Posing Tips can be important in today’s world, when everyone has a camera in their pocket because of their smartphone, any moment can be captured on film. For some of us who can never seem to be prepared for pictures, this can sometimes lead to being tagged in a slew of unflattering pictures on social media.

Of course, you can always shun the camera and avoid taking pictures altogether, but what fun is that? Even if you don’t look perfect, photos let you capture the moments you care about with the people and places that truly matter.

The remedy to your dilemma may just be to learn how to pose better, so we’ve put together some tips.

Posing Tips #1
Follow Your Nose

Posing Tips

One thing that can make a difference in your photos is how much the whites in your eyes show. Too much white in the eyes looks odd, and can even look unnatural if you’re looking really far to the left, right, or top. Not to mention, looking down often has the opposite effect — making your eyes look droopy or even closed.

That’s why, no matter how you pose, your eyes should follow your nose. Simply put, wherever your nose is pointing, that’s where your eyes should be pointing as well. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking straight at the camera or off in the distance, this rule can always apply.

Posing Tips #2
Relax Your Jaw

Posing Tips

One of the more unfortunate photo trends these days is the duck face — where the subject purses their lips to make a kissy face to the camera. The reason it’s so popular is because of how it works wonders in making your face look thinner, but the end result isn’t exactly classy or original.

Instead of pursing your lips, if you want to make your face look a bit thinner and perhaps a bit more relaxed, relax your jaw and allow space between your teeth. You can (and probably should) keep your lips closed or at least mostly closed.

You can even smile with your jaw relaxed like this, and it will still make your face look a bit thinner. If you’re unsure of yourself, practice a bit in the mirror first.

Posing Tips #3
Perfect Your Posture

Posing Tips

Unless you absolutely have to squat or crouch for a photo, you should make an effort to sit or stand up straight, or even arch your back slightly. This works if you’re standing up or sitting down, and helps in a few different ways.

For one, sitting up straight tends to make you look more lean because it stretches out some of those areas that some of us are self-conscious about. But more importantly, sitting up or standing up straight gives makes you look more confident and relaxed.

Posing Tips #4

Posing Tips

We know we just threw a lot of information at you, but you don’t have to focus on all of it everytime you take a picture. If you overthink your pose, you could end up looking like a deer caught in the headlights.

Instead, focus on one or two tips until you get them mastered, then move on to the next one if you still think you could use improvement. Like most other things in life, you can only get better with practice. So keep on taking pictures!

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