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New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago have for many years been considered the coolest cities in the US leaving smaller towns with equally bustling nightlife, strong art scene and breathtaking landscapes out of travelers’ radar. Now, these underrated places are in the spotlight, proving that America is a country filled with diversity and worth-a visit spots.

#1 of the coolest cities in the US
St. Petersburg, Florida

Coolest cities in the US - St.Petersburg, Florida
Source photo: www.shutterstock.com / Sean Pavone

Located on the west coast of Florida, St. Petersburg, the second largest city in the Tampa Bay Area is surrounded by spectacular beaches, some of which have ranked among the best in the United States. Clearwater Beach, St.Pete Beach and Fort De Soto Park are by far the most popular destinations and have more than once occupied a place at Tripadvisor’s ‘America’s Top 25 Beaches’ list. However, the area’s beaches and warm weather isn’t the only reason St. Petersburg, should be in your bucket list. The beautiful sunny city is home to Salvador Dali Museum, which displays the largest collection of Dalí’s works outside Europe.

#2 of the coolest cities in the US
New Orleans, Louisiana

Coolest cities in the US - New Orleans, Louisiana
Source photo: www.shutterstock.com / GTS Productions

New Orleans is a city full of colors, flavors, music and a rich cultural heritage that visitors can feel on every corner. Live concerts and music events take place all year round proving that the birthplace of jazz still keeps its vibrant spirit alive while the city’s diverse culinary scene makes it a top destination for foodies. Join one of the numerous cultural tours or draw your own walking path and discover history in one of America’s coolest cities.

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#3 of the coolest cities in the US
Savannah, Georgia

The coolest cities in the US - Savannah, Georgia
Source photo: www.shutterstock.com / Sean Pavone

When taking a look at Savannah’s picturesque streets comes as no surprise that according to Lonely Planet, the ‘Hostess City of the South’ is one of the most Instagrammable cities. The 19th-century fountain in the middle of the Forsyth Park, the oak-lined avenues at the Wormsloe Historic Site and the Victorian style Bonaventure cemetery are only some of the places that will make you take your camera out for your bag and capture some captivating shots. Foodies will find plenty of choices to fill their hunger as well as satisfy their curiosity for the local cuisine. From juicy steaks and gourmet seafood to the local tutti-frutti ice cream, Savannah’s culinary scene can surprise even the more demanding food connoisseur.

#4 of the coolest cities in the US
San Francisco, California

Coolest cities in the US - San Francisco, California
Source photo: www.shutterstock.com / Andrey Bayda

Seeing San Francisco in a list with the coolest cities in the US doesn’t come as a surprise. With its modern-architecture skyscrapers, buzzing streets and underground

neighborhoods filled with vintage shops and galleries, the diverse city offers a unique feeling to its visitors. The Golden Gate Bridge, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and the Alcatraz island are the most popular attractions. But if you want to get a real taste of San Francisco’s vibe, roam the streets of Chinatown, which is the oldest Chinatown in North America, take a walk at Haight-Ashbury, the district that in the 60s was a meeting point for hippies and grab a bite at one of the local restaurants in Mid-Market area.

#5 of the coolest cities in the US
Portland, Oregon

Coolest cities in the US - Portland, Oregon
Source: www.shutterstock.com / Josemaria Toscano

Over the past few years, Portland, Oregon’s largest city, has become a quite popular destination and more and more travelers add it to their personal lists with the coolest cities in the US. The city’s emerging street food scene and the numerous award-winning breweries have put the ‘City of Roses’ on the culinary map. Forest Park, one of the largest urban forests in the United States and The Washington Park are the main attractions of the city. Don’t miss out on the Japanese Garden, which is known as the most authentic Japanese garden in the world outside Japan.

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#6 of the coolest cities in the US
Hoboken, New Jersey

The coolest cities in the US - Hoboken, New Jersey
Source photo: www.shutterstock.com / Erin Cadigan

Despite its small size, Hoboken town in New Jersey has all the required characteristics to be named one of the hippest and coolest cities in the US. Cozy cafés, more than 100 vibrant bars, stylish restaurants and the sight of Hudson River make the one-square-mile city, the perfect destination for a city escape. In the last few years, the birth town of Frank Sinatra has grown in popularity becoming known as the ‘new most hipster town in the US’ removing Brooklyn from the first place.

