for sure, allowing these little mistakes to stay unchanged will definitely affect the growth of your skills. I say, nip them in the bud and watch your skills soar. Do you have any bad photography habits holding you back? Let’s hear them.



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