One of the things every artist craves is recognition. The ability to speak to your audience through your work. To simply make your voice heard. Photographers being artists are no exception. For this to be possible, your portfolio has to be impeccable. What most people assume, (especially with this era of digital art and online portfolios) is that you have to be a computer geek to come up with a killer photography portfolio.

This is far from the truth. With a little help from creative apps and a lot of smart thinking, your work will stand out. I will be giving you expert tips on how to make award winning portfolios and point you in the right direction in regard to which apps to count on. Sit back, relax and let me do the worrying for you.

Photography Portfolio Tip #1
First Things First: Online vs. Traditional Print Portfolios

Photography Portfolio TipsIn pursuit of impactful portfolios, the question on whether to go with old school print or online portfolios is the first thing that comes to mind. The most accurate and short answer for this is, it depends. If you own a digital camera, printing out your photos is ridiculous hence uploading them to a website or creating a pdf will be a much simpler and convenient alternative. On the other hand, printing on the right paper can give your photo life as opposed to viewing it on a computer. Bottom line is, sure, online platforms are much convenient and will get more audience, but in some cases, print portfolios are preferred. Assess your situation and know which path to follow. Better yet, have both online and print portfolios for different occasions.

Photography Portfolio Tip #2
Take Your Work Online

Photography Portfolio TipsAs I said, the digital era has finally caught up with photography and the result is a larger audience at a lesser cost and hassle. I know I mentioned that some situations warrant print portfolios but having both wouldn’t hurt. In fact, it increases your chances of getting recognition and perhaps getting awarded.
Some of the great platforms for such include Tumblr, Pinterest and in some cases even Instagram. You can also kick it up a few notches with platforms such as Behemoth and Behance specifically made for showcasing creative portfolios.
For those not afraid to venture into the world of codes and computers, owning your own website will tremendously help in getting you and your work noticed.


Photography Portfolio Tip #3
Put Your Best Foot Forward

Photography Portfolio TipsYou are probably rolling your eyes at how obvious this sounds but you will be shocked by the number of creative who don’t adhere to this. Instead of being selective with the photos they chose to use in their portfolios, most photographers end up showing all their work. It is normal to want the world to see your true potential but overly long portfolios tend to be boring and tiring to go through. Take your photos through a thorough selection process and if you have any doubts about any piece, then it should not make the cut. So, unless you are just starting up and you do not have much to showcase, don’t include all your work in the portfolio. Just the very best.

Photography Portfolio Tip #4
Be Smart About The Arrangement Of Your Work

Photography Portfolio TipsMost times, showcasing your best work does not cut it. you need to be a little creative when it comes to organizing your portfolio to ensure you keep your audience as well as potential employers hooked. Obviously, you should have your portfolio well organized and flowing in a certain direction. If you have a large selection of great photos, putting them into groups will help narrow down your work giving your audience an easy time navigating. Besides, isn’t this the definition of a portfolio?

Other than this obvious act, there is a trick every artist should have up their sleeve when making their portfolios. I call it starting and ending with a bang. Start with your best photos to catch the attention of your audience or potential employer. This will keep them hooked making them want to get to the end of your portfolio. Once they get there, hit them once more with some of your best work. They will definitely be wanting more.

Photography Portfolio Tip #5
Self-initiated Photos Always Triumph Contracted Work

Don’t get me wrong, contracted work is good for showcasing your artistic skills. In fact, it is easier to use when making a portfolio since you simply select the photos your client liked best. But when it comes to showing your creativity and how far it stretches, self-initiated photos are the best.

This is because, with contracted work, you are often given instructions on what to capture and how to go about it. When you take photos without instructions and restrictions, you let your imagination run wild. This is exactly what every potential client wants to see. These, are the kind of photos that win awards!

Photography Portfolio Tip #6
Chill Out, It’s Not Always About Winning

Ask any photography award winner how they won and they’ll probably tell you that they did not see it coming. Focusing too much on winning deters you from the main objective which is creating amazing photos. Besides, there is no way all that pressure is healthy for you.

Simply put your creative cap on and do what you do best. The rest, (including awards and recognition) will come naturally.

Parting Shot

Making an impeccable portfolio is no small deal. Get ready to think out of the box and learn to develop an eye for detail if you are going to stand out from other photographers. Also, be a little patient especially if you are new to photography as it takes time to win over an audience. Most importantly, be smart about the display of your work this is what makes or kills a portfolio.

If there is one last thing I would advise on making award winning portfolios is perhaps to be confident in your ability and work. Confidence is the secret recipe for success in life. Eventually, someone is going to notice your work.

Have you won any photography awards? Or perhaps you need an extra set of eyes to look at your portfolio. Simply leave a message in the comment section and I will get in touch with you.

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