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Everyone loves a warm gesture for Christmas – we love to express our affection to our beloved ones, especially with presents. Moreover, we show our love during cozy times with friends and family. But what can we do if we cannot visit all our loved ones during the Christmas days? What kind of gesture can we make? Send beautiful Christmas greetings and personal words on your Christmas cards around the whole world.

And you can be sure.. your Christmas card, made with love, will definitely find a place under the Christmas tree and later on the fridge or the deco wall. But there is still one problem: with all the Christmas stress you’ll maybe forget writing the Christmas cards. And then it’s too late. Obviously, you don’t want that!

We want to help you with your dilemma! No annoying queuing in the shopping mall to grab your Christmas cards, no stressful handwriting of your cards and no searching for a stamp – with the free MyPostcard App you can send postcards and greeting cards really easy and worldwide!

Check out our Design Shop and find your Christmas motives for your Christmas cards. I’ll show you my 12 favorite designs. Because Christmas cards don’t have to be boring and uncreative. Have fun with our exciting styles for Christmas.

Beautiful Christmas greetings #1
A cookie a day

Schöne Weihnachtsgrüße - A cookie a day

Beautiful Christmas greetings #2
I love you more than ginger bread

Beautiful christmas greetings - I love you more than ginger bread

Beautiful Christmas greetings #3
Happy sparkling holidays

Schöne Weihnachtsgrüße - Happy sparkling holidays

Stylish Christmas greetings #4
Let it snow … Merry X-MAS

Beautiful christmas greetings - Let it snow

Stylish Christmas greetings #5
Ho Ho Ho

Schöne Weihnachtsgrüße - Ho Ho Ho

Stylish Christmas greetings #6
#Merry Christmas

Schöne Weihnachtsgrüße - #Merry Christmas

Stylish Christmas greetings #7
All things – bright and beautiful

Beautiful christmas greetings - All things bright and beautiful

Stylish Christmas greetings #8
Christmas is a state of mind

Beautiful christmas greetings - Christmas is a state of mind

Stylish Christmas greetings #9
All the Jingle Ladies

Schöne Weihnachtsgrüße - All the Jingle Ladies

Stylish Christmas greetings #10
Dreaming of a white Christmas

Beautiful christmas greetings - Dreaming of a white Christmas

Stylish Christmas greetings#11
Happy new Yeah!

Schöne Weihnachtsgrüße - Happy new Yeah!

Stylish Christmas greetings #12
Letter to Santa Claus

Beautiful Christmas greetings - Letter to Santa Claus


What, oh, what to write in a birthday card? Sometimes it seems impossible to find the perfect message in a birthday card. You open the card, ready the pen, and simply draw a blank.

Did you know that 7 billion greeting cards are purchased every year?

With so many cards exchanged each year, penning a unique message seems difficult. However, it does not have to be so hard with the right advice.

Read on to learn what to write in a birthday card. Explore top tips to make your card something to remember.

Personal Story

Did this person have a major impact on your life? Was there one event in particular that embodies your relationship?

A birthday card is a great place to retell amazing personal stories. Remind your friend or lover of that birthday trip to the Caribbean.

Revisit the story that imprinted this person on your soul. The vast majority of people love to feel appreciated and a birthday card is a perfect way to share this.

Tell a Joke

For many, the contents of the birthday card are driven by the personality receiving it. Some people are not sentimental and prefer to avoid gushy situations.

For people like this, a birthday card is a good home for a joke. Perhaps the two of you have an old inside joke that is certain to bring out a smile. A tried and true easy joke is to point fun at the recipient’s age.

Describe Your Feelings

While some are insensitive, other people enjoy hearing how much they mean to you. For them, the beautiful words on the inside of a card are mass produced and mean little.

A birthday card provides an opportunity to peel the onion back and describe your feelings. Simply put, tell this person how important they are to you.

Tell them what personality characteristics you enjoy the most. List off the things that remind you of this person. An intimate message is a sure bet in the birthday card industry.

Let Your Children Write in the Card

Nothing cracks a smile easier than a cute message from a child. If you are short on birthday card ideas, pass the buck to your children.

Most importantly, they can eat space so the entire card is filled out. At the same time, family members love receiving a personalized note from their favorite nephew, niece, or grandchild.

This strategy yields the highest probability the recipient will save the card forever. Not only does it touch on the relationship between the two of you, but it takes a snapshot of the child’s place in that relationship.

What to Write in a Birthday Card – Wrapping It Up

The reason birthday cards are so popular is that people truly love the content within. In most cases, people cherish the personalized messages from family members or friends.

Retelling a classic story or telling a great joke could turn a birthday card into a lifelong memento. If you enjoyed this article about what to write in a birthday card, check out our blog for other great pieces on inspiration and photography.