How do our favorite celebrities’ sexy poses look so seductive and flawless in the movies and magazine spreads – not to mention all over the internet?

Creating compelling photos of you while sexy posing may seem nerve-wracking, but with a little info, experimentation and confidence, it can be done. Our photographer’s guide, along with a relaxed mood and the right props, will help you channel your inner Marilyn Monroe to make love to the camera.

Ready to take some sexy selfies or get ready for your boudoir photo shoot? Here are some female sexy poses for womxn – and tips to help you recreate them!

Tips for the perfect sexy poses

#1 Get in the mood for sexy posing

A female model stands in the water showing sexy poses with confidence
The first step of every cool portrait is that the model feels comfortable

What makes you feel attractive? Is it a specific type of music? Do specific clothes bring out your sexy side? Maybe red lipstick makes you feel all hot and bothered (in a good way of course)? Does dimmed or colored lighting make you feel sexy?

Taking a picture in dim or colored lighting not only makes you feel sexy but it can also add some mood to the photos after they’re taken.

The first step to getting that sexy shot is getting in the mood. Just make sure you’ve found and set up whatever it is that makes you feel hot and gets you into character. You’ll surprise yourself.

#2 Make the angles work for your sexy pose

A model from birds eye view works her sexy pose in water
Water makes a great prop for sexy posing. Try flicking your hair back in motion.

Everyone has favorite parts of their body. There are those features that you consider your sexy spots. When posing sexy, you should work with them and use appropriate angles to bring out your sex appeal. If you’re taking a sexy selfie, shoot from above. Let the camera capture these sexy spots on your body from a bird’s eye view. Tilt the lens so that you capture the entire length of your body.

On the other hand, if you are having someone else take the photos, make sure you’re posing in such a way that your most sensual spots are easily visible and are taking center stage in the shots. This way, the most beautiful angles of your body receive the camera’s attention fully.

Don’t hesitate to take awesome portraits in black and white! You’re not sure how to handle with that filter? Please read our black and white photography tips to take your best picture!

#3 Flow with the motion

A close up sexy pose of a model looking directly into the camera
It can struggle you but be patient with yourself. With a little bit of practice…

Ever wondered why professional models always seem to be in motion as their pictures as taken? They do it to capture the natural flow of their body. Take a leaf out of their book and move your body too.

Look through magazines and find the sexiest poses and pick ones you like that feel natural to you. Arrange them in a sequence for your bourdoir photo shoot and ease through each pose. For example, you can begin by bending over and letting your photographer capture your butt and hips. Remember to look into the camera invitingly as you do so. Once you are done, naturally move into a sitting position with your shoulders open and lean back. Imagine yourself moving like your favorite movie star and you’ll be shocked at how natural it’ll feel.

camera icon

B.T.W. If you need a bit more inspiration on how to get posing, take a look at our favourite ever Instagram lifestyle bloggers accounts to get you started.

From there you can go for a dramatic pose such as draping yourself at the window or lying on the bed with your upper half hanging upside down on the edge towards the floor. Arrange these different sexy poses according to the movement that feels most natural and seductive to you. For this strategy to work, it helps to have someone else take the photos for you.

#4 Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the sexiest poser of them all?

This sexy pose is simple and centres on the model's fingers on the lips gesture
You don’t need to show anything more than your face and attitude to be sexy.

When it comes to taking sexy pictures and doing flirty poses, mirrors are your best friend. If you are taking a selfie, you can simply take a picture of the image in your mirror. This helps you to adjust in real time so that you capture your most flattering angles. On the other hand, if someone is taking your boudoir picture, they can capture extra perspectives of your body by relying on the reflections in the mirrors.

Placing a mirror behind you can give a view of your butt while one placed in front gives a great view of your bust, waist or thighs. Working with angles and mirrors helps to give interesting perspectives to your sexy shots. Mirrors also help you to correct your poses. As such, have a mid-length or full-length mirror with you as you explore your inner freak.

