Valentine’s Day is a time to show our loved ones we care, so what better way than with a homemade card? Expensive gifts take money, but homemade gifts take irreplaceable time.

But let’s face it, we’re not all artists and craft masters. Want to make a DIY Valentine’s postcard this year? If you need some inspiration, these ideas can get your creative juices flowing.

Ideas for Your Valentine’s Postcard

Homemade cards don’t need to be made of construction paper and crayons. You can make them look sophisticated and well-planned. Here are some ideas to help:

#1 DIY Valentine’s Postcard Idea
Build a Photo Montage

One of the fastest ways to make someone smile is to remind them of the good times. Especially in the era of smartphones, many couples have pictures galore. These can make a perfect photo collage for your Valentine’s postcard.

First, you need to choose the right photos. Your collage can be in any shape (Valentine’s Day heart, anyone?). But make sure your photos fit the design or can be cropped to fit.

If you have physical pictures, you can trim them manually and arrange them on the card. If your photos are still in the digital form, though, you can crop them and create the collage online. For crafters who don’t have expensive editing software, online tools like Pixlr photo editor will do the job.

#2 DIY Valentine’s Postcard Idea
Make It a Mix

Make It A Mix For Your Valentine's PostcardTurn your Valentine’s postcard into a mixed media experience. Play with different textures. Use different types of scrapbook paper, cardboard, ribbon, string, and more.

It’s easy to overdo it with your materials, so take it easy. Make sure everything comes together under one idea. If you find yourself taping neon feathers and wooden sticks to a card, you’ve probably gone too far.

If you’re mailing your card, you need to take postage into account, too. Avoid using anything too heavy to make your card easy to mail.

#3 DIY Valentine’s Postcard Idea
Extend the DIY to the Envelope

Making your own envelope is another loving craft to show your Valentine how much you care. It adds another layer of personalization to your gift.

But it also has its practical uses. If you’re making a homemade card, it might not be a conventional size. That can make it difficult to find an envelope that fits, so making your own envelope solves the problem.

Scrapbook paper can be expensive, but it’s perfect for a custom envelope. It’s sturdy and comes in a variety of designs you so can find one that fits your aesthetic. This envelope-making tutorial has several methods you can choose between.

#4 DIY Valentine’s Postcard Idea
Use Heart Stencils and Stamps

If there’s one universal symbol of Valentine’s Day, it’s a heart. But if drawing isn’t among your strengths, peppering your Valentine’s postcard with consistent hearts isn’t easy.

To make life easier (and make your card look its best), invest in some stamps or stencils. Look for a pack that has multiple sizes so you can sprinkle them throughout. Try using different types and colors of paint, too.

#5 DIY Valentine’s Postcard Idea
Use Cute Decorative Tape

Decorative tape called washi tape is one of the latest crazes in crafting. It usually comes in 1/2-inch-wide rolls, and the design choices are endless. The ways you can use it to upgrade your Valentine’s postcard are endless, too.

Washi tape makes a great border when applied to the edges of your card. You could use it to add a box around the address on your postcard. If you want to step it up, you can create artistic shapes and designs with your washi tape. Regardless of your skill level, washi tape is a tool anyone can use.

#6 DIY Valentine’s Postcard Idea
Play with Paint Strips

In the paint department of any home improvement store, you’ll see a wall of beautiful paint strips. Their purpose is to show off the many shades of paint the store offers. But they’re becoming increasingly popular in crafting, too.

Head to a home improvement store and pick out a few paint sample strips with shades of pink, red, or other Valentine’s colors. They’re free, but don’t take advantage by grabbing too many.

Depending on your vision for your card, you can use the sample strips to make heart-shaped cut-outs. Or, trim them to make your own designs.

#7 DIY Valentine’s Postcard Idea
Incorporate Your Personal MemoriesIncorporate Your Personal Memories in Your Valentine's Postcard

If you’re the type to save mementos of your relationship, this is a time when you can put them to use.

Ticket stubs make a great addition to a Valentine’s postcard. They represent a happy day for the two of you, they can be trimmed into a number of designs, and they’re lightweight and flat.

If you’re like many couples, you may have dozens of selfies of the two of you as well. These can make great additions to your card as well. Just remember to limit them so your card can still be easily mailed.

#8 DIY Valentine’s Postcard Idea
Add Thumbprint Hearts

There are only so many heart-shaped stamps you can use before you want a little variety. One fun way to keep it interesting is by making hearts with your thumbprints. It’s a great way to keep your Valentine’s postcard on-theme while giving it an undoubtedly personal touch.

Thumbprint hearts are easy for even the artistically challenged. Just place your thumb on an ink pad or apply a thin layer of paint. Then, press it onto the card at about a 45-degree angle to the left. Repeat the process but place your print at a 45-degree angle to the right this time, with the bottoms of both prints overlapping.

#9 DIY Valentine’s Postcard Idea
Try Paper Embroidery

Embroidery isn’t just your grandma’s hobby anymore. For a fun craft to incorporate into your Valentine’s postcard, make a design with string.

We recently posted a heart string design tutorial, and while that craft uses a wooden block, you can use paper. Just get red thread and a fine needle. Start by drawing out your design. Then, use the needle to gently weave the string through the paper into the design you chose.

As you’re “embroidering,” be careful not to pull the string too tight. You want the paper to remain flat so your design stays intact.

#10 DIY Valentine’s Postcard Idea
Make It a Communal Card

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for spouses and lovers. Many people use it to celebrate their love for their family as well. If your family celebrates Valentine’s Day together, get the whole family involved in the card.

Kids may not be able to do higher-level crafts like adults do. But consider letting each child make their own drawing. Give them each a corner of the card for their drawing. Or, make it into a booklet and give each child a page.

This is especially fun when you’re giving the card to that special someone as a family. That allows each child to tell them about their artwork and enjoy the reaction.

#11 DIY Valentine’s Postcard Idea
Add a Scratch-Off Element

Maybe you and your partner enjoy the gambling scene. Or perhaps you just want to add a unique theme to your Valentine’s postcard. You’d be surprised to learn that you can create a scratch-off card on your own.

First, you’ll draw the heart of whatever design you want to be a scratch-off and write the message inside. Second, use a white crayon to heavily cover the area. Third, use a mixture of liquid dish soap and acrylic paint of any color to paint over the area in the design you want. Once the paint mixture dries, your card is ready to go.

#12 DIY Valentine’s Postcard Idea
Use Up Your Scrap Ribbon

Who among us doesn’t have a jar or bag full of small amounts of leftover ribbon? If you’re a serial crafter, you could have piles and piles of beautiful ribbon waiting to be used.

This is your change. Ribbon can add an extra texture and an element of sophistication to any homemade Valentine’s postcard. Choose designs and colors that go well together. You can use the ribbon for a border around the edge of the card. Or, make a small bow to adhere to the front.

If you’re using ribbon, try doing a “test spot” to see how the ribbon reacts to hot glue, super glue, or other adhesives. You don’t want to end up with a lump ribbon.

Getting Your Homemade Valentine’s Postcard Started

The ideas above should serve as inspiration to help you visualize your card. The options are endless, and these are just a few.

Before you start, take the time to think about your significant other. The best part of homemade gifts is that they can be customized for the recipient. Think about how to infuse your partner, yourself, and your relationship into the design.

It’s also a good idea to think about the materials you can reasonably use. Some crafting supplies are expensive, or may not be available near you.

Finally, use your ideas, your vision, and your options to design the perfect card for that special someone. Build it with them in mind, and get ready for a Valentine’s Day you and your partner will treasure forever.


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