Photography is all about freezing the moment and telling a story without words. When posing with a guy, you probably want to tell a story about love. Or maybe it’s pure lust. Perhaps you want to give the illusion of chemistry when there is none (good photography can do that). No matter your desired end result, good posing is not rocket science, these skills can be learned!

We all know how awkward guys can be in photo shoots. It’s time to put this to an end. I will be giving you tips on photography posing especially with a guy. So, how badly do you want a killer photo with your guy? If you said anything close to so badly, read on!

Posing With A Guy – Tip #1

Don’t Hesitate To Guide Him

Posing With A Guy - 7 Tips For Great Pics

Not to put guys on the hot seat but they can be really clueless in a photo-shoot. More often than not, I find guys in photos striking the same old poses or worse, standing awkwardly as if a passport photo is about to be taken. In such a case, there is no shame in a little directing. Warm him up and guide him by doing simple things like moving his hand lightly and occasionally aligning his body in the right posture (even if it means grabbing his butt).Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying all guys can’t pose, but if your guy is one of the rigid type, direct. While we are at it, be sure to direct and not dictate, there is a difference.

Posing With A Guy – Tip #2
The Legendary Touching Of Foreheads

Posing With A Guy - 7 Tips For Great Pics

If there is a pose that tells a story of love and admiration, it’s got to be this one. Other than a display of affection, foreheads touching while looking at each other gives life to the shot. It looks like you were just about to kiss when the photographer took the photo. If this does not scream intimacy and love, I don’t know what does!

Posing With A Guy – Tip #3
There’s More To Intimacy Than Just Kissing

Ever heard the phrase, a hug is more intimate than a kiss? Well, it is. And sometimes, this shows even in photography. If you want a beautiful, intimate photo without necessarily being inappropriate, a simple hug will do. Your guy hanging you from behind adds a dash of love and care into the photo. You can also do some role reversal and hug your guy from behind. This unique pose will definitely catch lots of eyes.

You don’t have to restrict yourself to hugs, simply standing close to each other communicates intimacy. You don’t even have to touch, just face each other, lock eyes and tilt your head sideways as you gaze into your man’s eyes. That right there, is raw intimacy.

Posing With A Guy – Tip #4
Consider Walking As A Form Of Posing

Posing With A Guy

Nobody said posing has to be stationary. You can always spice things up by walking towards the camera while holding your guy’s hand. Better yet, grab his hand and walk away from the camera and into the sunset. It will give much more of a romantic couple’s shot.

You should, however, be warned that this photo can be a little challenging to take because of motion. Talk to your photographer about this so as to prepare him for the challenge. Also, consider taking lots of photos and choosing the best one from the bunch.

Posing With A Guy – Tip #5
Do Not Look Into The Camera

Posing With A Guy - 7 Tips For Great Pics

You don’t always have to look at the camera to get a spectacular shot. Shift your focus away from the camera and to your spouse. You can either stare at each other or have one of you look at the camera while the other looks at you. Such poses add natural flair into the shot. Kind of like the photo was taken unawares. This will make both of you look like you are great at posing without trying too hard.

Posing With A Guy – Tip #6
Get Downright Dirty

Playing it safe is not only boring but it also prevents you from unleashing your true potential. All the bone poses are intimate but clean enough to get a spot on your living room wall. Why not go all in and pose while kissing your guy in the mouth. Better yet, make it one of those kisses where he gets to hold you, flip you over, lean in and kiss you. You can experiment with different kinds of kisses and poses.

If kissing is too intimate for you, lean in so close that your lips are barely touching. This is especially great for when you are posing with a guy who is not your spouse.

Last word.

Taking outstanding photos with another person can be quite challenging, but with a little guidance, you can create photos that evoke deep emotions. Do not be afraid to try something unique, let your instincts guide you. simply visualize the pose, and go for it. While I’m all for trusting your gut and going for it, you can also trust your photographer for some cute poses. Also, a little practice before the actual shooting begins will help put you in the right mood and prepare you for the photos. Remember to take many photos so that you can pick the best. And most importantly, try to have fun throughout the whole process in order to get naturally beautiful photos. Trust me, if you get all worked up, it will show in the photos.

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