#5 Sexy poses are mysterious…

A little enigma is always very sexy and will leave your audience wanting more. When taking photos, the mystery is created by leading the eye along curves or body lines and then leaving the viewer hanging. This means that you can take photos of sections of your body and have them guessing what the rest of the picture would show.

For example, you can take a picture of your lower face, pouty lips with a finger lightly resting on your lower lip parting it and your top falling off the shoulder. Let the photo capture this section of your body without showing any of your sexy spots fully. This is sure to get your audience hot, bothered and demanding more. The best part is that it can be done with any body part!

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#6 Let private affairs stay private!

A pineapple is held erotically in front of private parts in this boudoir image
Use objects or props to cover up in certain places to create an erotic image.

One of the most private parts of your body is the crotch. While it is definitely very sexy to take pictures of your crotch, it is generally risky to do this. Partly because you may not be in full control of where the pictures end up. However, if you want to anyway, try posing in such a way that even if your crotch is on display, there is a little room for imagination left.

Crossing your legs or having fabric bunched up around it creates an air of mystique in the photo. You may want to go full on with your crotch pictures – more power to you! In that case, ensure that you have groomed yourself in your preferred way before baring it all for the camera.

#7 The background of your sexy pose matters too

Posed on the beach this image in no less sexy because the model is facing away.
Sexy Posing #7

One of the most overlooked aspects of sexy photos is the background. It has to complement the sexy mood being captured in the photo. It goes without saying that you should keep your background neat. Nothing about a disorganized closet or a toilet in the background says sexy. If anything, it draws attention from the main attraction.

You’ll also want to consider props to add some flavor to the background in a way that complements the theme of your sexy picture without detracting from it. Ensure that your poses complement the props or vice versa. For instance, you can have a love seat in your background and lie on it in your shots. A bed with some red or black silk sheets will do too. Just make sure the background works in tandem with the photo.

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How to pose for sexy selfies…

We’ve covered how you can manoeuvre your body into sensual positions that will look ravishing on camera. But how can you pose for a sexy selfie, when you *only* have your face to work with?

Well actually, the 7 tips you’ve read here, still apply. Confidence. Working your angles. Using background objects or the background itself.

But you can also use your features more than in a traditional sexy body shot.

Here’s how to pose for sexy selfies..

#1 Focus attention on your sexiest feature.

For instance, use make up or close ups to draw attention to the sensuality of your lips, by parting them slightly. A bright colour will draw attention and the viewer is sure to think immediately about how it would feel to kiss you. You can also achieve this by lightly touching your lips or framing your desired feature with your hands.

Alternatively focus on your eyes, the window to your soul and your sensuality. This is a great opportunity to enhance your mysterious look or show confidence by gazing defiantly into the camera, or playing coy by looking furtively away.

#2 Use accessories

You can use accessories and your surroundings to add attraction to your sexy picture. For instance arrange your sexy selfie with the bed in the background or try lying on the sheets and arranging your hair around your face.

And this includes your natural accessories. Try arranging your hair a little wildly to remind them of a certain sport in bed. Alternatively, wet hair would also work.

Accessories like earrings can emphasize sexy techniques like leaving your shoulders bare. Which brings us to our last tip.

#3 Don’t forget about your body

Yes you’re going or a sexy headshot, but don’t forget the rest of your body. Try a minimalist shot baring your naked shoulders to hint at sensuality. Scrape your hair off our shoulders and hold it back while you look intensely into the camera. Part of the attraction of this is the intimate nature of what is being shared. A natural naked face without makeup might work for you to underline the au naturel vulnerability of this idea.

Final word on sexy poses

Whether it’s for someone else or for your eyes only, a sexy pose needs to be, well… sexy. Trust the tips above to turn you into a Playboy magazine seductress. But while doing so, remember your most important weapon, confidence!

Now put your best foot forward and get sexy posing.

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