We understand that you love to travel that is why we will keep you constantly updated on the best destinations. This time, we are doing things a little bit differently, we will be telling you of  places and prohibited landmarks that no postcard has ever been sent from. Why? Well because nobody has ever been to the said places and came out alive!

Ok, maybe I oversold just a little bit. Some of these places are so dangerous that nobody has ever risked traveling while others are simply prohibited. If I have picked your curiosity, you ought to stick around to find out more!


Prohibited Landmarks #1
Snake Island

Prohibited Landmarks
True to the name, this island is one that is full of snakes! Located off the shore of Brazil, it is said to harbor different species of dangerous, poisonous snakes. For safety reasons, venturing the island is prohibited and illegal. However, trough the cooperation of the Brazilian Navy, some scientists get to visit this place hence it would be unfair to claim the land impenetrable. But before you get the “cojones” to visit the island, you should first hear the cautionary tales from the locals.


Prohibited Landmarks #2
North Sentinel Island

Prohibited Landmarks
This is another Island which you will never set foot on. The North Sentinel Island is home to a group of Natives known as Sentinelese People. These people have vehemently rejected contact with the outside world that any outsider attempt to access the Island has been faced with violent attacks from the natives. True to this, two fishermen who wondered into this island lost their lives only to be buried in shallow graves near the shore. Attempts by the coast guards to retrieve the bodies using a helicopter received a violent response of spears attacks. Their aggressive response to strangers is probably why this tribe has survived this long!



Prohibited Landmarks #3
Area 51

Prohibited Landmarks
Now on to a little misery and my personal favorite, Area 51! In the Nevada desert, lies this piece of land that is strictly off limits. The road leading to the front gate paired with the not so secure fence might be quite misleading in terms of the security of the place. Don’t be fooled, someone is always watching! Thanks to wide view cameras that see every angle among other security measures, this place is truly impenetrable. Different theories surround what goes in tree including absurd ones like alien and UFO study. Speculate all you want guys but the sad truth is, we will never know!



Prohibited Landmarks #4
Club 33 in Disney Land

Prohibited Landmarks
Let’s veer away from all the death talks and move to some fun. Club 33, in Disney land, is another place that is off limits to most people. What goes on in there is often left to the speculation of the most of us who have never (and probably will never) been. You have to get an invitation from Disney to get in or join the alleged 14years long wait list. Either way, it is going to be an expensive affair. Worse, you don’t get to tell outsiders about it!



Prohibited Landmarks #5
Coca-Cola Vault

Prohibited Landmarks

I know this may not have been in your travel plans but just so you know, the coca-cola vault is strictly out of bounds to people. Only a few people have the authority to visit this room housing the secret formula to the much sought after coca-cola recipe.


Prohibited Landmarks #6
Lascaux Caves

Prohibited Landmarks
Located in Southern France, Lascaux caves are a sight to behold thanks to their historic wall paintings. Unfortunately, they were closed off from the public due to damage of the paintings caused by human contact among other things. But don’t worry, if you are a scientist you can talk your way into visiting the caves.


Prohibited Landmarks #7
Svalbard Seed Vault

Prohibited Landmarks
Have you ever wondered what would happen in case of an apocalypse? Well, scientists have thought ahead for you and at least secured some seeds in case of a severe food shortage. As you would expect, access to this vault in a Norwegian Island is strictly allowed to very few scientists.



Prohibited Landmarks #8
Woomera Prohibited Area

Prohibited Landmarks
If adventure takes you to Australia, ask about this prohibited area. As the name suggests, nobody is allowed to access it. This is because it is often used to test bombs among other dangerous classified operations.


Prohibited Landmarks #9
Mariana’s Trench

Prohibited Landmarks
Known to be the deepest part of the world’s oceans, this trench is a no-go zone for many. In fact, only three people have been able to make it to the bottom of the trench. Who knows, you could be the fourth!


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