#7 of the coolest cities in the US
Carmel-by-the-Sea, California

The coolest cities in the US - Carmel by the Sea, California
Source photo: www.shutterstock.com / canadastock

With its wide sandy beach, the historic garden cottages and cute little alleys, Carmel-by-the-Sea looks like a city straight out of a fairytale. The small coastal town in Monterey county that once was an artists’ colony has now become a luxury resort with high-end restaurants, elegant boutiques, and five-stars hotels. The nearly 100 art galleries showcasing the works of renowned artists prove the place’s past as an artistic hub while visitors can take a tour at Tor House the family residence of poet John Robinson Jeffers. Carmel-by-the-Sea was ranked third at Travel & Leisure’s list with the “The World’s Most Romantic Cities 2016”.

#8 of the coolest cities in the US
Asheville, North Carolina

The coolest cities in the US - Asheville, North Carolina
Source photo: www.shutterstock.com / Derek Olson Photography

Asheville has always been a favorite destination but in 2017, the USA’s ‘Beer City’ was on the spotlight more than ever. Lonely Planet ranked it first in the list with “Best in the U.S Destination for 2017”, TripAdvisor named it as one of “America’s 15 Most Romantic

Cities for Winter Travel” and Forbes listed it as one of the “15 Coolest Places to Go in 2018”. Biltmore Estate is still the ‘star’ of the city but is only one of the reasons to add Asheville to your bucket list. The city has a vibrant artistic community that tourists can discover with a stroll down the River Arts District while the Blue Ridge Mountains create a unique landscape for a short escape in nature.

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#9 of the coolest cities in the US
Lincoln, Nebraska

The coolest cities in the US - Lincoln, Nebraska
Source photo: www.shutterstock.com / Christopher Boswell

Lincoln is a city where modern art, classic architecture and bustling nightlife meet creating a unique atmosphere for locals and tourists. Home to the University of Nebraska, Lincoln attracts a young crowd of students and millennials. Explore the various shopping places and indulge into a meal in one of the of the stylish restaurants at the historic Haymarket District which has now been transformed into the city’s most vibrant square.

#10 of the coolest cities in the US
Denver, Colorado

The coolest cities in the US - Denver, Colorado
Source photo: www.shutterstock.com / Christopher Boswell

With a spectacular landscape filled with trails and parks, hip neighborhoods such as RiNo (River North Art District ) brimming with street food stalls and underground concert venues, and a vibrant shopping district (Cherry Creek), what’s not to like about Denver? With so many things changed over the past decade, the capital of Colorado has been transformed from a stop-over city to a destination on its own.

Sending out a personalized DIY photo gift to friends and family is one way to give a meaningful present. It’s definitely a nice touch to show how well you know them. The psychology of gift giving explains how expensive gifts are not always the best option.

Are you looking for a crafty DIY photo gift idea to make for your sister’s upcoming birthday? Look no further than at our top ten personalized gift ideas to make her birthday special this year.

#1 DIY Photo Gift Idea
DIY Photo Gift Calendar

One option for a personalized present is to create a DIY calendar.

This craft is inexpensive and easy to create, even if you aren’t super crafty! Start out by gathering materials to create your calendar at the craft store.

You will need to purchase some wood board and a few nails to hammer in the photo calendar pages. You can visit a fabric and craft store like JoAnn’s to gather your materials and create this one of a kind calendar project.

Print out photos that will be appropriate for each month. Let’s say the person you are personalizing the gift for loves animals, then you can attach photos of animals for each month wearing the right costume.

For example, during the month of February, you can feature a photo of a dog wearing huge heart eye shaped sunglasses. Then take all 12 unique photos and attach them in order to your wood calendar board.

Of course, you’ll need to add a separate section for the numbers that go with your calendar. Write out the correct numbers for the month 1-31 and attach these to the wooden board with the small nails.

Once you have finished this DIY project, you can wrap up the wooden calendar and send it on its way to its recipient.

#2 DIY Photo Gift Idea
Photo On A Mug

DIY Photo Idea - Coffee Mug

Another cool idea that is personal would be to create a ceramic photo mug.

Mugs are inexpensive and thoughtful gifts. Most people drink morning cups of coffee or tea and reach for mugs on a regular basis.

Keep memories from family vacations alive through photos on ceramic mugs to be seen all the time. You can choose from a variety of options, too. Get creative with the photos you choose to print onto the mug.

You can choose a single photo that represents you and the gift recipient or you can add a few to make a collage that wraps around the entire mug.

Let’s say your friend has just returned back from her honeymoon with her new husband.

You can surprise them with a gift for the holidays by printing out a photo of their vacation from their Instagram page and attaching it to two mugs for them to keep as mementos!

This is a DIY photo gift idea that will have them reliving their fun vacation together for years to come in their new home.

#3 DIY Photo Gift Idea
Mini Instagram Magnets

Turn your favorite Instagram images into fridge magnets.

All you need is printable magnet paper to add to your printer and a computer with Internet access.

