The dress is hanging in the closet, the invitations have been sent, and the day has almost arrived!

This day is all about making memories, so your wedding photos will be cherished for years to come. But posing for wedding photographs can be a little awkward sometimes. Having some simple poses in mind can help to ensure that you get the picture that you want and still feed great! We have chosen some of our favorite wedding poses, and have included some more general tips and tricks for capturing that magical shot.

First, what makes a good wedding photo?

A bride with arms around her new husband showing a proper pose for wedding photos

The ingredients you require for an excellent photo are good lighting, composition, exposure and your wedding poses. Luckily, the latter is all you need to think about.

Wedding photography tends to fall into two different categories:

Candid pictures: Candid photos are the ones that are taken mid-action, whilst the subject carries on with whatever they were doing – be that chatting, dancing, kissing or something else entirely. This helps to capture your personality and ensures some spontaneity and movement in your wedding photography.

Portraits: On the other hand, wedding portraits are the pictures that we pose for, and tend to include subjects who are looking at the camera or posing for the photo. Whilst candid photos are becoming increasingly popular, we definitely recommend including a mixture of the two. Formal portraits are particularly good for including all of your guests, with pictures of your entire clan to look back on. 

Ideas for posing for wedding photos

Even if you opt for more candid shots, there are certain wedding poses and moments that you may want to capture. Let’s dive in with some of our favorite poses for wedding photos:

Getting ready

Two bridesmaids stand behind the bride helping her get ready

Taking candid shots whilst you are getting ready helps to capture the excitement and anticipation of the big day. Getting ready photos can include shots like having hair and make-up done, tying the tie, lacing up shoes, and even fastening or looking at a watch. 

The dress

A bride stands facing the wooded landcape in her wedding dress, posing with arm up

A beautiful wedding dress or suit is often a focal point on your wedding day, and showing off your style makes for an excellent photo. For example, one of your getting-ready photos could be of the bride admiring her dress surrounded by bridesmaids. Alternately, a twirl is a great way to create a photo that is full of movement and shows off every part of the beautiful gown.

The first look

A groom waits for his partner on his weddding

Traditionally, it is viewed as unlucky for the couple to see each other before walking up the aisle. As a result, many couples want to capture that all-important first look at their intended in all their wedding finery. The photographer should practice this shot before the other person  arrives to ensure that the lighting and composition are perfect.

The ring shot

A close up picture of the wedding ring being put on the bride's hand

The exchanging of rings is a symbolic moment in any wedding. It symbolizes commitment, and a promise to love each other forever. As a result, pictures that showcase the wedding band can be an excellent photo opportunity. This could just be a hand subtly raised or a focused shot with the ring being the star of the show.

Group pics

The bridal party posing behind the bride who is about to throw the wedding bouquet

When capturing group pics, it’s important to think about what you are trying to achieve. Weddings are an important event for our families too, and wedding portraits often feature the whole family, particularly the older generation and children of the group. You could also capture candid shots of your wedding party, such as the bouquet toss, everybody on the dance floor, or people throwing confetti.

The lift

A bride held in the arms of the groom

If feasible, a great wedding pose is where the groom lifts the bride up into the air. This could be a traditional carry, similar to carrying someone over the threshold, a straight lift into the air, or an all out Dirty Dancing style lift. We definitely recommend practicing this one to avoid any mishaps!


A groom kisses his bride

Forehead kisses are particularly photogenic, but rubbing noses is also extra cute! However, if you are going for a traditional smooch, keep it clean and neat and try to avoid pushing your partner’s nose. For a more dramatic look, the dip kiss is a movie classic and a pop of the heel smells of romance and fairytales.

Cutting the cake

A bride and groom feed each other wedding cake

For one of the most iconic wedding shots in many cultures, include your extravagant wedding cake as a focal point. The North American tradition of feeding each other cake is a particularly fun moment to try posing for wedding photos. You could also take pictures of the cake before it is cut, with a focus on the models of the happy couple on top.

Lots of laughter

Posing for wedding photos with laughs

A picture of the couple giggling together is a great way to ensure that you get pictures of smiles that reach the eyes and capture the fun of the day. A great way to achieve this naturally is by trying to make your SO laugh. You could give them a cheeky butt squeeze, whisper a secret, or even just stare at each other until the other one cracks up.

Wedding photo poses for the end of the night

A couple walk through a pathway made by people with sparklers

Although pictures are usually taken at the start of the day, you can also consider some shots to commemorate the end of the evening.  For example,  take a picture of the happy couple walking away from the camera. Think about including a beautiful backdrop as they stroll off arm in arm to their happy ever after.

Tips for posing for wedding photos

Some of our top tips for posing in wedding photos include:

Feet: Start with the feet. Bend your front knee and shift the weight onto the back leg for a classic hourglass silhouette. A groom may prefer to have his weight on the front leg, with a subtle lean forward.

Posture: Good posture can make a photo, so: head up, chest out, and shoulders down!

Angles: Play with angles to create unusual effects, For example, the photographer being lower than the couple can ensure that the horizon line does not dominate the pic. You should also think about your best side!

Practice some: Although you may want to keep it natural, you could practice some wedding poses before the big day. However, don’t practice too much, or it may come across as self-conscious.

Relax: Most importantly, relax and enjoy your day! If you are still nervous, good communication with your photographer will help you to build trust, so you can leave it in their capable hands.

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