Admit it; we all love portraits. There’s a good reason why modern-day mobile phones come with dual cameras; users can now take their own photos without having to break a muscle. It’s not merely vanity; self-portraits have been artistic forms of expression. These existed far earlier than Van Gogh’s painting of his own reflection. So how can you make a similarly creative way representing yourself? Here are some nice portrait photography tricks!

The Basics

  1. Remember: the timer is your friend. Forget about clicking the button with trembling fingers; leave your camera perched at a decent angle and let it take your photos in timed seconds. Make sure you have enough moments to picture your pose! If your camera has burst mode, you can do different styles in one timed shot.
  2. Widen your angle with a selfie stick. Bring it up, pull it down; show off your surroundings or highlight the sky. Selfie sticks are convenient and offer various ways of taking portraits, especially when you’re in motion.
  3. Don’t overdo the effects. Instagrammers should know better. Some quick fixes may not only ruin the photo, but distracts you from what truly matters – being yourself. At best, apply minimal touches. Instead of hiding the flaws, try taking pictures in different angles. You can still enjoy accessorizing your photos, though! There are many apps that offer fun stickers while others present vintage overlays for that nostalgic feel.

Now that we’ve got the main stuff out of the way, here is when the fun comes!

Portrait Photography Tricks #1
The Look Away

Portrait Photography Tricks
Show-off your favorite side angles by capturing a photo with you looking away from the camera. It’s moody, thoughtful, and pleasantly whimsical, especially if you’re surrounded by nature and art.

Portrait Photography Tricks #2
All Glammed Up

Portrait Photography Tricks
Are you good at make up? Show off your brush skills by using your face as the canvass for your next masterpiece. Immortalize your great hair day and perfect pout with a portrait that’s bound to gather hundreds of likes. Gaze into the camera, and just as Tyra Banks say, “Smize!”

Portrait Photography Tricks #3
The Black and White but Brilliant

Portrait Photography Tricks
To many people, the classic B&W captures a sad, pensive atmosphere, but you can break the stark mood with a big smile.

Portrait Photography Tricks #4
The Dramatic

Portrait Photography Tricks
Strong winds? Bright lights? Beautiful beach? Use these elements to incorporate movement and life into your portraits! Let your hair dance along with the air. Bask under the morning sun. Play with the lights and shadows. Allow the drama to naturally step into your zone.

Portrait Photography Tricks #5
The Intentionally Artistic

Portrait Photography Tricks
Add a creative spin to your pictures by playfully inserting your favorite things. It may be flowers, jewelry, art, makeup, coffee, food calligraphy, or anything that interests you as of the moment. A thoughtful arrangement and a big smile are enough to tickle any onlooker’s wonder.

Portrait Photography Tricks #6
Caught in the Act

Portrait Photography Tricks
Here is when you take a photo of you taking photos. What a story. This portrait works best on camera enthusiasts who are often behind the lens, not the front. It’s a great way to tell the world about you and what you do – you take good photos of things, and yourself too!

Portrait Photography Tricks #7
The Crazy

Portrait Photography Tricks
Portraits are all about fun! And who doesn’t love some fun? Show your family and friends your crazy, wacky side and put a smile on their faces – or even a good laugh! Unleash that wild, playful spirit and have fun taking silly poses with your camera.

So, which one is your favourite, let us know in the comments! And also, we have some more useful tips for portrait photography in this article. Have fun 🙂


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