It’s not every time you are lucky to get a near perfect photo. Sometimes the background gets in the way, or maybe the color is just not right. Worry not, Photoshop apps are here to save the day. Photoshop apps are applications that help you to sharpen your photos so they look better in quality as compared to the original photos. These apps also enable you to customize photos to your liking. Below is a compilation of the best Photoshop apps that will make your photo editing experiences interesting.


Best Photoshop Apps #1
Adobe Photoshop

Best Photoshop Apps
This was among the first Photoshop apps to get into the market. There are many features that are embedded in it such that it has seen many books being written explaining the app. Each book highlights the complexities and use of the various versions that have been released of this apps. It is made in a manner that it is able to handle any level of photo editing ranging from the simple editing to the advanced photo editing. In addition, there is a feature that deals with animation of the photos in cases where you may need them. The latest version of Adobe Photoshop has been integrated with cloud based storage.


Best Photoshop Apps #2

Best Photoshop Apps
This Photoshop app has proved to contain a high professional quality and control as compared to the other Photoshop apps. The app contains a great range of top notch editing tools that are aimed at making your photo editing experience incredibly easy and satisfactory. The selective edit brushes that are embedded in the app, as well as the film related filters collection, make the app fantastic. This app also has a little bit of everything that may be needed by iPhone users.

With this Photoshop app, you can be able to play around with vignettes while customizing your images as much as you would like. Important to note is that this is an open source app and therefore you will use its incredible features free of charge.


Best Photoshop Apps #3

Best Photoshop Apps
This is the app to consider if you are a selfie person. The app offers incredible features that include quick fixes and edits made to your face and the skin. These include blemish removers, teeth whitening features and another feature that makes your eyes look brighter as well. Also, there are reshaping tools in addition to features that will help you in the customization of your selfies.

Since most features are one click, the ease of use of the app is guaranteed. Additionally, there is a pro version of the app that may contain additional features and is cheaper as compared to other commercial Photoshop apps.


Best Photoshop Apps #4

Best Photoshop Apps
If you are searching for a free as well as completely open source and quality Photoshop application, then this is the app to use. This is a professional quality application that supports almost everything that Adobe Photoshop does without being commercial. In as much as this editor misses out on some important features including the 32-bit editing capability that is found in Adobe Photoshop as well as scripting, it qualifies as one of the best Photoshop editors in the market.

The interface of the app may not as well be as polished as that of the Adobe Photoshop and this has been rectified in the Gimp Shop version of the application.


Best Photoshop Apps #5

Best Photoshop Apps
This is an actively developed Photoshop app that is an alternative to the Adobe Photoshop.  It is affordable and easier to use as compared to GIMP. The features comprise of most basic tools that you may need for your photo editing exercise in a simplified and easy to use interface. The features include but are not limited to layers, magic wand, levels, built-in effects as well as filters among others.


Best Photoshop Apps #6

Best Photoshop Apps
This has so far been the only Photoshop app that is able to apply film grain textures, light leaks as well as beautiful gradients to your images. The aim of this Photoshop app is to make editing of photos easier than usual. It has been made possible to have different light preferences for your photos while tweaking certain areas as you may wish.

There is also a feature that allows you to mix the different edits so that you can come up with unique edits for your photos. There is an addition of more opaque filters in the textures section as compared to what you would normally find in a Photoshop app.  Additionally, you are allowed to add different filters and tints to photos that other people who use Mextures may have created.


Photoshop apps are truly a life saver, especially for photographers. In cases where you may need some extra options for your Photo editing, try these out. It may not be an easy experience the first few times but as with everything, time makes it easier. Have you used any of the apps above? What was your experience?


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