Take a screenshot of your Instagram photos online and save these images to your computer desktop. You can either crop the images to get rid of the Instagram caption and comments or leave these items to keep the originality they provide the images.

Next, print out the photos onto the magnet paper and use scissors to cut out the images.

Instagram magnets are an affordable and personal DIY photo gift option for you to consider giving out to your friends and family. They don’t require too much money and can be put on your car, too.

#4 DIY Photo Gift Idea
DIY Phone Case

DIY Photo idea - Phone case

Turn your photos into a customized phone case as a gift.

In addition to having a photo, you can also add a monogram. Phone cases are available for every type of phone, too. Whether you have an iPhone or an Android, you will be able to customize all aspects of your photo phone case.

Some tips would be to put your friend’s name in the phone case along with your favorite photo together.

The great thing about phone cases is how you can create more than one. Think about sending two phone cases to your friend to swap from time to time.

#5 DIY Photo Gift Idea
Photo Jigsaw Puzzle

Turn your family portrait into a jigsaw puzzle to send out to your grandparents this Christmas.

Not only will they love seeing an adorable photo of their grandkids, but they will enjoy the process of finishing up a puzzle to glue and hang in their living room.

An interactive DIY photo gift idea, such as a jigsaw puzzle, is the perfect present to gift something to grandparents that is unexpected. The grandkids can also enjoy putting the puzzle together with their grandparents as soon as the gift is open.

Creating new memories together is what the beauty of gifts are all about.

#6 DIY Photo Gift Idea
Photo Coasters

Creative DIY projects are wonderful personalized gifts for anyone important in your life. Even if you wish to make photo coasters for yourself, they do make wonderful gifts to give out to your family.

Let’s say you just had a baby.

You can add a digital photo of your new bundle of joy to send out to your family as a birth announcement gift. Of course, you could also keep some photo coasters for your own home when people come over to visit.

Taking Polaroid images and adding them onto coasters is another tip to get creative with this DIY photo gift idea. Adding Polaroid images is a retro way to incorporate fun photos onto your coasters.

#7 DIY Photo Gift Idea
Photo Quilt

Cozy blankets and quilts are definitely necessary for the chilly winter months.

Create a photo quilt as a DIY photo gift for friends and family to celebrate the best moments over the years. Quilts are amazing presents that will make anyone excited to use them over and over again.

You’ll need to invest in some printable fabric to print your beloved photos out to begin your quilt project. It’s a good idea to throw the blocks of fabric into the washing machine prior to sewing all of them together to prevent the ink from bleeding too much.

A photo quilt would make for the perfect cozy and personalized present to give loved ones during the holiday season, too.

#8 DIY Photo Gift Idea
Photo Jewelry Box

Your favorite ladies would absolutely love a jewelry box covered in memorable photos. Just think about your mom’s smiling face when she opens up a brand new jewelry box created for her by her daughter!

Your best friend will appreciate if you make her a jewelry box with a fun photo of the two of you. You can even take an image from Instagram and print it out to paste into the jewelry box.

You can use modge podge glue to place the photo onto the box. Make sure to let it dry overnight before you wrap it up and gift it.

Adding in a bracelet or necklace would also take the DIY photo gift to another level.

#9 DIY Photo Gift Idea
Photo Pillows

DIY Photo Idea - Pillow

A custom pillow featuring photos of the family is another great DIY photo gift project.

Indoor or outdoor pillows are also options to choose from. Start with a template and add your own photos straight from your phone or computer and place text for personalization.

Some text ideas to put on your photo pillows include “Happy Anniversary” or “Congratulations” depending on who will be receiving the pillows as a present.

The small details that you incorporate into your photo pillows will make it the perfect collage pillow for all to see when visitors come over. The pillows can be any size you want, too.

#10 DIY Photo Gift Idea
Photo Tea Towels

Homeware items are useful DIY photo gift ideas. You can turn many everyday items into custom presents for friends and family members to enjoy in their homes.

We’ve already discussed how you can turn coasters and mugs into a special personalized gift, but have you considered other kitchen items as a way to celebrate special events?

Something everyone can use in the kitchen are tea towels. A lot of homeware places are boring and lacklustre, which is why a custom tea towel is a great way to add some personalization to any kitchen. In addition to photos on mugs, you can gift custom tea towels as another personal present for your loved ones who spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

This will bring a custom accent to your friend’s kitchen. It’s a gift that they are sure to use every day while cooking or baking food for the family.

Looking for More DIY Photo Ideas?

We hope our comprehensive list of the TOP 10 DIY photo gift ideas will leave you feeling confident to give your friends and family a custom and personal present for their birthday or holiday celebration.

Our MyPostcard blog is full of easy DIY projects for you to recreate.

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